Doncaster Cycle Festival 2014 – Image Gallery

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Results Women 2/3/4
1. Paige Willmard, bikepure
2. Abby Mae Parkinson, RST Racing
3. Penny Rowson, Matrix Volpine
4. Sam Burman, WNT
5. Lauren O’Brien, RST Racing
6. Rebecca Rimmington, Merlin
7. Sam Thoy, Jadan
8. Alison Kinloch, PH Mas
9. Nicola Moore, Squadra RT
10. Joanne Blakeley, GB Cycles

Women’s Cycling – A Grassroots’ Perspective

Women's Road Series | Cheshire Classic ©CyclingShorts /

Women’s Road Series | Cheshire Classic ©CyclingShorts /


The Women’s Tour hits Britain for the first time this week, with some of the best international female riders racing for the first time in the UK since the 2012 Olympic Games.

There has been a large amount of media coverage in relation to this and for good reason.

However, anybody who believes that women’s domestic cycling has made a huge move forwards in the UK is sadly mistaken.  Yes, there is a Women’s Tour, which offers parity on prize money and conditions with that of the Tour of Britain, but the reality is that, for the moment at least, any woman who races on the UK domestic scene and is not part of the Great Britain performance programme (which is a track-based programme), is highly unlikely to get the opportunity to ride in the likes of the Women’s Tour and La Course by the TDF.

Ultimately, women’s cycling in the UK is still a side show, an afterthought.  Despite Brian Cookson setting up a women’s commission at the UCI, there is no such thing within the UK.  Whilst some of the greatest female cyclists are arriving in the UK to take part in the inaugural Women’s Tour, the women who race on the domestic scene will quite often find themselves being put with the novice fourth category men, which is an experience that is unlikely to entice the women to come back the following week!  There are a few committed people in the cycling scene who disproportionately hard to be inclusive towards women’s participation, however, these are few and far between, and lack key support.

Women's Road Series | Cheshire Classic ©CyclingShorts /

Women’s Road Series | Cheshire Classic ©CyclingShorts /

Nobody can deny that the Breeze programme has been a success in so far as it encourages more women to ride bikes.  But the Breeze programme is based on participation, not competition, and there is no real pathway to bridge between the two. The strategy as far as competition is concerned is practically non-existent, despite the numbers that British Cycling quote in relation to the increase in licences.  Ultimately, women’s competitive cycling in the UK on the domestic scene is an amateur sport, which means that it is run by volunteers. There is no money for “competition” because despite what you read (which can seem like propaganda quite honestly), cycling is run by men ergo the sport will always be seen from a male perspective.

So, what is the way forward?

Well, it is true, there has been progress in the last 12 months, with many more road racing opportunities for women, but these forward-thinking organisers need our help and support. Domestic events are all run by volunteers and everybody who wants to race (whether they are male or female) has to understand that it costs money to put a race on – if a race can’t at a minimum break even, then why should an organiser make a loss?

One problem with the circuit races that seem to be prolific in the UK for women is that they cost very little to run – there is a levy per entry (approximately £4 per rider) and then you have the hire of the circuit (usually between £50 and £150 depending on how long you need the circuit for) and the expenses of the commissaires for attending (usually two at closed circuit) and the first aider, but nothing much besides.  This means that you can have five riders in an event and potentially break even.

Road racing, on the other hand, can be expensive – not only do you have the levy per rider, but you then also have first aid, National Escort Group (motorbike marshals), petrol money for all officials who use their cars, for the lead car and neutral service (the cost of which increases the longer the race), as well as the hire of the headquarters.  Before you know it, the cost of putting on an event is at £350 and that’s before you add in prize money.  So that means that you need at least 25 to 30 riders before you even start to break even.

Women's Road Series | Cheshire Classic ©CyclingShorts /

Women’s Road Series | Cheshire Classic ©CyclingShorts /

So please, ladies, if you want to have road races in your region, please give the organisers the support they deserve and enter in advance as often as you can afford to and don’t rely on the ability to turn up and enter on the day (the latter will hopefully become more difficult as racing gets more popular and races fill up in advance).  There have been far too many races this season that have been cancelled or nearly cancelled due to lack of rider entries – you need to take some responsibility and enter in advance – our sport is run by volunteers who cannot afford to make a loss, so please enter in good time!

My final point reverts back to the fact that competitive cycling is run, for the most part, by men.  Until such time that women start to volunteer in larger numbers, whether that be as race officials or race organisers, and start to make their voices heard by taking their place on the Regional British Cycling Boards, there will be no significant changes.  I appreciate that for most people, offering to organise a race or becoming an official can be a daunting task, and I will have more news in the coming weeks for people who want to do just that.

Ultimately, women’s cycling is becoming more popular, we just need to ensure that it continues to grow in the correct way on a domestic level.




Cheshire Classic Film


Watch the excellent film from this years Cheshire Classic with our very own Heather Bamforth providing commentary and interviews. Awesome job Heather!

A great race and film.

Heather Bamforth Reporting from the Cheshire Classic - Image © Colin Batchelor

Heather Bamforth Reporting from the Cheshire Classic – Image © Colin Batchelor


With thanks to Andy Wood and all at the Cheshire Classic. Alan Sheldon for all his excellent editing and sound… and to the Cycling Shorts Team for their hard work; Heather Bamforth, Fred ‘Lightning Twitter Fingers’ Bamforth and Chris Maher.

Don’t forget to check out Chris’s Image gallery from the race here.

More info on the Cheshire Classic at:

Cheshire Classic Image Gallery


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Heather Bamforth switched her bike for a mic and was reporting on the event, you might spot her carrying out the interviews at the end of the race.


Women’s Results

1 – 13 Katie Archibald Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International 2:30:20

2 – 15 Hayley Jones Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International @ 1:31

3 – 42 Laura Trott Wiggle Honda @ 1:45

4 – 16 Nicola Juniper Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International @ 1:47

5 – 46 Lowri Devey Abergavenny Road Club st

6 – 81 Lydia Gurley Merlin Cycles st

7 – 17 Gabriella Shaw Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International st

8 – 20 Katie Curtis Starley Primal Pro Cycling st

9 – 5 Molly Weaver Epic Cycles – Scott WRT st

10 – 2 Anna Christian Epic Cycles – Scott WRT st

11 – 19 Jane Barr Starley Primal Pro Cycling st

12 – 12 Jessie Walker Matrix Fitness – Vulpine st

13 – 32 Clemence Copie Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport st

14 – 66 Elizabeth Holden RST Racing Team st

15 – 26 Natalie Grinczer Fusion Racing Team st

16 – 56 Lydia Boylan Velosport – Pasta Montegrappa st

17 – 83 Rebecca Womersley WyndyMilla – Reynolds st

18 – 10 Penny Rowson Matrix Fitness – Vulpine st

19 – 67 Eve Dixon Team 22 st

20 – 3 Alexie Shaw Epic Cycles – Scott WRT st

21 – 44 Tamina Oliver Endura Lady Force – WV Zeeuws Vlaanderen st

22 – 36 Tamiko Butler WyndyMilla – Reynolds st

23 – 78 Alice Cobb Squadra Donne st

24 – 11 Jo Tindley Matrix Fitness – Vulpine st

25 – 73 Alice Barnes T-Mo Racing st

26 – 58 Jennifer Hudson VC St Raphael st

27 – 60 Vanessa Whitfield VC St Raphael st

28 – 54 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team st

29 – 45 Lucy Chittenden East St Cycles / WyndyMilla-Reynolds st

30 – 28 Mathilde Pauls Fusion Racing Team st

31 – 24 Jennifer Taylor Starley Primal Pro Cycling st

32 – 25 George Schwiening Fusion Racing Team st

33 – 33 Natalie Creswick Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport st

34 – 14 Lauren Creamer Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International st

35 – 1 Karla Boddy Epic Cycles – Scott WRT @ 2:01

36 – 47 Joanne Blakeley GB st

37 – 72 Maryka Sennema Kingston Whls CC st

38 – 43 Emma Trott Boels Dolmans @ 2:12

39 – 18 Dame Sarah Storey Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International st

40 – 8 Corrine Hall Matrix Fitness – Vulpine @ 2:34

41 – 34 Louise Mahe Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport OTL

42 – 7 Louise Borthwick Matrix Fitness – Vulpine OTL

43 – 48 Iona Sewell GB OTL

44 – 6 Hannah Walker Epic Cycles – Scott WRT OTL

45 – 4 Emily Kay Epic Cycles – Scott WRT OTL

46 – 80 Gina Riley Chester RC OTL

47 – 71 Elanor Cadzow Bonito Squadra Corse OTL

48 – 65 Annasley Park RST Racing Team OTL

49 – 30 Amy Hill Fusion Racing Team OTL

50 – 86 Victoria Grimmer Paramount CRT OTL

51 – 52 Nikki Engelbach Les Filles Racing Team OTL

52 – 79 Ruth Taylor Manchester Whlrs Club OTL

53 – 35 Adel Tyson-Bloor Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport OTL

54 – 27 Elizabeth Malins Fusion Racing Team OTL

55 – 64 Lauren O’Brien RST Racing Team OTL

56 – 57 Hayley Simmonds Velosport – Pasta Montegrappa OTL

57 – 53 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team OTL

58 – 59 Eleanor Jones VC St Raphael OTL

59 – 38 Cassie McGoldrick WyndyMilla – Reynolds OTL

DNF – 74 Flora Gillies Speg – Project 51 DNF

DNF – 62 Lucy Harper Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech DNF

DNF – 61 Sophie Black Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech DNF

DNF – 82 Frances White Team Jadan DNF

DNF – 75 Anda-Jay Burgess Rock And Road Cycles DNF

DNF – 49 Nicola Soden GB DNF

DNF – 76 Rachel Przybylski WyndyMilla DNF

DNF – 63 Paige Milward Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech DNF

DNF – 39 Keira McVitty WyndyMilla – Reynolds DNF

DNF – 31 Emily Barnes Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport DNF

DNF – 29 Gillian Taylor Fusion Racing Team DNF

DNF – 37 Mary Costello WyndyMilla – Reynolds DNF

DNF – 21 Lyndsey Glazier Starley Primal Pro Cycling DNF

DNF – 69 Lauren Brown Team Jadan DNF

DQ – 40 Hannah Payton WyndyMilla – Reynolds DQ

DNS – 9 Harriet Owen Matrix Fitness – Vulpine DNS

DNS – 22 Anneliese Heard Starley Primal Pro Cycling DNS

DNS – 23 Eileen Roe Starley Primal Pro Cycling DNS

DNS – 41 Joanna Rowsell Wiggle Honda DNS

DNS – 50 Brit Tate GB DNS

DNS – 51 Delia Beddis Les Filles Racing Team DNS

DNS – 55 Bryony Board Velosport – Pasta Montegrappa DNS

DNS – 68 Jennifer Edwards Team 22 DNS

DNS – 70 Kayleigh Brogan Team Thomsons Cycles DNS

DNS – 77 Laura Wasley Isle Of Man Cycling Association DNS

Highest 2nd Cat: Nicola Juniper (Pearl Izumi)
Intermediate Sprint: Katie Archibald (Pearl Izumi)
La Bataille Prize (Most aggressive rider): Hayley Jones (Pearl Izumi)
Team: Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International.

Lewis Balyckyi Memorial Crits

It’s been a few years since bike racing hit the Prom in Blackpool, but this year the Lewis Balyckyi Memorial Crits have left the Palatine circuit and have moved on to the Prom at Bispham.  Further details can be found below:

Blackpool Crits Flyer 2014Organiser Jerrod Hartley has been working extremely hard behind the scenes to secure the use of the Prom to ensure that the day will be one not to be missed!  All profits from the races and the raffle will go towards the Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund, which is a registered charity (registered charity number 1150807) that raises money to help aspiring athletes fulfill their dreams and potential as cyclists.

The event is supported by Smiths Equipment Hire who have a variety of offers for those supporting the event, which are detailed below:

A5 Cycling Support Advert_v2


If this event sounds like something you want to get involved in, you can enter on the British Cycling website at

You can also keep up to date with news of the event via Facebook or Twitter

A day out in Blackpool racing on the Prom! What’s not to like?

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