Revolution 50 Gallery

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Gallery by Stephen Andrew Wood & Jack Holroyde   You can see the full Revolution 50 race results here:

On Lubrication

Use Lube image by Angela Richardson

For those of you that don’t know, when I’m not praying or meditating on the meaning and worth of pain, I work in a bike shop. Selling, maintaining, riding. One of the questions I get asked a lot in the shop is ‘what is the right lube to use on a bike?’ There are as […]

On ‘Thor’

On 'Thor'

I may get taken as a masochist, but I welcome the visit from the man with the hammer at 5am. He’s like the strict teacher that everyone in the school fears, but when you get to his class, you realise that he just doesn’t fuck around, he wants to help you better yourself and is […]

Pilgrimage to the East Coast


Pilgrimage to the East Coast So, the Dunwich Dynamo rolls around again. Newbies quake and rally around the old timers, desperate for some reassurance. Stories of Boris bikes and Penny Farthings get rolled out to relieved sighs and glances. It’s easy to see how many people fear the dynamo. First, it’s a night ride, and […]

The Unexpected Randonneur

The Unexpected Randonneur

The Unexpected Randonneur I quite often like to jump on my bike after work and pootle about town. Working in a bike shop, there’s not much time to actually ride the damn things. So on a nice day I’ll take my road bike into work, make sure she’s good to go and head straight out […]

Santa’s Little Cycling Helpers 2012

Cycling Santa's by Jim Wend

Cycling Shorts unleashes Santa’s (last minute) Little Helpers. We’re up to our eyes in bicycle shaped packages badly wrapped and covered in sticky tape, it’s all got a bit manic, so much to get organised and so little time, so we’ve got together to give you a list of gift ideas that won’t disappoint even […]

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