Alex Dowsett Interview

Alex riding Ster ZLM Toer - ©Copyright Kevin Kempf

I caught up with new Movistar signing Alex Dowsett and he kindly answered a few questions.   Off-Season What is a typical off-season for Alex Dowsett? I’ll spend 3-5 weeks where the only bike I may look at is my mountain bike, it’s good to step away from it all to refresh the body and […]

Santa’s Little Cycling Helpers 2012

Cycling Santa's by Jim Wend

Cycling Shorts unleashes Santa’s (last minute) Little Helpers. We’re up to our eyes in bicycle shaped packages badly wrapped and covered in sticky tape, it’s all got a bit manic, so much to get organised and so little time, so we’ve got together to give you a list of gift ideas that won’t disappoint even […]

The Physiology of Pro Cyclists – Massive Lungs

The Physiology of Pro Cyclists – Massive Lungs

As an asthma sufferer, albeit one who hasn’t had many problems in the last 8 years or so, I recently had a routine check up at the local GP practice. Taking a peak expiratory flow test, I recorded a breath volume – essentially a derivative of lung capacity – about 1/3 below that of the […]

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