Revolution Season 13 – Round 5 Report & Gallery

The Future’s Bright for Fred Wright! Hoy Future Star Fred Wright – Telegraph Allstars, returned to the boards and a triple victory in Manchester..

Hoy Future Star Fred Wright returned to the boards of Manchester for the penultimate round of Series Thirteen of the Revolution Series. Wright had been sidelined in an incident at the London Round, and has watched his lead after London slip, trailing the new leader Lewis Stewart (Scotland) by seventy-six points.

Fred came out all guns blazing to win all three races, and has reduced his deficite to forty-three points behind Lewis, and tall order going into the final round if he is to steal the overall title. He showed his determination going for a solo-break towards the end of the twenty-lap Scratch Race that looked quite impressive gaining just over half a lap on the field. As the front runners were all swept-up in the closing lap, Wright burst out of the pack once more and over the line for his third podium.

The Scottish pairing of Stewart and Nally proved an winning combination in the Madison, collecting points in both sprints and finishing across the line in first position.

Jessica Roberts (Team USN) retained the overall Future Star Girls title going into the final round. She holds the lead by Sixty-two points. Things weren’t as easy this time around for Roberts as the Scottish girl Jenny Holl took the Points Race victory and the Scratch Race victory.

Revolution 56 - Series 13 | Manchester - Round 5Roberts pairing with Elizabeth Bennett proved a successful combination in the Madison, beating Holl and Rhona Callander by one point, evening up the victories on the day to two win each.

It was all change at the top of the Elite Championship as Team WIGGINS climb up the leader board before the final battle later in January as the series concludes. They now lead Team Pedalsure by twenty-nine points who had a poor night in Manchester.

Laura Trott, Matrix Pro Cycling dominated the Elite Women’s UCI race events once more. Fending off stiff competition, this time from the Netherlands Kristen Wild. Fighting back after a tumble with Leire Olaberria and Henrietta Colbourne, Trott wearing her new National Champions skin suit went on to take the Points Race podium.

It didn’t all go Trotts way though. Emily Nelson had enough pace to steal the final race of the evening, the Women’s UCI Scratch Race, with Trott settling for second position.

The Elite Sprinters put on a show to a packed National Cycling Centre audience here in Manchester too. German rider Robert Fӧrstemann ensured our top lads were pushed to their limits.

Setting the quickest Sprint Qualifier, Matt Rotherham was very enthusiastic throughout the whole event thrilling the crowd with some quick racing. Winning the Longest Lap & Sprint Competitions, Rotherham rode around the boards, arms aloft, much to the delight of the crowd. Rotherham beat Oliva in the finals in two straight heats.

Lewis Oliva took the Keirin competition podium, coming second in the first race to Rotherham, but Matt finished further down in the second race losing by a few points, with Oliva winning the second heat.


Revolution 56 – Round 5 Penultimate Round Manchester 02nd January 2016


Doors open at 12:00. Racing from 13:00 to 16:30


Ev1  UCI Sprint – Qualification 200m Time Trial  Men

1: Matthew Rotherham 10.144

2: Robert Förstemann 10.146

3: Lewis Oliva 10.151

4: Thomas Scammell 10.305

5: Ryan Owens 10.354

6: Alex Joliffe 10.661

7: Dominic Suozzi 10.673

8: Sam Ligtlee 10.693


Ev2    Elite Championship – Flying Lap Men

1: Ollie Wood 13.251

2: Chris Latham 13.521

3: Mark Cavendish 13.654

4: Elia Viviani 13.664

5: Jon Dibben 13.765

6: Joe Holt 13.867

7: David Muntaner 13.928

8: Angus Claxton 14.092

9: Simone Consonni 14.122

10: Reece Wood 14.249

11: Garbiel Cullaigh 14.272

12: Nathan Draper 14.622


Ev4  UCI Points Race (20km)  Women

1: Laura Trott

2: Elinor Barker

3: Emily Kay

4: Emily Nelson

5: Kristen Wild

6: Ellie Dickenson

7: Manon Lloyd

8: Danielle Khan

9: Leire Olabarria

10: Henrietta Colborne

11: Megan Barker

12: Charline Joiner

13: Abbie Dentus

14: Rebecca Raybould

15: Annasley Park


Ev6    Elite Championship UCI Points Race (30km)  Men

1: Jon Dibben

2: Mark Stewart

3: Matt Gibson

4: David Muntaner

5: Elia Viviani

6: Owain Doull

7: Matt Bostock

8: Ollie Wood

9: Gabriel Cullaigh

10: Christian Grasmann

11: Joe Holt

12: Jacob Ragan

13: Joey Walker

14: Angus Claxton

15: Nathan Draper


Ev8  HOY Future Stars Madison – Girls  10km

1: Team USN Jessica Roberts/ Elizabeth Bennett

2: Scotland Burness Paull Jenny Holl/ Rhona Callender

3: Maloja Pushbikers RT Docherty/ Hine

4: Team WIGGINS Russell/ Hilliard

5: ONE Pro Cycling Dolan/ Morgan

6: Team Sky

7: Orica GreedEdge

8: VCUK-Champion Systems

9: Team Pedalsure

10: Telegraph Allstars

11: JLT Condor p/b Mavic

12: The Nab Racing


Ev9  Scratch / Elimination 5Kms   Women

1: Laura Trott

2: Kristen Wild

3: Ellie Dickinson

4: Emily Kay

5: Emily Nelson

6: Danielle Khan

7: Leire Olaberria

8: Abbie Dentus

9: Manon Lloyd

10: Elinor Barker

11: Charline Joiner

12: Keira McVitty

13: Annasley Park

14: Megan Barker

15: Monica Dew


Ev10  HOY Future Stars Madison – Boys 10km

1: Scotland Burness Paull Lewis Stewart/ Joe Nally

2: Maloja Pushbikers Hamish Turnbull/ Matthew Shaw

3: The Nab Racing Alex Ridehalgh/ Jamie Ridehalgh

4: Telegraph Allstars

5: ONE Pro Cycling


7: Team USN

8: VCUK-Champion Systems

9: Team Sky

10: Orica GrenEdge

11: Team Pedalsure

12: JLT Condor p/b Mavic


Ev12  Revolution Longest Lap – Sprinters 




Doors open at 18:00. Racing from 19:00 to approx. 22:30


Ev14  HOY Future Stars Points Race (5km)  Girls

1: Jenny Holl

2: Jessica Roberts

3: Anna Docherty

4: Sophie Williams

5: Rachel Jary

6: Amber Joseph

7: Ellie Russell

8: Rhona Callender

9: Samantha Verrill

10: Charlotte Cole-Hossain



Ev16  Special Event GB v Team Wiggins Team Pursuit (2km)  Men

Team WIGGINS beat Team GBR by one second.


Ev17  HOY Future Stars Points Race (5km)  Boys

1: Fred Wright

2: Lewis Stewart

3: Conor Davis

4: Matthew Burke

5: Oscar Mingay

6: Jake Stewart

7: Jim Brown

8: Louis Rose-Davies

9: Theo Hartley

10: Jamie Ridehalgh


Ev19  Elimination Race   Women

1: Laura Trott

2: Kristen Wild

3: Emily Kay

4: Leire Olaberria

5: Emily Nelson

6: Manon Lloyd

7: Megan Barker

8: Keira McVitty

9: Abbie Dentus

10: Henrietta Colborne

11: Ellie Dickinson

12: Danielle Khan

13: Ellie Coster

14: Elinor Barker

15: Annasley Park



Ev21  Elite Championship Scratch Race (15km)  Men

1: Jon Dibben

2: Elia Viviani

3: Matt Gibson

4: Andy Tennant

5: Mark Stewart

6: Joe Holt

7: Christian Grasmann

8: Jacob Ragan

9: Owain Doull

10: Ollie Wood

11: Reece Wood

12: Matt Bostock

13: Simone Consonni

14: Angus Claxton

15: Joey Walker


Ev24   HOY Future Stars 6 Lap Dash (  Girls

1: Jessica Roberts

2: Rhona Callander

3: Jenny Holl

4: Sophie William

5: Ellie Russell

6: Lauren Dolan

7:Elizabeth Bennett

8: Gemma Penman

9: Samantha Verrill

10: Tara Ferguson



Ev27  HOY Future Stars 6 Lap Dash (1.5km)  Boys

1: Fred Wright

2: Jake Stewart

3: Chris Heaton

4: Hamish Turnbull

5: Matthew Burke

6: Jim Brown

7: Sam Tillett

8: Jamie Ridehalgh

9: Jacob Vaughan

10: Lewis Stewart


Ev28   Elite Championship Madison Chase (30 mins) Men

1: Maloja Pushbikers RT

2: Telegraph Allstars

3: JLT Condor p/b Mavic


Ev31  HOY Future Stars Scratch Race (5km)  Girls

1: Jenny Holl

2: Jessica Roberts

3: Sophie Williams

4: Samantha Verrill

5: Rhona Callander

6: Savanah Morgan

7: Ellie Russell

8: Elizabeth Bennett

9: Rachel Jary

10: Georgia Ashworth


Ev32  HOY Future Stars Scratch Race (5km)  Boys

1: Fred Wright

2: Alistair Fielding

3: Jim Brown

4: Sam Tillett

5: Theo Hartley

6: Conor Davies

7: Chris Heaton

8: Hamish Turnbull

9: Ben Hardwick

10: Jake Stewart


Ev33 UCI Scratch Race   Women

1: Emily Nelson

2: Laura Trott

3: Emily Kay

4: Leire Olaberria

5: Kristen Wild

6: Elinor Barker

7: Megan Barker

8: Danielle Khan

9: Annasley Park

10: Manon Lloyd

11: Ellie Coster

12: Charline Joiner

13: Rebecca Raybould

14: Emma Cockcroft

15: Monica Dew


The next round of Revolution will be Race 57 the Finale for Series Thirteen.

Round 1: 14/15/16 August Derby

Round 2: 24 October Manchester

Round 3: 14 November London

Round 4: 28 November Glasgow

Round 5: 02 January Manchester

Round 6: 23 January Manchester


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Sprint Training with Shane Perkins

A nice short film from the guys at Diagonal View with 2 time World Champion and Olympic Medal Winner Shane Perkins, he talks through the intense physical preparation that track cyclists go through to compete, and win at the top level.

Revolution 56 – Preview


Forget the fireworks bringing in the New Year. The real fireworks begin this weekend on the boards at the penultimate round of the #RevolutionSeries.

Revolution 56 in the National Cycling Centre at Manchester will set the scene for the final push to represent Great Britain at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Big names are beginning show their intent to get on the long-list of potential athletes that will be in with a look at boarding that plane to Rio this Summer, but who will going?

Before we can answer that question, we need to tie up the Revolution Elite Championship.

Team Pedalsure top the table with the final round only a couple of weeks or so away, also in Manchester.

Andrew Tennant and Chris Latham will be defending their lead, but Official TEAMIES Jon Dibben and Owain Doull are hot on their wheels for Team WIGGINS.

Joining the party are last years Champions Christian Grasmann and David Muntaner for Maloja Pushbikers RT sitting in third position at the moment.

Mark Cavendish makes a return to the track for Telegraph Allstars bolstering up his desire to represent Team GB at Rio. He along with Wood, Gibson and Latham will race against Team WIGGINS Tennant, Burke, Doull and Dibben in a special Team Pursuit Challenge.

Fred Wright returns to take up the HOY Future Star Boys competition challenge for the Telegraph Allstars, but he’s going to find it hard to catch series leader Lewis Stewart from Team Scotland who has an eight-two point lead over him.

Revolution53_2124BMeanwhile in the Girls competition, Jessica Roberts, Team USN still holds a comfortable forty-one point lead with two rounds remaining.

Big names in the men’s Sprint competition are set to grace the boards in Manchester once more, none bigger than Robert Fӧrstemann. Joining him to push our lads to their limits are American Dominic Suozzie, Netherland’s Sam Ligtlee and Alex Joliffe.

Pushing our best female Olympic Hero Laura Trott in the Elite Women’s events this time round is no other than the current Scratch Race World Champion Kirsten Wild. Wild finished third place behind Trott’s Silver in the Omnium Event at the Worlds, to be held in two months time in London, and she is joined by Poland’s Gosia Wrotya along with regulars Leire Olaberria, Emily Kay and Elinor Barker.

Revolution53_2111BAnother big name for Rio 2016, in attendance at the #RevolutionSeries riding for Team Sky is Italy’s Elia Viviani. We spoke to Elia back at the first stage of the Aviva TOB after beating Cavendish and Griepel. Check out what he said after the win and what his plans where for in 2016, here.

Cycling Santa’s Christmas Shopping Guide 2015

Cycling Shorts unleashes Santa’s Little Helpers.
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Secret Santa – under £30

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Something Beneath The Tree – under £500

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Santa Baby – money is no object!

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Spectacular route for Tour de Yorkshire 2016

Le Tour Yorkshire 2014 - York to SheffieldThe Tour de Yorkshire, one of the most spectacular and well received events in the British sporting calendar, returns for a second year with new routes and new challenges.  The huge crowds will be entertained by Race Ambassadors and a Tour de Yorkshire Caravan which will visit key points on the route before the race starts.


The route will take the 18 teams of eight riders to all four corners of Yorkshire, linking together the county’s sporting, historic, industrial and literary greats.


Stage One begins in Beverley, home to one of England’s finest Minsters, before the peloton races to Tadcaster and on to Knaresborough which was the scene of some of the biggest crowds for the Tour de France in 2014.  Taking in some of the Grand Depart 2014 route, a series of climbs takes the riders past Brimham Rocks before a finish in Settle.


On Stage Two, men and women will face exactly the same stage which starts in Otley, home of the current women’s road World Champion Lizzie Armitstead.  From Otley riders travel south, on roads not raced on in the Tour de France or Tour de Yorkshire, towards Conisbrough Castle and on to Doncaster.


Tour De Yorkshire 2015 | Scarborough to Bridlington - Stage 1

Tour De Yorkshire 2015 | Scarborough to Bridlington – Stage 1 © /

Stage Three will be familiar to those who raced in 2015, starting in Captain James Cook’s home town of Middlesbrough, then into Herriot Country before tackling the infamous Sutton Bank, the first of six King of the Mountain points in just one stage.  Riders then head over the North York Moors and down towards Scarborough for what promises to be a thrilling finale and a race to the very end.


Riders joined host towns at a launch event in Otley, where Welcome to Yorkshire’s Sir Gary Verity and A.S.O.’s Christian Prudhomme unveiled the full route.


Sir Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said:

“For next year’s race we’ve selected routes which showcase Yorkshire’s stunning scenery and will also deliver an excellent sporting event. Our first race was phenomenally successful, bringing 1.5 million spectators to the roadside, generating over £50million for the regional economy and being broadcast around the world – not many races can say that.  The stages we’ve revealed today are eagerly anticipated by fans, riders and teams and we have all the ingredients for another spectacular race which will bring the crowds back out.”


Christian Prudhomme, Director of the Tour de France, said:

“I am always happy to be back in Yorkshire and today marks an important milestone for the race. Feedback from teams and riders last year was excellent and this year we have three stages which together create a race right to the end; the final King of the Mountain points are barely six kilometres from the final finish line.”


In addition to the professional races, the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride will give amateur cyclists the chance to ride many of the roads ridden by the pros in a newly designed sportive route, which will start and finish in Scarborough on Sunday 1 May.  The sportive route will follow parts of Stage 3 of the men’s race whilst also taking in several alternative roads to allow for all 6000 participants to finish in their own time.


A highlight of the sportive will see amateur riders finishing with a 1km sea-front sprint finish and crossing the very same finish line as the professional riders with the same support from the waiting crowds. There will be three distances for riders to choose from; 40km, 85km and 115km.  The sportive sold out in a matter of hours in 2015 and those hoping to secure a place in the 2016 ride can register their interest and be first to hear when this year’s event opens at


Returning sponsors for the men’s race have also been confirmed, with Yorkshire Bank sponsoring the Sprint Jersey; Dimension Data sponsoring the Digital Vote / Most Aggressive Rider Jersey; and Mavic returning as the Official Supplier.   Yorkshire Bank also sponsor the Tour de France legacy project – the Yorkshire Bank Bike Libraries – which have already helped over a thousand children in Yorkshire ride a bike for free.


Tour de Yorkshire on Twitter

So, here you have it, your full 2016 route for @letouryorkshire. It’s going to be epic.


Detailed stage profiles


Stage 1: Friday 29 April 2016: Beverley to Settle

  • Total stage length: 184km
  • 2 x sprint points (Bubwith, Giggleswick)
  • 1 x King of the Mountain (Greenhow Hill)
  • Total ascent: 1832m


The first stage will set off from Saturday Market in Beverley. The riders will parade around the town – which also played host to the race in 2015, then through North Bar before heading north west to the Official Start at Beverley Racecourse; Holme on the Wolds, Market Weighton (which also saw the race pass through in May 2015), and on westwards to a sprint point at Bubwith.  From there, the peloton will race through North Duffield and west to Cawood – scene of Dick Turpin’s famous escape from York – and on to Tadcaster, famous for its breweries.  After that, riders will visit Boston Spa, Wetherby, North Deighton and Knaresborough, home of the famous ‘spotty house’ from the Tour de France, decorated with the red spots of the King of the Mountains’ jersey.  From there riders will travel to Ripley, home of the UK’s only Hotel du Ville rather than Town Hall, and on to Pateley Bridge where the first King of the Mountain will be won at Greenhow Hill.  After that, it’s on to Grassington, then Threshfield and a return to some of the Tour de France roads, through Cracoe then Gargrave, the riders will then cross the finish line in Settle for the first time before a sprint at Giggleswick.  They will complete a 12km loop back to the A65 and round to Settle town centre for an expected bunch finish in the town.


Stage 2: Saturday 30 April 2016: Otley to Doncaster

  • Total stage length: 135.5km
  • Same route for men and women
  • 2 x sprint points (Scholes, Warmsworth)
  • 3 x King/ Queen of the Mountain (Harewood Bank, East Rigton, Conisbrough Castle)
  • Total ascent: 1110m


Stage Two marks an important milestone for the Tour de Yorkshire, as the women’s race will be held on exactly the same route as the men’s race.  The women’s race will start in the morning and the men’s race will begin in the early afternoon. Full details of the women’s race will be released in the following weeks.


Anna on Twitter

The Women’s Tour de Yorkshire race will be a full stage race, on 30 April, using the same course as Stage 2


The route begins in Otley, home town of current women’s road World Champion Lizzie Armitstead.  The Official Start is at Pool-in-Wharfedale, before the riders face an early King/ Queen of the Mountain challenge at Harewood Bank, before heading south east towards another King/ Queen of the Mountain at East Rigton, then to Thorner and a sprint at Scholes, then to Barwick in Elmet crossing the A1 at Aberford.  Riders then go past Lotherton Hall, into Sherburn in Elmet, down to South Milford and Monk Fryston before swinging south to Birkin and Beal.  The route then heads through Kellingley and on to Knottingley, Pontefract (home of liquorice) and Wentbridge, before North and South Elmsall, and on to hidden gem Hooton Pagnell.  There is a sprint point at Warmsworth before a lap of, and King/ Queen of the Mountain, at 11th century Conisbrough Castle.  The peloton will then head towards Tickhill and Bawtry before racing along the perimeter of Doncaster Sheffield Airport, past Doncaster Racecourse and onto a sprint finish on South Parade.


Stage 3: Sunday 1 May 2016: Middlesbrough to Scarborough

  • Total stage length: 196km
  • 2 x sprint points (Thirsk and Whitby Abbey)
  • 6 x King of the Mountain (Sutton Bank, Blakey Ridge, Grosmont, Robin Hood’s Bay, Harwood Dale and Oliver’s Mount)
  • Total ascent: 2593m


If Stages One and Two are for the sprinters, Stage Three will certainly appeal to the climbers.  With an elevation of 2593 meters and six King of the Mountain classifications, the route begins in Middlesbrough, birth place of Captain James Cook, and takes the riders on a challenging and technical route through much of the stunning North York Moors National Park. From the start line at Middlesbrough’s MIMA Gallery, they travel south over the Official Start on the outskirts of Nunthorpe on the A172, through Great Ayton, home of the Captain Cook School Room, and on to Stokesley, Hutton Rudby, Winton and down to Northallerton, the county town of North Yorkshire.  From there, the riders head to Thirsk’s market square where there will be a sprint point, before the infamous Sutton Bank and a King of the Mountain.  Onwards to Helmsley, winner of Britain’s Best Market Town, then to Kirkbymoorside and heading north to Hutton le Hole and a King of the Mountain at Blakey Ridge.  The peloton will recognise Castleton and many of the villages towards Whitby as the route is similar to that for the 2015 race.  There will be a King of the Mountain at Grosmont, where in 2015 riders were welcomed by a steam salute by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, and riders will pass through Sleights and Ruswarp before dipping down to Whitby.  There is a sprint point at Whitby Abbey, before the race makes a visit to Hawkser. Next up is a battle over a King of the Mountain at Robin Hood’s Bay, before another King of the Mountain at Harwood Dale.  From there it’s full speed to East Ayton and Irton, before a final King of the Mountain at Oliver’s Mount and a sprint finish in Scarborough’s North Bay.


Tour de Yorkshire on Twitter

We’re also excited that for the 2016 @letouryorkshire, there will be a Publicity Caravan running ahead of the cyclists. #TDY



Revolution 55 – Round 4 Glasgow – Report & Gallery

All images ©


Trott relishes a quadruple victory in her first return to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow following the Commonwealth Games of 2014.

Matrix Fitness’s Laura Trott won all four races in the Revolution fifty-five round in Glasgow.

Fending off a strong challenge from Scotland’s Katie Archibald and France’s Laurie Berthon, Trott set about her domination along with Archibald and Berthon in the first Elite Women’s Event, an eighty-lap Points Race, each gaining a lap on the field. Scotland’s Neah Evans took the first sprint, followed by Charline Joiner. An active Rebecca Raybould collected maximum points in the third sprint before Trott took her only sprint after forty-laps. Gaining the lap on the field and scoring minor points in six of the eight sprints was enough for her to secure her first win by two points from Berthon.

Revolution 55 - Series 13 | Glasgow - Round 4Trott and Archibald took a lap in the Scratch Race and a solo effort by Rebecca Raybould late-on in the race secured her third place.

Trott, Berthon and Evans  where the last three remaining, to contest the Elimination Race. Trott Archibald and Berthon were the last to finish the Elimination/ Scratch Race too.

In the Elite Championship, Pedalsure maintained their lead with Andrew Tennant and Angus Claxton, but a strong performance by Team WIGGINS pairing of Owain Doull and Jon Dibben reduced their gap to nineteen points.

Team WIGGINS scored maximum points in the Points and Scratch Races, as well as setting a blistering pace in the Revolution Madison Time Trial. The pair at one-point looked like beating the fastest Revolution Record of Ed Clancy and Oli Wood, but fell just short with an 54.675.

Australian, Sam Welsford of Orica-Greenedge set the quickest Elite Flying Lap and also took the Longest Lap sprint denying Maloja Pushbikers RT Nico Hesslich and Marcel Kalz any victories on the night.

With only two rounds left in the New Year at Manchester, the Championship looks like it will go down to the wire at the end of January.

Jessica Roberts, Team USN maintained her HOY Future Star Girls leaders jersey, continuing on from a shortened London Round. Winning both the Scratch Race and Six-Lap-Dash, finished second to Sophie Williams in the Points Race.

New leader in the HOY Future Star Boys competition is Lewis Stewart, Team Scotland, winning both the Points and the Scratch Races. He too also finished second in the Six-Lap-Dash to Sam Tillett, Team USN. Fred Wright and Rhys Britton weren’t present at this round, but should be fit for Manchester in the New Year.



Doors open at 11:30. Racing from 13:00 to 16:00

Ev1  UCI Sprint – Qualification 200m Time Trial  Women

  1. Victoria Williamson 11.078
  2. Melissandre Pain 11.295
  3. Kyra Lamberink 11.553
  4. Ellie Richardson 11.748
  5. Bernette Beyers 11.765
  6. Sophie Capewell 11.775
  7. Robyn Stewart 11.852
  8. Dana Feiss 11.914
  9. Emma Baird 12.092
  10. Becky Dornan 12.150
  11. Odette Van Deventer 12.655


Ev2  Elite Championship 250m Flying Lap   Men

  1. Sam Welsford OGE 13.053
  2. Jon Dibben WIG 13.307
  3. Nico Hesslich MAL 13.419
  4. Andy Tennant PED 13.686
  5. Felix English JLT 13.952
  6. Reece Wood NAB 14.011
  7. Gabriel Cullaigh VCU 14.190
  8. Marc Hester ONE 14.213
  9. Chris Lawless TAL 14.287
  10. Matt Bostock USN 14.290
  11. Phil Trodden SCO 14.313
  12. Ian Stannard SKY 15.655


Ev3  UCI Sprint – Quarter Final  Women

H1: Vitoria Williamson, H2: Melissandre Pain H3: Sophie Capewell, H4: Ellie Richardson.


Ev4  UCI Points Race (20km) Women

1 130 TROTT, Laura MTX

2 134 BERTHON, Laurie FRA

3 131 ARCHIBALD, Katie IZU

4 143 RAYBOULD, Rebecca PWH

5 137 JOINER, Charline WNT

6 136 LANKFORD, Sophie WNT


8 138 MCDERMOTT, Ellen TJA

9 145 COCKROFT, Emma BEU

10 150 BASSO, Laura ASD

11 135 COSTER, Ellie USN


13 148 FERGUSON, Lorna GGR

14 151 MARTIN, Rosa T22

15 140 BRADFORD, Sarah TJA

16 142 DICKINSON, Ellie GIO

17 147 BORTHWICK, Louise P51

18 139 PARNHAM, Charlotte TJA

19 152 EVANS, Neah SCO

20 141 COLBORNE  , Henrietta TJA


Ev6    Elite Championship Points Race (30km)   Men

1 Owain Doull

2 Andy Tennant

3 Jacob Ragan

4 Marc Hester

5 Jon Dibben

6 Geraint Thomas

7 Adam Blyth

8 Phil Trodden

9 Gabriel Cullaigh

10 Marcel Kalz

11 Nico Hesslich

12 Nathan Draper


Ev8  Women’s Elimination / Scratch  Women

1 130 TROTT, Laura MTX

2 131 ARCHIBALD, Katie IZU

3 134 BERTHON, Laurie FRA

4 135 COSTER, Ellie USN

5 152 EVANS, Neah SCO

6 137 JOINER, Charline WNT


8 142 DICKINSON, Ellie GIO

9 151 MARTIN, Rosa T22

10 141 COLBORNE  , Henrietta TJA

11 140 BRADFORD, Sarah TJA

12 136 LANKFORD, Sophie WNT


14 138 MCDERMOTT, Ellen TJA

15 139 PARNHAM, Charlotte TJA

16 148 FERGUSON, Lorna GGR

17 147 BORTHWICK, Louise P51

18 145 COCKROFT, Emma BEU

19 143 RAYBOULD, Rebecca PWH

DSQ 150 BASSO, Laura ASD


Ev10 Revolution Longest Lap – Sprinters Women

Sophie Capewell, Melissandre Pain, Robyn Stewart.



Doors open at 18:00. Racing from 19:00 to 22:30

Ev11 UCI Scratch Race (10km) Women

1 TROTT, Laura


3 RAYBOULD, Rebecca

4 EVANS, Neah

5 BASSO, Laura

6 BERTHON, Laurie



9 COLBORNE, Henrietta

10 COSTER, Ellie

11 MARTIN, Rosa



14 FERGUSON, Lorna


16 JOINER, Charline

17 BRADFORD, Sarah

18 LANKFORD, Sophie

19 BORTHWICK, Louise

20 PARNHAM, Charlotte


Ev13 HOY Future Stars Points Race (5km) Boys

1 Lewis Stewart Scotland

2 Joe Nally Scotland

3 Hamish Turnbull MAL
4 Charles Page ONE

5 Theo Hartley SKY

6 Sam Tillett USN

7 Alistair Fielding OGE

8 Conor Davies WIG

9 Matthew Burke USN

10 Jamie Ridehalgh NAB


Ev15 HOY Future Stars Scratch Race (5km) Girls

1 Jessica Roberts USN
2 Sophie Williamson OGE
3 Ellie Russell WIG
4 Rhona Callander SCO

5 Samantha Verrill SKY

6 Anna Docherty MAL

7 Rachel Jary TAL

8 Jenny Holl SCO

9 Charlotte Cole-Hossain VCU

10 Elizabeth Bennett USN


Ev17 Elite Championship Scratch Race (15km)  Men

1 Jon Dibben

2 Sam Welsford

3 Marc Hester

4 Owain Doull

5 Adam Blyth

6 Jacob Ragan

7 Chris Lawless

8 Felix English

9 Gabriel Cullaigh

10 Andy Tennant

11 Reece Wood

12 Matt Bostock


Ev18 UCI Sprint Finals

Victoria Williamson, Melissandre Pain, Ellie Richardson


Ev19 Elimination Race Women

1 Laura Trott

2 Laurie Berthon

3 Neah Evans

4 Laura Basso

5 Ellie Dickenson

6 Amalie Winther-Olsen

7 Sarah Inglebrecht

8 Katie Archibald

9 Charline Joiner

10 Sarah Bradford

11 Ellie Coster

12 Henrietta Colborne


Ev20 Elite Championship – 1km Madison Time Trial 1   Men

  1. Team WIGGINS 54.675
  2. Maloja Pushbikers RT
  3. JLT Condor p/b Mavic
  4. ONE Pro Cycling
  5. Orica Greenedge
  6. Team Pedalsure
  7. Team USN
  8. Team Scotland
  9. The NAB Racing
  10. VCUK-Champion Systems
  11. Telegraph Allstars
  12. Team SKY


Ev21 UCI Sprint Keirin – First Round  Women

H1: Melissandre Pain, Victoria Williamson, Kyra Lamberink

H2: Dana Feiss, Bernette Beyers, Robyn Stewart


Ev22 Revolution Longest Lap – Endurance Men

Sam Welsford, Nico Hesslich, Adam Blyth


Ev23 HOY Future Stars 6 Lap Dash (1.5km) Girls

1 Jessica Roberts USN

2 Rhona Callender SCO
3 Jenny Holl SCO

4 Samantha Verrill SKY
5 Amber Joseph PED
6 Sophie Williams OGE

7 Elizabeth Bennett USN

8 Anna Docherty MAL
9 Ellie Russell WIG

10 Charlotte Cole-Hussain VCU

11 Emma Pit TAL

12 Lusia Steele JTL


Ev25 HOY Future Stars 6 Lap Dash (1.5km) Boys

1 Sam Tillett USN
2 Lewis Stewart SCO
3 Jim Brown ONE
4 Jamie Ridehalgh NAB
5 Alistair Fielding OGE
6 Anthony Anderson TAL
7 Richie Allen NAB
8 Charles Page ONE

9 Joe Nally SCO

10 Conor Davies WIG
11 Hamish Turnbull MAL

12 Jacob Vaughan VCU


Ev26    Elite Championship Team Elimination Men

Team WIGGINS, ONE Pro Cycling, Maloja Pushbikers


Ev28 UCI Keirin Final Women

Melissandre Pain, Victoria Williamson, Kyra Lamberink


Ev29 Presentation Elite Championship Winning Team



Ev30 HOY Future Stars Scratch Race (5km) Boys

1 Lewis Stewart SCO
2 Alistair Fielding OGE
3 Anthony Anderson TAL

4 Jamie Ridehalgh NAB

5 William Draper JLT

6 Conor Davis WIG

7 Matthew Burke USN

8 Jim Brown ONE

9 Matthew Cox OGE

10Richie AllenNAB


Ev31 HOY Future Stars Points Race (5km)     Girls

1 Sophie Williams OGE
2 Jessica Robert USN
3 Jenny Holl SCO
4 Elynor Backstedt SKY

5 Elizabeth Bennett USA
6 Anna Docherty MAL

7 Rachel Jary TAL

8 Rhona Callender SCO

9 Amber Joseph PED

10 Amber King NAB


Revolution 55

Elite Championship Table after round four

Rank Name Points
1 Team Pedalsure 260
2 Team Wiggins 241
3 Maloja Pushbikers RT 235
4 Orica Greenedge 178
5 ONE Pro Cycling 166
6 JLT Condor p/b Mavic 155
7 Team SKY 124
8 VCUK-Champion Systems 121
9 Telegraph Allstars 95
10 Scotland 90
11 The NAB Racing 85
12 Team USN 79


HOY Future Star Boys Table after round four

Rank Name Team Points
1 STEWART, Lewis SCO 172
2 FIELDING, Alistair OGE 125
3 BROWN, Jim ONE 122
4 RIDEHALGH, Jamie NAB 121
5 TURNBULL, Hamish M AL 108
6 ANDERSON, Anthony T AL 99
7 WRIGHT, Fred T AL 96
9 DAVIES, Conor WIG 93
9 VAUGHAN, Jacob VCU 93
11 BRITTON, Rhys USN 90
12 STEWART, Jake WIG 89
13 BURKE, Matthew USN 77
14 ROSE-DAVIES, Louis VCU 76
15 TILLETT, Sam USN 68
16 HARTLEY, Theo SKY 64
17 COX, Matthew OGE 61
17 MINGAY, Oscar PED 61
19 HEATON, Chris SKY 60
20 PAGE, Charles ONE 56
21 SHAW, Matthew M AL 55
22 THOMSON, Cameron PED 54
23 NALLY, Joe SCO 49
24 COX, Charlie JLT 48
25 DRAPER, William JLT 46
26 ALLEN, Ritchie NAB 45
29 DENT, Stephen TAL 31
29 TILLETT, James MAL 31
31 YOUNG, Xeno ONE 21


HOY Future Star Girls Table after round four

Rank Name Team Points


ROBERTS, Jessica USN 206
2 CALLANDER, Rhona SCO 165
3 WILLIAMS, Sophie OGE 159
4 DOCHERTY, Anna M AL 156
5 RUSSELL, Ellie WIG 141
6 HOLL, Jenny SCO 136
7 VERRILL, Samantha SKY 128
7 JARY, Rachel T AL 128
9 BENNETT, Elizabeth USN 126
10 HILLIARD, Georgia WIG 116
11 JOSEPH, Amber PED 102
12 COLE-HOSSAIN, Charlotte VCU 101
13 ASHWORTH, Georgia JLT 97
14 DOLAN, Lauren ONE 76
14 PENMAN, Gemma NAB 76
16 BATE-LOWE, Lauren JLT 72
17 GEORGI, Pfieffer ONE 70
18 HORROCKS, Lucy PED 66
19 MELLOR, Harriet VCU 60
19 KING, Amber NAB 60
21 FERGUSON, Tara SKY 53
22 GAMMONS, Maddie M AL 52
23 PIT, Emma T AL 51
24 BACKSTEADT,  Elynor SKY 45
25 TILLETT, Emily OGE 40
26 HINE, Jayati M AL 36
27 PARK, Ellie VCU 30
28 MILLAR, Jess ONE 29
29 STEELE, Lusia JLT 24
30 BARNWELL, Ella PED 19
31 MORGAN, Savanah ONE 17


The Next Round is Manchester in 2016

Round 1: 14/15/16 August Derby

Round 2: 24 October Manchester

Round 3: 14 November London

Round 4: 28 November Glasgow

Round 5: 02 January Manchester

Round 6: 23 January Manchester


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