Video Interview – Clara Copponi Interview – Stage 2 – Women’s Tour 2021

Clara Copponi interviewed at the end of Stage 2 of the AJ Bell Women’s Tour 2021. After coming second on the day and now leading the Tour, the FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope rider talks to the media about her race.


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Women’s Grasscrete Ryedale GP 2021 Gallery and Race Report

Round Two in both the Women’s & Men’s British Cycling National Road Series 2021 started in the grounds Ampleforth College with Ampleforth Abbey as the backdrop to a gruelling gritty 60 mile Women’s Race and 95 mile Men’s Race.

The usual early damp start welcomed around sixty-five riders to the start-line with a forecast of improving condition as the day went on. A circuit not for the fainthearted brought several tumbles & a splits into several groups on the earlier of the larger 2 circuits for the women.

With CAMS Basso Haley Simmonds & Pro-Noctus – Redchilli Bikes Jo Tindley setting the early pace & still a sizable group. The numbers dropped to around Thirty girls by the end of lap two.

An alliance formed on the smaller circuits when recently crowned Scottish Cycling’s National Women’s Champion Becky Storrie [Brother UK – Cycle Team OnForm] & Illi Gardner [CAMS Basso] forged ahead quickly establishing over a two minutes advantage.

With CAMS & OnForm out front, it was left to Storey Racing & AWOL-O’Shea to do the chasing.

The race approached the final drag up to the line with 500 metres remaining & a hefty lead for Storrie & Gardner. With two evenly matched riders – It was going to be the one with strongest legs that would take victory, and Gardner had the legs to finish it off for CAMS.

After a little wait. Pro-Noctis got a third place with Corrine Side for all their hard work whilst AWOL-O’Shea’s Francesca Morgans-Slader & Connie Hayes took fourth & fifth.

Preparing for the UCI World Mountain Bike Championships in Val di Sole, Italy 25-29 Aug, U23 Women’s Event Anna Kay took sixth.

CAMS-Basso’s Natalie Grinczer collected the Series Leaders Jersey going into the final round, the Curlew Cup in Northumberland on Sunday 26th September.

Speaking to Larry Hickmott ( & myself after the race.

“This is probably my favourite National Series Race. I’ve been looking forward to it all year. I was nervous coming in. So, I’m really happy with the win.

It stayed together longer than I thought when it got to the Climbs it split, but then came back together.

We had a couple of goes to get away but it kept coming back. I sort of attacked coming up here [On the finish straight with 3 laps remaining.]”.

Illi Gardner

Winner Ryedale GP 2021 - U23 Rider, Team CAMS-Basso

Illi Gardner & Becky Storrie – Ryedale GP 2021 Interview by Cycling Shorts

Post race interview with Illi Gardner (U23 – CAMS-Basso)and Becky Storrie (Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm)after battling their way to the top two podium positions at the Ryedale GP 2021. Post race interview by Larry Hickmott ( and Chris Maher ( Image by Chris Maher

“It was tough! It was my first-time doing Ryedale, but I hadn’t looked at the course. I’d heard all about it – thought it was right up my street.

I knew going in that I wanted to force a breakaway, especially with somebody like Illi – cos – in Capernwray (Road Race) we were in a breakaway there. So, I knew she would be the perfect person to ride away with”.  Going on to say about Illi “She was like a little Mountain Goat going up the climbs – I was struggling Lol”.

Becky Storrie

2nd Place Ryedale GP, Team Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm


1 Illi Gardner (U23) CAMS-Basso 2:44:37

2 Becky Storrie Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm +4

3 Corinne Side (U23) Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen +2:12

4 Francesca Morgans-Slader AWOL OShea st

5 Connie Hayes (U23) AWOL OShea st

6 Anna Kay (U23) Team Rupelcleaning – Champion Lubricants st

7 Lucy Ellmore (U23) Skoda DSI Cycling Academy +2:15

8 Danielle Shrosbree Team LDN – Brother UK st

9 Natalie Grinczer CAMS-Basso st

10 Beth Morrow (U23) Storey Racing st

11 Nicole Coates (U23) Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands-Scimitar +2:21

12 Morven Yeoman (JNR) Tofauti Everyone Active +2:27

13 Jo Tindley Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen st

14 Megan Barker CAMS-Basso +4:11

15 Eilidh Shaw (JNR) Tofauti Everyone Active +4:33

16 Jessica Finney CAMS-Basso +4:35

17 Lucy Gadd (U23) Storey Racing +4:36

18 Francesca Hall Loughborough Lightning TRG +4:38

19 Lucy Lee Team LDN – Brother UK st

20 Charlotte Colclough Bianchi Dama st

21 Alice McWilliam Grinta Coaching st

22 Alice Lethbridge AWOL OShea +4:40

23 Bexy Dew Saint Piran Womens +4:43

24 Hayley Simmonds CAMS-Basso +4:46

25 Matea Deliu Team Watto-LDN +4:50

26 Jessie Carridge Watts Up Performance +6:53

27 Samantha Stuart Crimson Orientation Marketing RT +8:23

28 Hannah Bayes (U23) AWOL OShea +11:32

29 Hannah Lancaster (U23) Loughborough Lightning TRG st

30 Poppy Thompson Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen +11:36

31 Imani Pereira-James (JNR) Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm st

32 Katie Scott (U23) CAMS-Basso +11:40

33 Heather Mayer Team Watto-LDN +11:43

34 Elizabeth Sanders Avid Sport +11:47

35 Jihanna Bonilla-Allard PMRR +12:52

36 Gemma Sargent Saint Piran Womens st

37 Jasmine Jones Bianchi Dama +12:55

38 Melissa Greaves Crimson Orientation Marketing RT +12:57

39 Holly MacMahon Bianchi Dama +13:09

40 Ellen Inglis (U23) Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm +13:48

41 Erin Murphy (JNR) Deeside Thistle CC +14:01


— Erin Avill Storey Racing Did not finish

— Alderney Baker Loughborough Lightning – TRG Did not finish

— Daisy Barnes Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor… Did not finish

—Olivia BentAWOL- O’SheaDid not finish

— Olivia Bentley Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands Did not finish

—Charlotte BerryPro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -…Did not finish

— Sian Botteley Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor… Did not finish

—Sarah BriggsRFDADid not finish

—Polly BurgeJadan – Vive le VeloDid not finish

—Anna ChristianDROPS-LE COL SUPPORTED BY TEMP…Did not start

—Francesca CuttsTeam LDN – Brother UKDid not finish

—Isabel DarvillTeam BoompodsDid not start

—Megan DickersonSKODA DSI Cycling Academy

— Sophie Earl Crimson Orientation Marketing … DNS

— Isabel Ellis Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands Did not start

—Hannah FarranTeam BoompodsDid not finish

—Samantha FawcettPro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -…Did not finish

—Olivia FrenchSKODA DSI Cycling AcademyDid not finish

—Madeleine GammonsJadan – Vive le VeloDid not finish

—Amy GornallPro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -…Did not start

—Amy GrahamTeam BoompodsDid not finish

—Marine GuerinTeam Watto-LDNDid not finish

—Beth Harley-JepsonJadan – Vive le VeloDid not start

—Louise HartCampinense – Velo PerformanceDid not finish

—Maddie HeywoodTeam Watto-LDNDid not start

—Lauren HighamTeam LDN – Brother UKDid not finish

—Georgia HilleardTeam BoompodsDid not finish

—Anna Marie Hughes1904 RTDid not start

—Emma JeffersJRC-Shutt-Ridley Race TeamDid not finish

— Millie Jones Manilla Cycling Did not finish

—Dannielle KhanIsorex NoAqua Ladies Cycling T…Did not Finish

—Flora KnightLoughborough Lightning – TRGDid not finish

—Sophie LankfordJadan – Vive le VeloDid not start

—Abbie ManleyMontezuma’s Race TeamDid not start

—Amy MarksTeam LDN – Brother UKDid not start

—Phoebe MartinAWOL- O’SheaDid not finish

—Polly MasonTeam LDN – Brother UKDid not finish

—Ellen McDermottTeam BoompodsDid not finish

—Shona MosleyJRC-Shutt-Ridley Race TeamDid not start

—Georgina PanchaudBianchi DamaDid not start

—Georgina PaulRoss On Wye & District CCDid not finish

—Laura PittardBrother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor…Did not finish

—Jennifer PowellPro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -…Did not finish

—Natasha ReddyBianchi DamaDid not start

—Rebecca RichardsSKODA DSI Cycling AcademyDid not finish

—Kate RichardsonDid not finish

—Louise ScuphamAWOL- O’SheaDid not finish

—Rebecca SealTorelli-Assure-Cayman IslandsDid not start

—Ruth ShierTeam LDN – Brother UKDid not finish

—Millie SkinnerPro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -…Did not finish

—Meg SmithLoughborough Lightning – TRGDid not start

—Abbie TaylorSpectra Wiggle p/b VitusDid not start

—Sophie ThackrayCAMS-BassoDid not finish

—Vivienne TomlinAvid SportDid not finish

—Chloe VickersLoughborough Lightning – TRGDid not finish

—Christina WiejakSaint Piran WRTDid not finish

— Mary Wilkinson Crimson Orientation Marketing … Did not start

1 Natalie Grinczer CAMS-Basso 36

2 Illi Gardner CAMS-Basso 30

3 Abi Smith Team Breeze 30

4 Corinne Side Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen 30

5 Becky Storrie Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm 28

6 Ellen McDermott Team Boompods 28

7 Eluned King Team Breeze 26

8 Jo Tindley Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen 26

9 Francesca Morgans-Slader AWOL OShea 24

10 April Tacey Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur 24

11 Connie Hayes AWOL OShea 22

12 Danielle Shrosbree Team LDN – Brother UK 21

13 Anna Kay Team Rupelcleaning – Champion Lubricants 20

14 Amira Mellor Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus 20

Chris Maher

Chris Maher

Photographer & Writer

Based in the North East of England; photographer Chris Maher specialises in sports photography with his main interests in Cycling and Super Bikes. Chris has covered sports events from local and national level right up to the Olympics for

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