Want to find out how healthy you really are?

Cycling keeps us very fit and active, but many of us don’t tend to know what’s really going on on the inside and how healthy we really are. 

It’s time to take control of your health and take health tracking to a whole new level with Thriva at home finger-prick blood tests. Find out everything about your cholesterol, liver function, vitamin D levels, iron profile, chances of diabetes, B12 and folate ranges with personal GP recommendations in order to help improve your cycling performance. 

The best part, see everything plotted on your personal dashboard and watch your health scores change over time as you implement improvements. 

Create a fully personalised package with Thriva. You’ve got full control over every single test in your package. Tell us a little about you, we’ll recommend the best tests for you, and you pick and choose what tests you’d like to include.

Take control of your health today and get 10% off all Thriva test’s with code: CYCLING10 now. 

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