Hayley Davies Profile

· Name: Hayley Davies
· Nickname: Fearless
· Nationality: British
· Lives: Amsterdam, Netherlands
· Riding Since: Feb 2011
· Facebook: www.facebook.com/cyclodam
· Twitter: @hjd1984 / @cyclodam
· Occupation: Connected Media Consultant & Owner of Cyclodam
I have grown up in a passionate cycling household, although I didn’t start road-cycling until February last year when I moved to the Netherlands from London. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I not only love watching the sport, but participating too, which most likely spans from the time I spent as a child on the back of my Dad’s race bike in a kids seat! I found it difficult to find a club that would accomodate/support someone new to the sport but very much knew that I needed stronger riders around me to improve my own performance. And, in a very flat country with a lot of wind, company is very much appreciated! For that reason, I set up Cyclodam. Sponsored by Giant, we now have 80+ members and try and ride as regularly as everyone’s busy schedules allow – after all – cycling is a hobby that unfortunately comes second to many of our full time jobs. Beyond the road bike, we run socials, education sessions and club trips and also offer support to expats that may not know or be comfortable on a town/dutch bike – a fundamental method of travel in a Dutch city!

The past 18 months have been riddled with injury. I went into the Amstel Gold this year with only 4 weeks of training after damaging my knee snowboarding (but was also the best and most enjoyable sportif I’ve ridden to date!) and last year missed out on the Dam-tot-Dam and Barcelona Triathlon thanks to a hip-flexor and adductor strain. Feeling more in control now (touch wood!), I’ve just come back from a week in the French Alps (I’m definitely no climber, but I’m amazed at how much easier I find it every time I give it a go) and I’m looking forward to getting on the track for the first time this coming season.

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