Women’s Cycling – an update for 2019

With the UCI announcing the WorldTour calendars for 2020 and that women’s teams will enjoy minimum provisions with effect from next year, including minimum salaries and entitlements for riders, there is a feeling that cycling is moving towards parity for men and women. But is that achievable or is it just a pipe dream for the female riders in the UK? 

Over the past few years, there has been a move to make the women’s racing equal to the men’s, with race distances being made longer as a consequence. In the UK, there has been a push to increase race distances for women, especially at a National Road Series level, with most races now over 100km, whereas perhaps five years ago, there were hardly any races that were over 50 miles (80km) in length. Whilst this can be called progress, we are moving towards a professional level of dedication, something for which perhaps the women’s sport is not yet ready. For example, there are not many teams that are able to pay riders’ expenses, let alone a wage, and this then means that many riders are effectively priced out of the market, especially when most national level events start at 9am, therefore meaning that an overnight stay is required, at a minimum. It should therefore come as no surprise if organisers are struggling to fill fields, as it becomes more and more costly to race at a national level without any significant financial support (whether that is from a sponsor or a family member). Is this sustainable, or do we need to find a –

And then we have the talent pipeline issue – we struggle to retain female riders after the age of 16, when riders make the transition from Youth to Junior, so it was hoped that the introduction of a Junior Women’s National Road Series would help bridge the massive gap from Youth to Senior. Unfortunately, probably to some degree as a consequence of coinciding with a major staff restructure at British Cycling, the Junior Women’s Series has not had the support from British Cycling that those involved at a grassroots’ level may have hoped to see, with organisers being given no guidance or support and races not being tied into the Series on the British Cycling website, therefore making it more difficult to find out what races were part of the Series. Those of us who are supposed to be in the know weren’t even told, so how riders are supposed to navigate the system to find the races does bring into question whether there really is a desire to see a push towards equality from a road racing perspective at British Cycling. We need British Cycling to be fully on board with the Junior Women’s Series and make sure that it is properly advertised, with organisers being given support and encouragement to promote these events if it is to be successful.

Next issue to be addressed is the shift in attitude with regards to risk assessment interpretation. Those of us who promote events for women are all too aware of the financial implications of promoting a women’s race – it is extremely difficult for an event to break even without a men’s race being organised in conjunction with the women’s race. At a regional level, when we first started promoting road races for women in 2013/14, the most viable way to do it was in conjunction with an existing men’s race, using the infrastructure which was already in place to add on a women’s race, usually starting a few minutes behind the men. This meant that we could ensure opportunities were being made available for women, without having to worry about the numbers. Unfortunately, a change in policy has meant that concurrent racing (where you have two events running alongside each other at the same time) is no longer deemed to be acceptable from a risk perspective and therefore the number of opportunities women will have to road race going forward will likely be substantially less, as organisers will opt –

 for men’s races that are easier to fill, rather than a potentially financially unviable women’s race. The risk assessment process is something which needs to be challenged – the outcome of this change in interpretation has effectively put a protected group (women) in a worse position and it is therefore paramount that a solution is found if British Cycling want to avoid a contravention of their own Equality Policy.

So what does all of this mean for women’s cycling? Well, whilst it’s great that the UCI have implemented a minimum salary requirement for Women’s WorldTour teams, it seems increasingly unlikely that there will be an increase in British riders gaining places on these teams if there is only limited financial support for those racing at a domestic level. Yes, it’s great that we have professional level National Series events but if nobody can afford to attend the races or organisers feel that the financial uncertainty is just too much, then the likelihood is that future cycling stars will not come from the UK, unless as a sport we can look at how events are run and redesign it to encourage as many people as possible to take part.

There are changes afoot at British Cycling, and a willingness to accept that what has come before has not necessarily been acceptable, but whether it will be too little too late remains to be seen. Let’s hope that we can find some solutions before it is too late.

All images © www.chrismaher.co.uk | CyclingShorts.cc

Heather Bamforth

Heather Bamforth

CyclingShorts.cc Sub-Editor

Heather has been with CyclingShorts.cc for 10 years attending and reporting on major cycling events; Tour de France, Tour de Yorkshire, World Track Championships, World Road Race Championships to name a few.

Influencer, Trustee & Founder of The Racing Chance Foundation Charity, Member of the British Cycling Road Commission, BC Regional board member and National Councillor

Heather is a highly respected member of the British Cycling community, she founded the Racing Chance Foundation, a cycling charity to help women gain experience in cycle racing and progress their cycling careers.

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British Cyclo-Cross Championships – Results & Images from Day 1

Words and Images by Craig Zadoroznyj


Results and photos from an exciting Day 1 of the British Cyclo-Cross Championships at Hetton Lyons Park.

Day 1 saw a total of five races with seven champions throughout the diffrent age categories.

Maddi Smith of Bolsover & District CC won the womens veterans title, Pete Middleton of Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets took the mens 50+ race, Millie Couzens PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT took victory under-16 girls, Zoe Backstedt of Maindy Flyers Youth CC won the under-14 girls category, Simon Wyllie of Halesowen A&CC takes the victory in the under-16 boys, The under-14 boys victory went to Joshua Tarling of West Wales Cycle Racing Team.

And the final race of the day saw Paul Oldham of Hope Factory Racing claim his first striped champions jersey in the 40-49 category.





Full Results from Day 1

1. Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing MV40
2. Nicholas Craig SCOTT Racing MV45
3. Ian Taylor C and N Cycles RT MV45
4. Stephen James Renvale RT MV40
5. Neil Ellison WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip MV40
6. James Bryan Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV45
7. Robert Jebb Hope Factory Racing MV40
8. Daniel Guest Cotswold Veldrijden MV40
9. Darren Atkins Ride Coventry MV45
10. Daniel Alexander Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV45
11. Andrew Taylor C and N Cycles RT MV40
12. Andrew Peace Shibden Cycling Club MV45
13. Mike Simpson Beeline Bicycles RT MV45
14. Andrew Parry Forza Cycles Racing Team MV40
15. James Dalton Pedalsport Cycling Club MV40
16. Nicholas Whitley Chester RC MV45
17. Alan Nixon Blumilk.com MV40
18. Adrian Lawrence C and N Cycles RT MV45
19. James Thompson SCOTT Racing MV40
20. Keith Murray SCOTT Racing MV40
21. Paul Mashiter Barrow Central Wheelers MV45
22. Steven Henshall St Helens CRC MV45
23. Crawford Carrick-Anderson Peebles CC MV45
24. Mark Calvert Team Trident MV40
25. Colin Miller Ride Coventry MV40
26. Anthony Turner Cotswold Veldrijden MV45
27. Simon Gibbs Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV40
28. Chris Taylor Shibden Cycling Club MV45
29. Jamie Norfolk Pedalon.co.uk MV40
30. Stefan Macina Aurelius Cycles MV45
31. Richard Edge Nottingham Clarion CC MV40
32. Michael Hardcastle Royal Air Force CA MV45
33. David Whittle Bicester Millennium CC MV45
34. Neil Halliday RAMcc MV40
35. Michael Burdon PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield MV45
36. Steve Wood Geared Up & CN Cycles RT MV40
37. Phil Smith Lakes RC MV45
38. Nigel Wood Kendal Cycle Club MV40
39. Andrew Brindle Horwich CC MV45
40. Richard Noble Tyne & Wear Fire And Rescue MV45
41. James Raw Individual Member MV40
42. Philip Simcock Team JMC MV45
43. Crispin Doyle Hargroves-Ridley-Montezumaís MV40
44. Malcolm Gray Cestria CC MV45
45. Matthew Crouch Fossa Racing MV45
46. Bill Kay MTS Cycle Sport MV45
47. Chris Mather Derwentside CC MV40
48. Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC MV45
49. Jason Hurt Brother NRG MV45
50. Phillip Craker Individual Member MV45
51. Giles Dumont Aurelius Cycles MV45
52. Raymond Honour MTS Cycle Sport MV45
53. Craig Tabiner Port Sunlight Whls CC MV45
54. Philip Hinchliffe Holmfirth Cycling Club MV45
55. Franco Porco Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers MV45
56. Nick Taylor Red Rose Olympic CC MV40
57. Matthew Livesey Individual Member MV40
58. David Shaw PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield MV40
59. Bryan Holland North Road CC MV45
60. Chris Annable Allen Valley Velo MV40
61. Tony Mills York Cycleworks MV45
62. Mike Young Pedalsport Cycling Club MV45
63. Tim Kershaw Pedalsport Cycling Club MV40
64. Tim Berry Team Empella Cyclo-Cross MV40
65. Phil Cook Cestria CC MV40
66. Henry Aarvold Individual Member MV40
67. Keith Law Lakes RC MV45
68. David Kent Prima Team Racing MV45
69. Matthew Eastwood York Cycleworks MV40
70. Dermot Mckee Pedalsport Cycling Club MV45
71. Simon Pateman www.cyclocrossrider.com MV45
72. Neil Mansfield The MI Racing Academy MV45
73. Chris Glass Hetton Hawks Cycling Club MV40
74. Simon Meadwell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers MV45
75. Robert Wimble Drogan Racing Team MV45
76. Christian Roberts Allen Valley Velo MV45
77. Craig Donagher Fechan Flyers MV45
78. Warren Drew Rapha Cycling Club MV45
79. Richard Gostick Pedalon.co.uk MV45
80. Paul Maven InfinityCycles-CubeCycling MV45
81. Paul Crapper Abergavenny Road Club MV45
82. Raymond Robinson Army Cycling Union MV40

1 Maddi Smith Bolsover & District CC FV45
2 Kate Eedy Team Empella Cyclo-Cross FV40
3 Helen Pattinson Hargroves-Ridley-Montezumaís FV45
4 Verity Appleyard Brotherton Cycles FV40
5 Lucy Siddle Allen Valley Velo FV40
6 Alison Kinloch PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield FV40
7 Karen Poole Sportstest RT FV40
8 Helen Dussek Nottingham Clarion CC FV45
9 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic FV50
10 Nicola Davies Beacon Wheelers FV55
11 Catherine Kilburn Mid Devon CC FV50
12 Sally Reid Team Jewson-M.I.Racing FV55
13 Caroline Harvey Edinburgh RC FV45
14 Elizabeth Clayton Stirling Bike Club FV55
15 Caroline Mansfield The MI Racing Academy FV45
16 Louise Wainwright Bolsover & District CC FV40
17 Melanie Annable Allen Valley Velo FV40
18 Suzanne Young Individual Member FV55
19 Alison Sarmiento Harrogate Nova CC FV45
20 Pamela Glover Derwentside CC FV45
21 Sarah Grimshaw Horwich CC FV40
22 Emma Payne Fossa Racing FV40
23 Nicola Hartle PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield FV45
24 Julie Phelan Here Come The Belgians FV50

1 Pete Middleton Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV50 M
2 Timothy Gould Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV50 M
3 Timothy Davies CC Abergavenny/JP Signs&Print MV50 M
4 Stephen Knight Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV50 M
5 Philip Roach Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV55 M
6 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles MV50 M
7 Nigel Gregory Pedal Power Loughborough MV50 M
8 Grant Johnson Sunset Cycles MV55 M
9 Kirby Bennett Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV55 M
10 Mark James Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV50 M
11 Mick Style Manchester Wheelers Club MV50 M
12 Dave McMullen Cotswold Veldrijden MV65 M
13 Ian Knights Prima Team Racing MV50 M
14 Peter Harris Pearce Cycles RT MV60 M
15 Stephen Bottomley Shibden Cycling Club MV50 M
16 Graeme Gow Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV50 M
17 Michael Aspey Northumbria Police CC MV50 M
18 Michael Bowen West Suffolk Wheelers MV50 M
19 Barry Kipling MTS Cycle Sport MV60 M
20 Tim Gill Ilkley Cycling Club MV50 M
21 Robin Delve Mid Devon CC MV55 M
22 Simon Hime Finchley Racing Team MV50 M
23 Richard Atkinson Ashburn Wealth MV50 M
24 Sean Beswick Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV50 M
25 John Docker Huddersfield Star Wheelers MV50 M
26 Simon Hale Army Cycling Union MV50 M
27 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC MV50 M
28 Matt Wilson Mountain Goat Coaching MV50 M
29 Wayne Nicholson York Cycleworks MV50 M
30 Andy Collins Mid Shropshire Wheelers MV50 M
31 Robin Myers Hamsterley Trailblazers MV50 M
32 Chris Wreghitt Second Wind MV55 M
33 James Melville Glasgow United CC MV50 M
34 Charles Warren Harrogate Nova CC MV55 M
35 Noel Clough Fietsen Tempo MV50 M
36 Mark Ferguson High Peak Cycles RT MV55 M
37 Malcolm Cross Velo Club Venta MV60 M
38 Peter Busby Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV55 M
39 Andrew Cracknell Pedalon.co.uk MV50 M
40 John Elwell East Bradford CC MV50 M
41 Thomas Bardgett Beacon Wheelers MV50 M
42 Anthony Dyment North Hampshire RC MV55 M
43 Julian Gould Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV50 M
44 David Smith Kendal Cycle Club MV50 M
45 Martyn Dymond C and N Cycles RT MV50 M
46 Steve Shepherd Individual Member MV50 M
47 James Sutherland Bolsover & District CC MV60 M
48 Robin Akers Beeline Bicycles RT MV60 M
49 Sean Hoban Velo Club Cumbria MV50 M
50 Andrew Edmond Ferryhill Wheelers CC MV50 M
51 Robert Smith Derwentside CC MV50 M
52 Brian Perks Pedalsport Cycling Club MV60 M
53 Simon Whitham Team Empella Cyclo-Cross MV50 M
54 Edward Sarmiento www.cyclocrossrider.com MV50 M
55 Gary Worton Stockton Wheelers CC MV50 M
56 Stephen Crawford Kinross CC MV50 M
57 Timothy Stowe Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV60 M
58 Clifford Featherstone MTS Cycle Sport MV60 M
59 Peter Payton Individual Member MV60 M
60 Andrew Moss Adept Precision RT/NE MV50 M
61 Michael Scott Holmfirth Cycling Club MV55 M
62 Paul Dalton Matlock CC MV55 M
63 Stephen Clayton RT 23 MV50 M
64 Joseph Rowe Bush Healthcare CRT MV65 M
65 Peter Mooney Rugby Velo MV65 M
66 John Graveling Harrogate Nova CC MV55 M
67 Victor Barnett Welland Valley CC MV65 M
68 Mark Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers MV50 M
69 Steve Whitehouse Kernow Riders MV60 M
70 Colin Murley Derwentside CC MV65 M
71 John Gilling Individual Member MV60 M
72 Andrew Smith Individual Member MV55 M
73 Roger Mitchell VC Veldrijden MV60 M

1 Millie Couzens PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield
2 Anna Flynn Edinburgh RC
3 Eluned King Towy Riders
4 Maddie Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT
5 Josie Nelson Lichfield City CC
6 Lucy Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers
7 Chloe Hinchliffe Bradford Olympic
8 Amelie Wayte The MI Racing Academy
9 Roisin Lally Derwentside CC
10 Anna Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT
11 Eva Young Pedal Power RT
12 Ella Lawrence Solent Pirates
13 Ellie Dilks Cycle Derby CC
14 Jasmine Kent Pink Jersey Race Team
15 Lotta Mansfield The MI Racing Academy
16 Charlotte-Louise McGreevy LIV AWOL
17 Bethany Barnett Kings Lynn CC
18 Amy Cantelo Solent Pirates
19 Lucy Buckley Cycle Derby CC
20 Molly Peel Bourne Wheelers CC
21 Iona Moir LIV AWOL
22 Freja Smith Racing Metro 15
23 Jasmine Lomas Pedalsport Cycling Club
24 Rebecca Dawes Clifton CC

1 Zoe Backstedt Maindy Flyers Youth CC
2 Ella Maclean-Howell Cardiff J.I.F.
3 Grace Lister Wolverhampton Wheelers
4 Madeleine Osborn Abergavenny Road Club
5 Anoushka Minale Hub VÈlo
6 Libby Bell Leicester Forest CC
7 Amber Brameld Individual Member
8 Grace Castle Mountain Goat Coaching
9 Ella Jamieson Clifton CC
10 Emily Carrick-Anderson Peebles CC
11 Daphne Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers
12 Amelia Cox Bicester Millennium CC
13 Eilidh Shaw Stirling Bike Club
14 Eleanor Bolton Lee Valley Youth CC
15 Harriet Limb Matlock CC
16 Phoebe Roche Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N
17 Eva Newby Furness Future Flyers
18 Hermione Pickering Paul MilnesBradford Olympic
19 Elizabeth McKinnon Derwentside CC
20 Beatrice Pauley St Ives CC
21 Evie Steed Bolsover & District CC
22 Anna Reid Individual Member
23 Emily Richards Bourne Wheelers CC
24 Lucy Dalgleish Salt Ayre Cog Set
25 Freya Whiteside Ilkley Cycling Club
26 Amy Mourne Huddersfield Star Wheelers
27 Katie Galloway West Lothian Clarion CC
28 Katie Hadnum Hetton Hawks CC
29 Holly Bailey Heanor Clarion CC
30 Sapphire Curtis St Ives CC
31 Phoebe Skinner Derwentside CC
32 Annabel Parker Matlock CC

1 Simon Wyllie Halesowen A & CC
2 Oliver Stockwell Welwyn Wheelers CC
3 Alec Gregory Pedal Power Loughborough
4 Daniel Barnes Lichfield City CC
5 Sam Freeman Solent Pirates
6 Ben Chilton Derby Mercury RC
7 Rory McGuire Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers
8 Adam Bent Nutcracker Altura Racing
9 Finlay Pickering PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield
10 Jamie Johnston Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers
11 Joshua Giddings The MI Racing Academy
12 Joseph Pidcock PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield
13 Matthew Kingston Lichfield City CC
14 Benjamin Bright Marsh Tracks Racing ñ Trek
15 Max Bolton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
16 William Truelove Abergavenny Road Club
17 Corran Carrick-Anderson Peebles CC
18 Kieran Riley Langdale Lightweights RT
19 Robert Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers
20 Sam Murray SCOTT Racing
21 Aidan Lawrence C and N Cycles RT
22 Tyler Koch Mossley CRT
23 Emile Alexander Lichfield City CC
24 Joe Thorp Macclesfield Wheelers
25 Sam Bishop Charlotteville CC
26 Edward Woodward The MI Racing Academy
27 Daniel Hepton Paul Milnes ñ Bradford Olympic
28 Jack Brough The MI Racing Academy
29 Michael Newall Cycle Derby CC
30 David Hird Halesowen A & CC
31 Matti Egglestone Beacon Wheelers
32 Bryn Richards Bourne Wheelers CC
33 Ethan Whiteside East Bradford CC
34 Callum Reid Individual Member
35 Joshua Charlton Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
36 Daniel Vincent Eastlands Velo
37 Alexander Ball West Lothian Clarion CC
38 George Freeman West Lothian Clarion CC
39 Arthur Boulton Banjo Cycles
40 Harrison Lee Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
41 Spencer Davies CC Abergavenny/JP SignsPrint
42 Samuel Howes Sleaford Whls CC
43 Jack Ackroyd Shibden Cycling Club
44 Zack Harrop Mossley CRT
45 Matthew Wells Tyneside Vagabonds CC
46 Callum Thornley Peebles CC
47 Samuel McGhee Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N
48 Duncan Pritchard Palmer Park Velo RT
49 Dexter Leeming-Sykes Otley CC
50 Finton Price Carnegie Cyclones
51 Gareth Davies Palmer Park Velo RT
52 Ben Flanagan Tyneside Vagabonds CC
53 Euan Sanderson Cleveland Wheelers CC
54 Andrew Turner West Lothian Clarion CC
55 Gregor Robb Glasgow Riderz
56 Louis Moore Edinburgh RC
57 Ross Birrell Edinburgh RC
58 Alfie Savage Furness Future Flyers
59 William Dykes Salt Ayre Cog Set
60 Tom Lees Salt Ayre Cog Set
61 Jake Edwards Salt Ayre Cog Set
62 Thomas Crapper Abergavenny Road Club
63 Thomas Godber Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
64 Ewan Berry Team Empella Cyclo-Cross
65 Adam Jackson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
66 Leo Law Furness Future Flyers

1 Joshua Tarling West Wales Cycle RT
2 Euan Woodliffe Welwyn Wheelers CC
3 Alex Barker Halesowen A & CC
4 Griff Lewis Ystwyth Cycling Club
5 Riley Blackmore PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield
6 Christopher Hilbert Sherwood Pines Cycles- Forme
7 Jude Chamberlain The MI Racing Academy
8 Jamie Gostick Palmer Park Velo RT
9 Sullivan Berry Redditch Road & Path CC
10 Bjoern Koerdt Terrain Cycles Ride In Peace
11 Ben Askey RST Racing Team
12 Caelan Miller Welwyn Wheelers CC
13 Michael Tait Derwentside CC
14 Luke Harris WORX Factory Racing
15 Oliver Akers Holmfirth Cycling Club
16 Tom Scott Holmfirth Cycling Club
17 Archie Ellen Edinburgh RC
18 Scott Fisher Furness Future Flyers
19 Frederick Fuller Edinburgh RC
20 Felix Clacy Solent Pirates
21 Jensen Windsor Alford Wheelers
22 Ben Ramsden East Bradford CC
23 Thomas Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT
24 Ben Partridge Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
25 Harry Ellison Pedalsport Cycling Club
26 Jack Hastings Cardiff J.I.F.
27 Alfie Atterton Edinburgh RC
28 Cole Nicholson Hoddom Velo
29 Alex Galpin Bourne Wheelers CC
30 Oliver Coughlan Pedalsport Cycling Club
31 Dominic Switzer Welland Valley CC
32 Ben McMullen Sprockets CycleRT (Scotland)
33 Oliver Peace Bronte Tykes Junior CC
34 William Ryan Solihull CC
35 Joseph Brookes Halesowen A & CC
36 Callum Watson East Bradford CC
37 Dominic Bell Sutton Cycling Club
38 Dylan Edwards Salt Ayre Cog Set
39 Daniel Holmes Tyneside Vagabonds CC
40 Sam Chisholm West Lothian Clarion CC
41 Seb Cliffe Ilkley Cycling Club
42 Arlo Carey Palmer Park Velo RT
43 Harry Owen Herne Hill Youth CC
44 Oliver Griggs Hub VÈlo
45 Harry Jordan Eastlands Velo
46 Harry Purcell Derwentside CC
47 Otto Chilton Derby Mercury RC
48 Benjamin Livesey Salt Ayre Cog Set
49 Corey Whiteford Royal Albert CC
50 Benjamin Mashiter Furness Future Flyers
51 Toby Kershaw Pedalsport Cycling Club
52 Jude Lomas Pedalsport Cycling Club
53 Matthew Brennan Stockton Wheelers CC
54 Finlay Cooper Edinburgh RC
55 Jasper Dilks Cycle Derby CC
56 Ethan Grimshaw Eastlands Velo
57 Spike Elwell East Bradford CC
58 Samuel Morris East Bradford CC
59 Ellis Murray SCOTT Racing
60 Dan Galpin Bourne Wheelers CC

Craig Zadoroznyj

Craig Zadoroznyj


Craig Zadoroznyj is a cycling photographer based in East Yorkshire England, specialising in road racing and time trials, from the local grass roots level all the way up-to major British Cycling calendar events. Craig has covered cycling events from local and national level right up to the the Tour de France and Tour de Yorkshire for CyclingShorts.cc.
Website: www.craigzadphotos.co.uk

Round 2 Revolution Series – Glasgow – Gallery & Report

Image ©www.chrismaher.co.uk | www.CyclingShorts.cc


Elite Men

Matt Gibson opened up the elite points race account for Team HMT as the focus shifted north of the Boarder to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow for round 2 of the Revolution Series Championship 2017-18.

Gaining 2 laps on the field and finishing third over the line behind a win for Team Pedalsure’s Wim Stroetinga, only Ben Swift, World All Stars had the pace to close the gap, but at a lap down was a big ask for the UAE rider.

Ed Clancy was back to old omnium shenanigans taking the second of the elite events, the elimination/ scratch race. This time getting the better of Gibson as the bunch charged to the line.

JTL Condor failed to dominate their signature race the revolution madison time trial finishing fifth overall to a respectable 55.775 set by Team Pedalsure’s Stroetinga and Yeori Havik.

Inspired battled all the way to the bitter end of the elite team elimination race fending off World All Stars and Team Pedalsure as Jake Stewart and Fred Wright maintained their Championship lead going into the final round in Manchester early on in the New Year.

The final event of the evening session in the elite championship was the scratch race that saw Team HMT’s Germaine Burton out front with four laps remaining. It looked like at one point he would take it all the way to the line with no reaction from the peloton. Suddenly the group burst into life with the utmost urgency and a marauding peloton went on the hunt as it swallowed the HMT rider up. Stroetinga edged out Clancy by the narrowest of margins over the line putting Team Pedalsure ahead of JLT Condor in what will be a thrilling final event on January sixth.

Elite Women

Neah Evans was on a mission in-front of a home crowd wining the first of the women’s events the points race lapping the field twice as a fast race unfolded in the afternoon session to the delight of the audience. Taking the first sprint ahead of Emily Kay, Team WNT, Jess Roberts, Inspired and Dani Rowe, Rowe and King, Evans went on for the second sprint with Kirsten Wild, Rowe and King and Elli Russell, NCC Group-Kuota Torelli who had all pull free of the peloton and on to take their first lap.

It wasn’t long before Evans and Wild were at it again and another lap gained soon followed.

Amalie Dideriksen tried a spell off the front, but with no team-mate for support due to illness found the going tough before returning back into the fold. Determined to feature in the race Dideriksen took the third last sprint with Russell, Rowe and Wild.

Rowe and Nelson featured with ten laps remaining as a lap was also gained and as the final few laps remained it was Storey Racing versus Rowe and King for the final sprint. Evans had already secured her first victory, but Wild took the honours ahead of Nelson marginally with Rowe finishing third. So Evans first, Wild, Nelson, Rowe then Russell.

A bad fall for Nelson, who later retired in the revolution Madison time trial that Rowe and King won with a 1.01.601 didn’t deter Evans from the elimination/ scratch race win, where a brave solo attack with six laps remaining from Team Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo’s Anna Docherty. Wild finished second with Dideriksen third.



Interview – Dani Rowe – Revolution Round 2 – Glasgow 2017 by Cycling Shorts

Dani Rowe talks to CyclingShorts.cc photogrpher & writer Chris Maher in-between races at the second round of the 2017 Revolution Series in Glasgow. Image ©www.chrismaher.co.uk All content ©www.cyclingshorts.cc


Earlier in the evening Inspired’s Jess Roberts took her first win at the Revolution edging out Team Breeze and local girl Jenny Holl in a track lunge for the line ahead of Rebecca Raybould Team WNT and Amber Joseph, Team Pedalsure.

The final event the team elimination saw Rowe and Kings Kirsten Wild and Dani Rowe take victory and a strong performance from NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli’s Ellie Russell and Amy Hill. Matrix Fitness put up a fight for third with Corrine Hall and Amalie Dideriksen joining forces.

Future Star Boys

JTL Condors James Codd leads the Future Star Boys standing following victories in the both the points race and the 6 lap dash. World All Star’s Alex Haines and Lewis Askey take the first win of the day in the boys madison just ahead of Team Pedalsure’s Oliver Reed and Sam Watson. Watson finished of the event winning the scratch race for Pedalsure, whilst JLT Condors Owain Roberts made it three for the team in the elimination race.

Future Star Girls        

Inspired’s Ella Barnwell stays at the top in the Future Star Girls standings winning both the scratch race and the 6 lap dash. Finishing second behind Zoe Backstedt, Boels-Dolmans in the elimination/ scratch race and Amy Monkhouse, Team Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo in the final points race of the evening Barnwell is well on the way to becoming this seasons champion.

The Backstedt sisters Zoe and Elynor finished the first event of the day in style taking the final sprint over the line in the girls Madison having gained a lap earlier on during the race.



Rotherham, Joliffe, Lewis Stewart GBR & Jamie Alexander SCO take the 1st Sprint round with Rotherham & Joliffe progressing to the semi finals.

The Sprint finished with Rotherham winning overall and Joliffe second. Lewis Stewart took third going to 3 races ahead of Alexander.

A win for the Netherlands Carlo Cesar in the Sprinters 6 lap dash ahead of Caleb Hill, GBJ & Alistair Fielding GBJ both juniors.

Round 1 of the Keirin saw Matt Rotherham & Alex Joliffe win their heats.

Matt Rotherham went on to win the Keirin with Lewis Stewart second and Carlo Cesar third.

Dominic Suozzi Star Track Cycling won the Sprinters Handicap race.

1 Neah Evans

2 Kirsten Wild

3 Emily Nelson

1 Team King & Rowe 1.01.601

2 Storey Racing 1.02.407

3 NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli 1.03.336

1 Jessica Roberts

2 Jenny Holl

3 Rebecca Raybould

1 Neah Evans

2 Kirsten Wild

3 Amalie Dideriksen

1 Team Rowe & King

2 NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli

3 Matrix Fitness

1 Team WNT 179

2 Team Rowe and King 174

3 Boels Dolmans 137

4 Storey Racing 119

5 Team Pedalsure 108

6 Team Breeze 105

7 NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli 104

8Matrix Fitness100

9 Inspired 77

10 Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo 50

11 Cycle Team OnForm 38

12 Boompods EDCO Velo8 24

1 Boels Dolmans

2 Inspired

3 Cycle Team OnForm

1 Zoe Backstedt

2 Ella Barnwell

3 Elynor Backstedt

1 Ella Barnwell

2 Emma Finucane

3 Lucy Naylor

1 Ella Barnwell

2 Emma Finucane

3 Dani Parker

1 Amy Monkhouse

2 Ella Barnwell

3 Dani Parker

1 Ella Barnwell 268

2 Sophie Lewis 220

3 Elena Smith 204

4 Elynor Backstedt 201

5 Dani Parker 197

6 Zoe Backstedt 191

7 Zoe Ta Perez 177

8 Emma Finucane 174

9 Kate Wooton 171

10 Lucy Naylor 159

11 Josie Griffin 159

12 Emily Knight 147


1 Matt Gibson

2 Ben Swift

3 Wim Stroetinga

1 Ed Clancy

2 Matt Gibson

3 Fred Wright

1 Team Pedalsure 55.775

2 Insprired 56.526

3 Team HMT 57.198

1 Inspired

2 World All Stars

3 Team Pedalsure

1 Wim Stroetinga

2 Ed  Clancy

3 Matt Bostock

1 Inspired 174

2 Team Pedalsure 165

3 JLT Condor 156

4 Team HMT 155

5 Team 100% Me 109

6 World All Stars 89

7 Maloja Pushbikers 82

8 Team Wiggins 73

9 Star Track Racing 68

10 Revolution All Stars 61

11 Scotland 48

12 Ireland 27

Sprint Classification from Glasgow






6 Caleb HILL GBJ




10 Dominic SUOZZI STC




Ev1 Revolution Sprint – 200m Time Trial

1 Matt Rotherham MAL 10.079

2 Alex Joliffe GBR 10.386

3 Hamish Turnbull GBR 10.368

1 World All Stars

2 Team Pedalsure

3 JLT Condor

1 Owain Roberts

2 Osscar Nilsson-Julien

3 Alex Haines

1 James Codd

2 James Bunting

3 Oscar Nilsson- Julien

1 James Codd

2 Oscar Nilsson- Julien

3 Lewis Askey

1 Sam Watson

2 Lewis Askey

3 James Codd

1 James Codd 238

2 Owain Roberts 222

3 Lewis Askey 219

4 Oscar Nilsson-Julien 211

5 Alfie George 203

6 Sam Watson 197

7 Dylan Westley 187

8 Leo Hayter 179

9 James Bunting 178

10 Alex Haines 167

11 Josh Greenwood 163

12 Max Rushby 144

Chris Maher

Chris Maher

Photographer & Writer

Based in the North East of England; photographer Chris Maher specialises in sports photography with his main interests in Cycling and Super Bikes. Chris has covered sports events from local and national level right up to the Olympics for CyclingShorts.cc.
Website: www.ChrisMaher.co.uk

Revolution Round 1 – London – Race Report & Gallery

All images copyright www.chrismaher.co.uk | CyclingShorts.cc

Revolution UK Championship 2017-2018 – Round 1 | 25 Nov – London – Revolution 63

The Revolution Series returned for it’s 15th season with a three round series starting at the Lee Valley Velodrome in London before heading across the border to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow and finishing finally at the Home of Cycling in Manchester at the HSBC British Cycling National Cycling Centre.

A star studded first round saw the likes of Ben Swift (UAE) and Dani Rowe (WM3) return to the track whilst Revolution favourites Christian Grassmann (Maloja Pushbikers) and former road champion Amalie Dideriksen (Boels Dolmans) continued their Winter Programme before starting all again in the New Year.

Back on the track for the first time in a couple of years another world champion Lizzie Deignan (Boels Dolmans) whilst Aussie duo Cameron Meyer and Miles Scotston continue their good form after a good season of 6Day events in Europe.

There were plenty of home grown trackies back for more revolutions on the boards at Lee Valley and Olympic Champion Katie Archibald (Team WNT) and Ed Clancy MBE (JTL Condor) were back to show their craft over a 2 session event beginning a one o’clock in the afternoon before concluding to a packed audience in the evening.

There was no stopping Katie Archibald in the Women’s Elite events winning 4 out of 5 races starting with the Points Race. A slight hiccup in the Elimination Race that Dideriksen won, Team WNT were the one’s to beat leading the standings ahead of Boels Dolmans.


I continued straight after the road and did the first two World Cups (Tissott UCI TWC) and podiumed in them both, so I was really pleased with that. I had some time off and took a vacation. Now I’m here and start training again.

I won’t be doing any more World Cups but I plan on doing the World Championships.

The level is getting higher, it’s tough competition – but it’s fun.

 I’m back on the road after the World Championships but I don’t know which races I will be doing yet or have a final plan – but I think it will be nice.

Amelia Dideriksen

Cyclist, Boels Dolmans


Interview – Amalie Dederiksen – Revolution Round 1 – London 2017 by Cycling Shorts

Amalie Dederiksen of team Boels Dolmans talks to CyclingShorts.cc photogrpher & writer; Chris Maher at the first round of the 2017 Revolution Series in London.

A strong performance by former Future Star Ellie Russell (NCC Group-Kuota – Torelli) in the Elimination Race in her first Elite season showed promise as she continues her cycling career finishing 2nd ahead of Rachel Barbieri (Team Rowe & King) and Elinor Barker (Matrix Fitness).

Another former Future Star was Anna Docherty, she spent the last 3 seasons in the Future Star Championship, this year progressing into the Elite Racing this season for Team Jadan – Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo. Not wanting to contest a bunch sprint Docherty set off in the final half-dozen laps of the Scratch Race as the rest of the riders watched each other and gained a half lap. But it wasn’t to be on this occasion getting swallowed up with a lap remaining.


It’s been a big step up but it’s really good and it’s been really fast, but I enjoy it!

Anna Docherty

Cyclist, Team Jadan – Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo

The Revolution Madison Time Trial is a target for many an Elite rider and the Women had their chance to set the quickest time in London. Archibald and team mate Hayley Jones were the quickest with a 1.01.30 a second ahead of their nearest rivals Team Pedalsure.

It was return of the dynamic duo Clancy and (Jon) Mould to set the quickest time for JLT Condor in the Elite Madison Time Trial. No one was able to match their dominating performance of recent years setting a 54.710 ahead of 100%ME at 55.824.

Making their debut on the Revolution Stage, Cycle Team OnForm, NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli and Storey Racing were testing their legs on the track after a successful domestic season on the road. Joining them too were Boompods EDCO Continental Velo8 and Inspired to bring a total of twelve Women’s Teams mirroring the growth of Women’s Elite Cycle Racing on the road in 2017.

Consistency proved the winning formula in the Elite events with Inspired’s Ethan Hayter winning the Elimination Scratch Race and team mate Fred Wright scoring high too, leaving last years winners JLT Condor 5 points behind after round 1.

Ella Barnwell & James Codd have set their stalls out in the Future Star Championships going into round 2 in Glasgow next weekend where the racing resumes before a break for Christmas. Once the New Year is out of the way the final comes quickly on January 6th in Manchester.

1 Katie Archibald

2 Amalie Dideriksen

3 Dani Rowe

1 Boels Dolmans

2 Inspired

3 Cycle TeamOnForm

1 Matt Gibson

2 Cameron Meyer

3 Ethan Hayter

1 JLT Condor

2 World All Stars

3 Maloja Pushbikers

1 Ella Barnwell

2 Elynor Backstedt

3 Sophie Lewis

1 Team WNT 1.01.30

2 Team Pedalsure 1.02.708

3 Matrix Fitness 1.02.838

1 Owain Roberts

2 Lewis Askey

3 Sam Watson

1 Ethan Hayter

2 Matt Gibson

3 Ed Clancy

1 Sophie Lewis

2 Ella Barnwell

3 Emma Finucane

1 Katie Archibald

2 Amalie Dideriksen

3 Elinor Barker

1 Oscar Nilsson- Julien

2 Alfie George

3 James Codd

1 JLT Condor 54.710

2 Team 100%ME 55.824

3 Team Wiggins 56.419

1 Ella Barnwell

2 Emma Finucane

3 Lucy Naylor

1 Alfie George

2 James Codd

3 James Bunting

1 Amalie Dideriksen

2 Ellie Russell

3 Rachele Barbieri

1 Zoe Backstedt

2 Sophie Lewis

3 Ella Barnwell

1 Team Pedalsure

2 Inspired

3 Team Wiggins

1 Team WNT

2 Team Pedalsure

3 Team Breeze

1 Leo Hayter

2 James Bunting

3 James Codd

1 Wim Stroetinga

2 Chris Latham

3 Jon Mould

Elite Women’s Championship Standings

1 Team WNT 112

2 Boels Dolmans 87

3 Team Pedalsure 72

4 Team Rowe and King 72

5 Matrix Fitness 68

6 Team Breeze 57

7 Storey Racing 39

8 NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli 35

9 Inspired 26

10 Cycle Team OnForm 18

11 Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive le Velo 15

12 Boompods EDCO Velo8 9

1 Ella Barnwell 110

2 Sophie Lewis 92

3 Elena Smith 90

4 Elynor Backstedt 88

5 Dani Parker 80

6 Emma Finucane 78

7 Josie Griffin 74

8 Zoe Ta Perez 71

9 Zoe Backstedt 62

10 Lucy Naylor 62

11 Kate Wooton 60

12 Imogen Chastell  60

1 Inspired 86

2 JLT Condor 81

3 Team Pedalsure 75

4 Team Wiggins 73

5 Team HMT 71

6 Team 100% Me 58

7 Maloja Pushbikers 41

8 World All Stars 34

9 Star Track Racing 32

10 Revolution All Stars 29

11 Scotland 19

12 Ireland 10

1 James Codd 118

2 Alfie George 111

3 Owain Roberts 110

4 Lewis Askey 107

5 Leo Hayter 101

6 James Bunting 99

7 Oscar Nilsson-Julien 96

8 Dylan Westley 94

9 Sam Watson 81

10 Finley Newmark 77

11 Josh Greenwood 77

12 Max Rushby 76

Chris Maher

Chris Maher

Photographer & Writer

Based in the North East of England; photographer Chris Maher specialises in sports photography with his main interests in Cycling and Super Bikes. Chris has covered sports events from local and national level right up to the Olympics for CyclingShorts.cc.
Website: www.ChrisMaher.co.uk

100% Character

This is a paid advertorial for Universal Channel

Not all inspiring characters are fictional


Universal Channel is shining a light on people from around the UK and Ireland who inspire others through their determination and extraordinary character.


These rare individuals have the spark to dream big, matched with a steely resolve to pursue that dream with unwavering commitment. They are authentic, talented and 100% character.

This is Amir Miah’s Story – Bike Entrepreneur



Amir grew up in a rough London estate which made him see things differently. Knowing that more young people went into prison than those who’ve continued education, he felt the need to take action.

At a young age, Amir used to buy and sell stolen bicycles for pocket money, his parents couldn’t afford to buy him gym clothes for school so he found his own way of doing things, he soon realised that there wasn’t a positive outlook ahead for himself or his friends, he had to find his own out of the situation. Amir came to realise a bike was not just a piece of metal, it was something of value, something much more. 

With this new outlook Amir realised he could do much more for those in his community, he created Your Bike, a project that gives young people training and employment opportunities. 

Being from a school where you are more likely to be in a prison cell rather than studying A-Levels in a classroom, he decided to set up his own company. Not to make money, but to do the right thing for his local area.

Amir believes that the people he works with have many hidden talents that need to be found, honed and channelled. He uses his bike maintenance courses as a way to unlock the potential in young people that could have otherwise been used for something destructive to them, their family and community. He works with Ex-offenders, those in serious organised crime, gang violence, or those who are not in employment, education or training, they get the chance to swap the streets for bike grease.

Amir has had his own bike stolen from outside the shop. “I think that’s probably karma. I was just opposite getting a coffee – the kids there are quick!”

More than the money, Amir’s drive stems from his ability to change someone’s life for the better. He believes that by throwing a stepladder back to where he came from can help others step up as well.

Amir is truly inspiring and is a guiding light in what can end up being a hopeless outlook for kids who have been left behind by society, giving them confidence, skills and emotional support at a time of life that it’s most needed. Bringing them into the cycling community provides them with an extended family.

We get bikes from the MET Police. We up-cycle them and then we sell them on to provide training. We get our trainees to learn the retail side of things as well, to learn customer services skills and the value of bikes.


Your Bike

Lorraine Galvin’s Story – Survivor to Life Saver



Lorraine was inspired to become a Lifeboat Crew Member after she capsized with 4 others at sea in an area with no rescue service when she was just 17 years old, but luckily they were rescued by a fisherman who just happened to be going home with his catch.

She and four other rowing crew spent almost 3 hours in the water losing hope of being rescued. She used this experience to fuel her drive to save others and undertook rigorous training to become a lifeboat volunteer.

In 2002 the inshore rescue was taken over by the RNLI and Lorraine is now one of 16 volunteers with Wexford RNLI who are on call 24/7. Check out Lorraine’s full story here: www.universalchannel.co.uk

Follow Universal Channel’s social pages here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/UniversalChannel

Twitter: @UniversalChUK

Find out how you can help Lifeboats in your community by visiting the RNLI website: https://rnli.org/ 

#ad #CharacterUncovered

Islabike Luath Long Term Review

Islabikes are produced by former British national champion and medallist Isla Rowntree. With experience in all forms of cycling and extensive experience in bike design and frame building the brand is well known and respected. They offer a fantastic range of bikes from toddler to adulthood.

We have been lucky enough to have an Islabike Luath (meaning swift, quick, speedy in Gaelic) on long term test. At £549.99 the Luath is not the cheapest bike in its category so it needed to impress…..

After checking the detailed sizing chart on the website and an email exchange it was decided the small would be the best fit for both my 13 year old daughter and 11 year old son. This is an 18 inch frame with 700cc wheels. Islabikes also offer bikefits in their studio in Ludlow and tour around the country to various events (details on their website) so you can try before you buy if you are unsure of the size or model required.

The bike arrived well packaged and almost ready to ride. We all loved the beautiful red paintwork and I was delighted to find both the frame and wheels lighter than anticipated. (Official weight including pedals 9.9Kg).

The tyres were already inflated, the rear wheel in situ, brakes and gears adjusted perfectly so that all I needed to do was turn and tighten the handlebars, put on the pedals, insert the front wheel, fasten the front brake and adjust the saddle height. The brilliant instructions and good quality allen keys meant assembly was super easy and the bike ready to ride in less than 30 minutes! I am confident any parent would be able to safely follow the instructions with ease.

The frame is lightweight aluminium with proportional geometry specific to the young rider and the sloping top tube gives good stand over clearance. The fork is cro-moly with mudguard and rack eyes. This bike has been designed for both road and off road/touring use and would be more than suitable for cross racing with a change of tyres. This flexibility in a youth’s bike is fantastic and keeps their riding options open.

The Tektro cantilever brakes are ideal as they shouldn’t get as clogged up as caliper brakes and the additional top mount brakes are brilliant for safety and confidence and great for small hands.

There is good clearance for bigger cyclo-cross style tyres and mud and leaves collected on route.


Adjustable Shimano Claris STI levers provide the 8-speed transmission with an 11-32 cassette combined with a 46/34 crankset. The shifting is crisp and effortless, the range is great for young legs with a granny gear of 32 for the hills and the shifters can be adjusted for little hands. Flat Wellgo metal pedals are provided.

The 38cm handlebars are well proportioned with a shallow drop that is more comfortable and easy for small hands and the 60mm stem makes the reach comfortable, these are finished off with anti slip bar tape.

The quick release wheels are Islabikes-branded double-wall alloy rims, black anodised with machined sidewalls and integrated wear-indicator groove. The hubs are smooth and the wheels feel strong yet light for a child’s bike.

Lightweight 23mm Kenda Kontenders tyres are supplied; these have a light tread and are good all purpose tyres that should work all year round.  In 6 months of use, on a variety of surfaces and in all weather conditions, we only had one puncture.


An Islabikes-branded saddle tops the aluminium seatpost, with a well portioned racy shape it is lightweight, looks good and there were no complaints from our young testers.

Both children jumped on the bike with no hesitation and felt both stable and fast. The ride to school was significantly quicker. They quickly grasped the gear changes and had no issues reaching the brakes. It took a few minutes to gain the confidence to look over their shoulder properly and relax enough that the bars didn’t turn too much as the front end is much lighter than their current mountain bikes, but once this was cracked one handed riding quickly followed as did expertly moving from the tops to hoods to drops. Riding in the park led to smiles and whoops of joy as they confidently descended in full control.

Being not much bigger than them myself I was keen to try it too, and although not comparable to my usual steed, it certainly didn’t feel like a typical, heavy child’s bike. It felt solid yet responsive, planted yet light, comfortable over the rough road surface and the tyres feel grippy and safe in the corners. The gear changes were smooth, braking was smooth and efficient and I struggled to find fault with anything.

Delivery is free; there is a 90 day free return policy and a 5 year guarantee. Every tiny detail has been well thought out resulting in a bike that is well designed, rides beautifully, looks good, is flexible, practical and built to last. The perfect bike for under the Christmas tree!




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