Women’s Lincoln Grand Prix 2016 Gallery

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The first ever Women’s Lincoln Grnd Prix was a fantastic start to days racing. The 8 lap race was run off at almost 24mph as Alice Barnes crossed the line in 2hours 38mins.

Highlights from the first women’s Lincoln Grand Prix, the third round of the Women’s Road Series. May 15th 2016


Interview – Alice Barnes wins 2016 Women’s Lincoln Grand Prix by Cycling Shorts

Alice Barnes of Drops Cycling Team talks to CyclingShorts.cc Chris Maher about her 2016 win of the Women’s Lincoln Grand Prix. All images ©www.chrismaher.co.uk / CyclingShorts.cc


Ellie May Dickinson Talks to CyclingShorts.cc after Women’s Lincoln Grand Prix 2016 by Cycling Shorts

Ellie May of Drops Cycling Development Team briefly chats to Chris Maher of CyclingShorts.cc post Women’s Lincoln Grand Prix 2016.



Pos    No    Name    Team    JUN    TIME

1    18    Alice Barnes    Drops Cycling Team        2:38:44

2    20    Rebecca Durrell    Drops Cycling Team        @6sec

3    21    Laura Massey    Drops Cycling Team

4    74    Melissa Lowther    Team Breeze        @17sec

5    66    Charlotte Alston    Team 22        @20sec

6    17    Kimberley Ashton    Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire        @29sec

7    84    Nicola Juniper    Team Ford Ecoboost        @36sec

8    113    Eleanor Dickinson    Drops Cycling Development Team    Junior    @42secs

9    118    Jessica Roberts    Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching    Junior

10    35    Eileen Roe    Lares-Waowdeals Women Cycling Team        @49sec

11    121    Sophie Wright    Renvale RT    Junior

12    52    Ausrine  Trebaite    PLANET X / BO-GO Cycling Team         @53sec

13    54    Grace Garner    Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa

14    71    Emily Kay    Team Breeze

15    76    Annasley Park    Team Breeze

16    22    Rose Osborne    Drops Cycling Team        @56sec

17    110    Emily Wadsworth    Beeline-Gener8    Junior    @58sec

18    39    Laura Greenhalgh    Les Filles Racing Team

19    96    Natalie Grinczer    Team WNT

20    81    Julie Erskine    Team Ford Ecoboost

21    70    Hayley Jones    Team Breeze

22    135    Henrietta Colborne    Team Ford Ecoboost    Junior    @1:04

23    30    Fiona Hunter Johnston    Fusion RT Fierlan

24    57    Gabriella Shaw    Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa

25    9    Emma Cockcroft    Bikeshed – Bianchi

26    77    Madison Campbell    Team Footon Velosport

27    45    Amira Mellor    Matrix Fitness p/b Corley Cycles

28    109    Alice Sharpe    SunSport Velo

29    134    Charlotte Broughton    Team Ford Ecoboost    Junior    @1:09

30    29    Jennifer Hudson    Fusion RT Fierlan

31    1    Louise Laker    Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire

32    94    Rebecca Carter    Team WNT

33    27    Sophie Faulkner    Fusion RT Fierlan

34    79    Suzetta Guerrini    Team Footon Velosport

35    6    Charmaine Porter    Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)        @1:14

36    26    Ellie Campbell    Fusion RT Fierlan

37    92    Lydia Boylan    Team WNT        @1:16

38    25    Rebecca Womersley    Drops Cycling Team

39    107    Sarah King    BC Private Member

40    13    Kelly Murphy    Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C

41    37    Clemence Copie    Les Filles Racing Team

42    23    Annabel Simpson    Drops Cycling Team        @1:21

43    56    Bethany Hayward    Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa        @1:21

44    40    Louise Mahe    Les Filles Racing Team

45    80    Melissa Brand    Team Ford Ecoboost

46    3    Gemma Sargent    Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire        @1:24

47    44    Alice Cobb    Matrix Fitness p/b Corley Cycles        @1:29

48    100    Anna Turvey    Tyneside Vagabonds CC        @1:33

49    19    Karla Boddy    Drops Cycling Team

50    24    Abigail Van Twisk    Drops Cycling Team        @1:40

51    14    Bethany Taylor    Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C        @1:54

52    116    Elizabeth Bennett    Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching    Junior    @3:14

53    99    Hannah Walker    Team WNT        @3:16

54    117    Lauren Murphy    Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching    Junior    @3:21

55    59    Sian Botteley    Starley Racing        @3:27

56    60    Eve Dixon    Starley Racing        @3:54

57    137    Sarah Bradford    Team Jadan    Junior    @4:13

58    119    Emily Tillett    Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching    Junior    @7:33

59    41    Nicole Oh    Les Filles Racing Team        @7:36

60    5    Chanel Mason    Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)        @7:41

61    50    Edita Mazureviciute    PLANET X / BO-GO Cycling Team         @7:47

62    16    Niki Kovacs    Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire        @8:35

63    75    Emily Nelson    Team Breeze        @9:33

64    124    Natasha Reddy    RP Vision Racing Team    Junior    @9:35

65    139    Jenny Holl    Team Jadan    Junior    @9:38

66    131    Samantha Verrill    Team 22    Junior    @9:40

67    64    Claire Swoboda    Starley Racing        @9:44

68    126    Sophie Thackray    SunSport Velo    Junior    @947

69    90    Jennifer Batey    Team Vertex-pedalpowersport.com        @9:50

70    133    Hetty Niblett    Team Footon Velosport    Junior    @9:55

71    123    Connie Hudson    RP Vision Racing Team    Junior    @10:07

72    138    Rhona Callander    Team Jadan    Junior    @10:24

DNF    2    Emily McLoughlin    Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire

DNF    3    Gemma Sargent    Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire

DNF    7    Chloe Weller    Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)

DNF    8    Becky Hoare    Army Cycling Union

DNF    10    Jessica Duffy    Bikeshed – Bianchi

DNF    11    Alexandra Sheehan    Bikeshed – Bianchi

DNF    12    Nikola Matthews    Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C

DNF    15    Ruth Taylor    Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C

DNF    28    Jenny Holden    Fusion RT Fierlan

DNF    38    Tracy Corbett    Les Filles Racing Team

DNF    46    Malgorzata Wojtyra    PLANET X / BO-GO Cycling Team

DNF    49    Karolina Karasiewicz    PLANET X / BO-GO Cycling Team

DNF    53    Lauren Creamer    Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa

DNF    55    Amy Gornall    Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa

DNF    58    Karen Poole    Sportstest RT

DNF    61    Lauren Kirchel    Starley Racing

DNF    63    Gabriella Nordin    Starley Racing

DNF    65    Madeleine Scott    SunSport Velo

DNF    67    Rachel Crighton    Team 22

DNF    78    Josphine Gilbert    Team Footon Velosport

DNF    83    Charline Joiner    Team Ford Ecoboost

DNF    87    Louise Scupham    Team Jadan

DNF    88    Amy Hill    Team Rytger

DNF    91    Evgenia Ilyinskaya    Team Vertex-pedalpowersport.com

DNF    93    Sam Burman    Team WNT

DNF    98    Jo Tindley    Team WNT

DNF    101    Nicki Carr    VC Equipe – Flix

DNF    104    Madeline Verdegaal    Velo-One Cycling Team

DNF    105    Ruth Summerford    Velopace

DNF    108    Stephanie Mottram    Cliff Pratts Racing

DNF    112    Monica Dew    Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C    Junior

DNF    115    Victoria Lovett    I-Team Cyclists’ Club    Junior

DNF    120    Isla Rush    Matrix Fitness p/b Corley Cycles    Junior

DNF    122    Madeleine Gammons    RP Vision Racing Team    Junior

DNF    125    Jane Hellewell    SunSport Velo    Junior

DNF    127    Elizabeth Denby    Team 22    Junior

DNF    129    Phoebe Martin    Team 22    Junior

DNF    130    Savannah Morgan    Team 22    Junior

DNS    4    Agata Woznicka    Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire

DNS    25    Rebecca Womersley    Drops Cycling Team

DNS    30    Fiona Hunter Johnston    Fusion RT Fierlan

DNS    31    Elizabeth Stedman    Fusion RT Fierlan

DNS    32    Neah Evans    Glasgow Sprint Track Cycling Team

DNS    33    Annabel Simpson    Hope Factory Racing

DNS    34    Gaia Casciello    Kinetic Cycles / Welwyn Racing

DNS    36    Delia Beddis    Les Filles Racing Team

DNS    42    Helen Ralston    Les Filles Racing Team

DNS    43    Chloe Fraser    LOINTEK

DNS    47    Volha Antonava    PLANET X / BO-GO Cycling Team

DNS    48    Olivija Baleisyte    PLANET X / BO-GO Cycling Team

DNS    51    Anastasia Safonava    PLANET X / BO-GO Cycling Team

DNS    62    Alice Lethbridge    Starley Racing

DNS    68    Megan Barker    Team Breeze

DNS    69    Abigail Dentus    Team Breeze

DNS    72    Danielle Khan    Team Breeze

DNS    73    Manon Lloyd    Team Breeze

DNS    82    Elizabeth Holden    Team Ford Ecoboost

DNS    85    Laura Cheesman    Team Jadan

DNS    95    Corinne Clark    Team WNT

DNS    97    Keira McVitty    Team WNT

DNS    102    Katherine Kimber    Velo Schils – Interbike RT

DNS    103    Nicola Soden    Velo Schils – Interbike RT

DNS    106    Hayley Edwards    WBN? Cinelli

DNS    111    Ella Conolly    Ben Wyvis Cycle Club

DNS    114    Sophie Williams    Elitevelo Kalas Sportswear CRT

DNS    128    Rosa Martin    Team 22

DNS    140    Rebecca Gregson    The Racing Chance Foundation

DNS    141    Charlotte Cole-Hossain    VC Londres

DNS    142    Megan Kay    Vieri Velo RC




Pos    No    Name    Team        

1    113    Eleanor Dickinson    Drops Cycling Development Team        

2    118    Jessica Roberts    Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching        

3    121    Sophie Wright    Renvale RT        

4    110    Emily Wadsworth    Beeline-Gener8        

5    135    Henrietta Colborne    Team Ford Ecoboost        

6    134    Charlotte Broughton    Team Ford Ecoboost        

7    116    Elizabeth Bennett    Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching        

8    117    Lauren Murphy    Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching        

9    137    Sarah Bradford    Team Jadan        

10    119    Emily Tillett    Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching        

11    124    Natasha Reddy    RP Vision Racing Team        

12    139    Jenny Holl    Team Jadan        

13    131    Samantha Verrill    Team 22        

14    126    Sophie Thackray    SunSport Velo        

15    133    Hetty Niblett    Team Footon Velosport        

16    123    Connie Hudson    RP Vision Racing Team        

17    138    Rhona Callander    Team Jadan        




POS    No    NAME    TEAM    POINTS    

1    20    Rebecca Durrell    Drops Cycling Team    13

2    18    Alice Barnes    Drops Cycling Team    8

3    54    Grace Garner    Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa    7

4    21    Laura Massey    Drops Cycling Team    6

5    84    Nicola Juniper    Team Ford Ecoboost    5

6    98    Jo Tindley    Team WNT    3

7    40    Louise Mahe    Les Filles Racing Team    2

8    74    Melissa Lowther    Team Breeze    1

9    17    Kimberley Ashton    Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire    1

10    76    Annasley Park    Team Breeze    1

11    16    Niki Kovacs    Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire    1


LAP 1                POINTS    

1    54    Grace Garner    Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa    3

2    40    Louise Mahe    Les Filles Racing Team    2

3    84    Nicola Juniper    Team Ford Ecoboost    1


LAP 2                POINTS    

1    20    Rebecca Durrell    Drops Cycling Team    3

2    18    Alice Barnes    Drops Cycling Team    2

3    54    Grace Garner    Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa    1


LAP 3                POINTS    

1    18    Alice Barnes    Drops Cycling Team    3

2    54    Grace Garner    Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa    2

3    76    Annasley Park    Team Breeze    1


LAP 4                POINTS    

1    98    Jo Tindley    Team WNT    3

2    21    Laura Massey    Drops Cycling Team    2

3    54    Grace Garner    Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa    1


LAP 5                POINTS    

1    20    Rebecca Durrell    Drops Cycling Team    3

2    84    Nicola Juniper    Team Ford Ecoboost    2

3    74    Melissa Lowther    Team Breeze    1


LAP 6                POINTS    

1    20    Rebecca Durrell    Drops Cycling Team    3

2    84    Nicola Juniper    Team Ford Ecoboost    2

3    17    Kimberley Ashton    Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire    1


LAP 7                POINTS    

1    21    Laura Massey    Drops Cycling Team    3

2    20    Rebecca Durrell    Drops Cycling Team    2

3    66    Charlotte Alston    Team 22    1


FINISH                POINTS    

1    18    Alice Barnes    Drops Cycling Team    3

2    20    Rebecca Durrell    Drops Cycling Team    2

3    21    Laura Massey    Drops Cycling Team    1

Tour de Yorkshire 2016 – Stage 2 – Van Poppel Triumphs

©CyclingShorts.cc / Craig Zadoroznyj

Words Anna Magrath – Images Chris Maher & Craig Zadoroznyj

With many technical gremlins blighting day two of racing, both the men and women’s events being without TV coverage we all took to race radio and Twitter for updates, the media were as much in the dark as the public.

After the womens race it was then back to Otley for the men’s race which took the same route, flowing up through crowd lined routes in Thorner and Aberford and then onto Sherburn in Elmet where thousands of locals filled the centre.
There was more excitement in South Milford, Monk Fryston and Hillam, through to Pontefract and past Wentbridge House Hotel where a bride and groom and wedding guests came out to cheer on the peloton as it raced past.
And the crowds continued for both races through Sprotbrough and Cote de Conisbrough Castle, then Tickhill and Bawtry before riders headed for the finish at a heaving Doncaster.

©CyclingShorts.cc / www.chrismaher.co.uk

Over the first two climbs Richard Handley of OnePro Cycling group managed to stay away and and he mopped up the mountain points protecting the lead of his team mate Pete William’s in the KoM jersey for OnePro Cycling.


The breakaway of 6 riders; Richard Handley – , Lewis – , Bradbury & Edmondson of , Steels of Topsport SV and Morkov if  held a lead of around 1-2 minutes, they group was joined by  Edet  but it wasn’t to last. The lead group fragmented and only 4 riders survived (Michael Markov, Josh Edmondson, Nico Edet, Stijn Steels) before being swollowed by a peloton sprint finish.

The winner of the stage was Danny van Poppel from Team Sky winning by a whisker.



Women’s Tour de Yorkshire 2016

ChTHltTWgAEPmsBWords by Anna Magrath Images by Chris Maher


Record Crowds for Spectacular Day 2 of Tour de Yorkshire

Over one million spectators came out to cheer on the riders for the second day of the Tour de Yorkshire, as the county celebrated a ground breaking day for women’s cycling.
Glorious sunshine started the day in Otley for the hotly anticipated Asda Tour de Yorkshire Women’s Race where World Champion Lizzie Armitstead led the peloton out of her hometown.
Crowds bigger than those who witnessed the Grand Départ in Otley cheered on as 100 of the world’s best female riders took part including Rio hopeful Emma Pooley; Dani King and Lucy Garner from British squad Wiggle High5, Hitec Products brought one of the world’s strongest sprinters Kirsten Wild and Dame Sarah Storey took part – Great Britain’s most decorated female Paralympian in history.
Speaking before the start Lizzie Armitstead, racing in her World Champions jersey for the first time in the UK, paid tribute to her home town of Otley and the immense support she was receiving.
The 136km race was a game changer for women’s cycling in the UK as it took the same route as the men’s and offered over £50,000 (€63,623) – currently the biggest prize pot in women’s cycling.
The winner of the Asda Women’s Tour de Yorkshire was Kirsten Wild from Team Hitec Products who crossed the finish line in Doncaster before thousands of cheering fans.

Sir Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire said:

“Today has been an historic day for women’s cycling and it’s been a spectacular day of racing. The crowds were once again phenomenal and to see how the people of Yorkshire have taken this event to their hearts is just overwhelming. There was so much spirit and positivity in Yorkshire today it was magnificent to see. Clearly the one thing we would have changed if we could was the fact we had intermittent live TV coverage but I must stress that safety is paramount. Unfortunately there was a serious technical fault with the plane relaying the TV signal, the plane had to be grounded and the TV coverage could not continue for this reason.

“Fans and communities have continued their spectacular support for the Tour de Yorkshire not just from the routes but also digitally by sharing images, footage and updates to keep the public informed. Please keep tweeting and following @letouryorkshire and we will be putting highlights online tonight.
“We are now focussed on the day ahead tomorrow from Middlesbrough to Scarborough which promises to be an exhilarating race!”

ChTEvB2UoAADB7-Kirsten Wild:  The plan was to let a little group go with one of us in the break, unfortunately that didn’t work out, the girls did a good chase and we caught them in the final, it was really good work. The sprint was hard, I started a bit too early, and I thought maybe not, there was a really strong headwind, so I let one girl pass and I could follow her and then pass her in the final again. There were a lot of people on the roadside it was really nice to have that support. It’s good to win here in Doncaster.

Lucy Garner: “I couldn’t quite get around Kirsten for the sprint, everyone know she’s an awesome sprinter, she’s definitely the one to beat here today in a sprint, actually for me I’ve not been 100% healthy coming into this race so I couldn’t have asked for more today, especially from my team Wiggle High-5, they did an awesome job to bring the three that were away back. It would have been great if we had a rider up in the break, so we did have to work hard to bring them back but there were other teams working with us who also wanted a sprint finish. We caught the back [of the train] with 4km to go and then it was just a case of focusing on the sprint finish. We knew we had to look out for Lizzie [Armitstead] she’s on great form this season and has won so many races, it’s just lucky for us her breakaway didn’t stay away.”

Lizzie Armitstead: “I wanted to put on an aggressive race and a bit of a show, it’s what it’s all about cycling, it’s a bit of an entertainment show at the end of the day. I wanted to be able to get stuck in and have a go. There were a couple of moments where I thought we could stay away [from the peloton] we were holding them at about a minute and the team car came up and they told us the organisation in the chase is not very good so just keep plugging away, but when we tried towards Doncaster and it was just a block headwind we weren’t getting above 45km per hour I thought, right they are going to be closing that gap pretty quickly. 

By the time we were caught I’d burnt all my matches, I tried to get stuck in and help some of the younger girls on my team but actually they didn’t need it, they were quicker than me, so i was really proud of the way GB rode today, there are some young girls in the team and I think they have very bright futures. The course lived up to my expectations, in fact it was better, stating in Otley it was a goose pimple moment. All along the course there were people shouting so thank you to everyone who turned out.”


Jersey winners:

Overall, the winner of the blue Asda Women’s Tour de Yorkshire jersey was Kirsten Wild; her Hitech teammate Lauren Kitchen took the navy jersey of the Aunt Bessie’s sprint; Rossella Ratto of Cyclance Pro Cycling won the pink Mug Shot Queen of the Mountain jersey; the Howden’s Joinery/RNLI white jersey for best young newcomer went to Lucy Garner and the purple best team classification was awarded by Doncaster Sheffield Airport/Flybe to the Great Britain team.


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More images and interviews from the race to come so watch this space!

Tour de Yorkshire Stage 1 – Four Seasons in One Race Day

All images ©CyclingShorts.cc / Craig Zadoroznyj

Words by Anna Magrath


Stage details:
Start: Beverley
Finish: Settle
187km in length

Victory for the sprinters!

The unpredictable weather didn’t put a dampener on the first stage of the 2016 Tour de Yorkshire. The tough day culminated in a crowd pleasing sprint finish on the streets of Settle in glorious sunshine.

Olympian Rebecca Romero waved the riders off in Beverley town centre for the processional start, as the riders were finding their legs there was a pile up mid peloton, a Team Katusha rider face planting on a cattle grid with a tangle of riders on top of him, all but the the rider in red Sven Erik Bystrom made it back up.

The race proper got underway at Beverley Racecourse on the outskirts of the town. The attack came quickly, after his less than successful social media week Pete Kennaugh decided to redeem himself by taking it upon himself to push hard on the front for Team Sky to try to reel the six riders in (Pete Williams OneProCycling, Graham Briggs JLT Condor, Nils Pollit Katusha Cycling, Matt Cronshaw Madison Genesis, Jens Wallays Topsport Vlaanderen – Baloise, Sebastian Mora Team Raleigh GAC) escaping down the road and taking a good 1 minute 30 seconds out of the peloton without too much effort. The bunch let them yo-yo for the majority of the race with the group taking a 5 minute lead. They mopped up the first sprint points and the Kom’s with Skipton rider Williams taking the King of the Mountain maximum points and Mora winning the sprint.

Pete Williams had no intention of giving up the fight and after being caught he still tried to fight back but to no avail.

The route took riders through the Wolds, snaking through a sea of yellow and blue decorations to Tadcaster and into the Yorkshire Dales for an exciting finish in Settle. Dylan Groenewegen of the Netherlands, riding with Lotto NL Jumbo, took the win.

Just like for the Tour de France in 2014 and the inaugural Tour de Yorkshire in 2015, Yorkshire truly embraced the spirit of cycling, with towns and villages decked out in banners, bunting and bikes with crowds roaring as the peloton whizzed past.

On their way the riders passed many of the amazing land art installations created by local communities with designs at the top of the Cote de Greenhow Hill and Kelfield.

Action started to hot up at 15km to go, as One Pro Cycling, Orica GreenEdge and Team Sky began to mobilise their sprint trains but not long after, two French riders attacked; Turgis and Voeckler made a perfectly timed break to escape from the bunch. Aided by a tailwind, the French held their gap before British rider Steve Cummings caught the pair, breaking away on his own at 3km to go attempting to time trial to the finish. Cummings extended his gap on the final run into Settle before sitting up and being swallowed by the pack.

From there the technical finish created a fast paced sprint, with Lotto NL Jumbo placing Groenewegen well for the win with Orica GreenEdge’s Caleb Ewan narrowly missing first.


Sir Gary Verity congratulated winner Dylan Groenewegen and praised the people of Yorkshire for their support for the race. He said: “Wow what a day for Yorkshire! The way that thousands of people came out to support the Tour de Yorkshire was just incredible. It is testament to true Yorkshire grit that the weather failed to dampen the spirits of the crowds with people of all ages – from school children to the elderly – cheering on the riders throughout the entire race. It was moving to see.

“The atmosphere at the start in Beverley was just electric and the excitement and energy continued throughout the communities lining the route all the way to the magnificent crowd at the finish in Settle. Yorkshire you should be proud! We promised to deliver a terrific event and the people of the county have helped us do just that. We can’t wait for another two days of exhilarating racing ahead”

Tomorrow’s stage marks an important landmark for women’s racing as world champion Lizzie Armitstead will line up on the start line in her home town for the Asda Women’s Tour de Yorkshire, alongside Great Britain teammate Emma Pooley, as well as Rio hopeful Dani King. One of the world’s top sprinters Kirsten Wild will also join a host of top flight international and domestic riders including our very own Team Jadan-Weldtite (Yorkshire based team) for the race which takes place over the exact same course as the men’s, is fully televised and at the time of racing has the largest prize pot in the world of any women’s race.

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Top 10:
1 – Dylan Groenewegen (Ned) Team LottoNl-Jumbo

2 – Caleb Ewan (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge

3 – Nikias Arndt (Ger) Team Giant-Alpecin

4 – Thomas Boudat (Fra) Direct Energie

5 – Danny van Poppel (Ned) Team Sky

6 – Floris Gerts (Ned) BMC Racing Team

7 – Christopher Lawless (GBr) JLT Condor

8 – Karol Domagalski (Pol) ONE Pro Cycling

9 – Dion Smith (NZl) ONE Pro Cycling

10 – Bert Van Lerberghe (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen – Baloise

For all race information, results & images visit www.letouryorkshire.com

Pre Tour de Yorkshire Press Conference


L-R: Christian Prudhomme, Lucy Garner, Caleb Ewan, Lars-Petter Nordhaug, Dani King & Sir Gary Verity.

L-R: Christian Prudhomme, Lucy Garner, Caleb Ewan, Lars-Petter Nordhaug, Dani King & Sir Gary Verity.



Saturday the Men’s and Women’s Stages of Champions take place.

Pre Race Press Conference for the 2016 Tour de Yorkshire

28 April 2016

Anthony McCrossan welcomes the press on the eve of the Tour de Yorkshire 2016 at the Yorkshire Air Museum in Elvington, before introducing Welcome to Yorkshire CEO Sir Gary Verity and A.S.O. Director of Cycling Christian Prudhomme.

Joining them on stage, last years defending champion, winning from start to finish, Lars-Petter Nordhaug of Team Sky and Orica Green-EDGE’s sensational young sprinter Caleb Ewan, making his debut, Olympic Champion, World Champion and European Champion Wiggle High5’s Dani King, and twice Junior World Champion Lucy Garner as the Tour readies itself for the second edition, 29th April to 01st May.

Pre Race Press Conference for the 2016 Tour de Yorkshire

28 April 2016

Anthony McCrossan welcomes the press on the eve of the Tour de Yorkshire 2016 at the Yorkshire Air Museum in Elvington, before introducing Welcome to Yorkshire CEO Sir Gary Verity and A.S.O. Director of Cycling Christian Prudhomme.

Joining them on stage, last years defending champion, winning from start to finish, Lars-Petter Nordhaug of Team Sky and Orica Green-EDGE’s sensational young sprinter Caleb Ewan, making his debut, Olympic Champion, World Champion and European Champion Wiggle High5’s Dani King, and twice Junior World Champion Lucy Garner as the Tour readies itself for the second edition, 29th April to 01st May.

Anthony McCrossan: “This evening the Tour de Yorkshire and the Tour Down Under will sign an agreement to promote each other races across each others territories.”

Sir Gary Verity: The significance of stage two. “Linking Otley, near Leeds, home to our latest world champion Lizzie Armitstead with Doncaster where we pass through Harworth, just to the south, the home of Tom Simpson, our first world Champion.”

“One of the big changes from this year to last is the revolution in women’s cycling.”



Christian Prudhomme applauds 2015 Winner, Lars-Petter Nordhaug, Team Sky.

Christian Prudhomme applauds 2015 Winner, Lars-Petter Nordhaug, Team Sky.

Christian Prudhomme: “The passion that people from Yorkshire have for cycling is just unbelievable. Huge crowds we saw for the Tour de France! One year after, we thought impossible to have the same for the first edition of the Tour de Yorkshire. But yes, huge crowds again.”

“The second edition of the Tour de Yorkshire is one step forward again. On Saturday we have women and men the same distance, the same media coverage. We don’t know today what Saturday will mean for the future of cycling.”   

Lars-Petter Nordhaug: “We hope to win. We are the biggest team here. We really want to make the race.”

Sir Gary Verity welcomes Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEDGE) to the Tour de Yorkshire.

Sir Gary Verity welcomes Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEDGE) to the Tour de Yorkshire.

Caleb Ewan: “I don’t really know how my form is now.” Coming out of a block of training. “I’ve not raced for six weeks.” Calab is hoping to improve towards the end of the race. Although the first stage is billed as a sprinters stage. “It’s not a straight forward sprint as I thought it would be”. Referring to the un-categorised climb on the Settle finish loop!

Dani King: Saturday’s Asda Women’s Race. “I’m really excited to ride here in Yorkshire, we did a reccy today and there were school kids on the side of the road screaming to cheer us.” “I feel proud that Britain is leading the way with the same media coverage.” “It’s amazing the step forward for women’s cycling and I think it’s only going to go further after this race.”

Lucy Garner: Billed also as a sprint finish for the women’s race. “It’s not flat! It’s definitely rolling. I think the weathers going to play a roll in the race, setting off early in the morning”.


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Heather Bamforth Finalist for Ambassador of Women’s Sport Award

Heather Bamforth Reporting from the Cheshire Classic - Image © Colin Batchelor

So do you remember just a few weeks ago I brought you the news that our writer Heather Bamforth had been shortlisted for the #BeAGameChanger Women’s Sport Trust – Ambassador of Women’s Sport Award? Well the talented lady has only gone and beaten some formidable talent to the final (Judy Murray being one well know name who has fallen by the wayside). Heather will line up against two very well respected women; Ebony Rainford-Brent (cricketer) and Maureen McGonigle (Scottish Women in Sport advocate) for the final.

But lets not sit back… Heather needs all the support we can muster in the cycling community from both men and women to enable her to lift the trophy to represent all cyclists. So please take two seconds to drop by the Women’s Trust website and cast a well deserved vote in Heather’s direction. We can do this!


If my nagging hasn’t persuaded you here is a bit more about Heather:

Heather Bamforth has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to increase the number of opportunities for women in competitive cycling, and has done so as a volunteer in her spare time.

She joined the Cyclingshorts.cc writing team in 2012 where she actively promotes women’s cycling, and the inaugural North West women’s series in 2013, which featured groundbreaking grassroots road racing for women, this was Heather’s brainchild.

12993454_10154741972663332_131275939772403120_nIn 2014, along with three others Heather established The Racing Chance Foundation, a registered charity which provides women with a pathway in competitive cycling from novice to elite level.

Racing Chance has already coached over 200 women and inspired similar series across the UK that have resulted in British Cycling seeing an increase in female membership, with female racing licences increasing from 800 in 2012 to over 1,500 in 2015.

Heather spends an enormous amount of time helping to get women cycling by running training rides, with training sessions on closed circuits to help novices build confidence and skills before venturing onto the roads, along with events which are suitable for women who want to try road racing for the first time.

During the day Heather has a full time career, working in Restructuring Services for Mazars LLP, an international accountancy and business advisory firm.


About the Women’s Sports Trust:

Women’s Sports Trust are a charity that identifies and promotes a diverse range of role models, they find ways to shift the funding landscape for women’s sport and increase the percentage and quality of media coverage women receive.




While I’ve got your ear cycling feature in the following categories as finalists. Please give them a vote too…

Sporting Role Model – Individual – Helen Wyman

Sponsor Partnership of the Year – Queensway Print/Drops Cycling Team

Inspiring Initative – National Award – Aviva Women’s Tour

Inspiring Initiate Award Local/Grassroots – Abergavenny Road Club