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Name: Paul Sloper
Twitter: @cyclingslopes
Hobbies: Cycling & Photography
Current Residence: Salisbury, UK

Cycling has been a huge part of my life, at the age of 13 I started off riding my Granddad’s Raleigh Superb 4 Speed Sturmey and from then on the bike bug bit hard. My first ever racing bike was a Elswick Falcon Turbo 12 Speed (all steel with the odd alloy bit), this is where I started proper cycling, I joined the CTC, I used to go cycle touring and then at the age of 16 I started racing and won 2 junior bars in a row at Salisbury Road Club, then I joined the Antelope RT where I did a fair bit of track racing and time trials. My first ever proper racing bike was a Francesco Moser Falc Tubing Bike, Weinman Brakes, Campag Gran Sport Chainset Gears and Simplex Retro Friction Levers, I always raced on tubular tyres. After a massive crash at the Reading Track I made the big mistake of not getting back on the track, then other things in life got in the way of my cycling so I never returned to it. Later I turned to Mountain Bike Racing and I raced the first ever Carlsberg UK MTB Championships at Aviemore in Scotland, and did quite well, I then raced in numerous MTB races across the UK and various Grundig World Series events.

A few years ago after not riding much I decided to cycle an “End to End” and did 987 miles on a fully loaded touring bike which I enjoyed immensely. I would say I have a pretty good all round knowledge of cycling as I’ve done all aspects in some form from racing and touring to general riding. I’ve not raced much in recent years due to work, I’m more of a fan now and enjoy watching racing more than competing but I would like to race again someday!

I have always been keen on photography, my photos are on various World Champion cyclists websites and my photos have also been used on commercial websites and in advertising.

By day I work as a X-Ray Service Engineer training surgeons & radiographers to use the equipment the company I work for sells. I cover the whole of the UK and Ireland as part of my job and it keeps me pretty busy but it also allows me to experience new places and take a few pictures along the way!

Hope you all enjoy my bits and bobs here on Cycling Shorts, feel free to get in touch with me via the contacts page.


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