Cristi Ruhlman Profile

Name: Cristi Ruhlman
Twitter: @CristiRuhlman
Facebook: Click here to view Cristi’s Facebook Page
Interests: Cycling, Hiking & Rowing
Current Residence: North Carolina, USA

Through her writing, Cristi tries to convey a different perspective and her genuine enthusiasm to the many aspects of the sport of cycling. As one of the principals in Ruhlman Sports Marketing, Cristi brings a unique perspective to Cycling Shorts. with her many years of work in the world of professional athletes and teams.

Working predominately in Marketing and Public Relations for professional motorsports, she has had a front seat to view the evolution of the world of sport in America from it’s grassroots origins to today’s multi-million dollar efforts. As she says, “the similarities between professional motorsports and cycling’s Pro-Peleton are uncanny. They are both team sports that require supreme individual efforts, and huge budgets. And they both face the same issues of balancing assets, people and equipment, with the ever present need for sponsorship finance.” On the cycling side, Cristi is the guiding force behind the site, which highlights, “….excerpts from the lives of the unsung heros of the Peleton”.

Throughout her many travels, she has taken literally thousands of photographs of cycling and cycling fans, and the environs of cycling racing throughout the US and Europe, both of the Pro-Peleton and amateur. While admitting to needing to “putting in a bit more of a serious effort into riding her bike”, Cristi loves road cycling and mountain biking. She also is an avid hiker, rower and outdoor enthusiast, who one day hopes to hike up Mount Kilimanjaro.

A native of California, Cristi currently resides in North Carolina, USA with her husband, two dogs; a Shiba Inu and a Welsh Pembroke Corgi, and a white cat named Midnight. She has traveled throughout the US and Europe and speaks, “passable German and steadily improving French”.

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