Cheshire Classic 2015 Race Report

Women’s Road Series 2015

Cheshire Classic – April 26th 2015


WRS-Cheshire-Classic-MapSunshine greeted the 34th edition of the Weaver Valley Cycling Club’s Cheshire Classic Women’s Road Race. Round Two of the British Cycling Women’s Road Series 2015.

With prize funding to rival international women’s events, a full field of eighty girls assembled at the Grange School Sports Pavilion, Northwich, for the 9.30am roll-out down onto the Bypass road and the start of the twelve laps, ninety-two kilometre circuit race.

Back with the support of Delamere Dairies, Taylor Wimpy and new sponsor Advanced Medical Solutions amongst others, the race soon began to take form, with the first two riders Ellie Campbell (Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science) and Katie Curtis (Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l) making a break over the Cliff and back down to the Bypass. Bridging the gap Josephine Gilbert (Velosure Starley Primal) swiftly joined them with a thirteen second gap to the Peloton and completion of the first lap.

The Trio stayed out in front gaining ten or more seconds for the second lap, with Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l’s Dame Sarah Storey controlling the head of the main group, before all dropping back into the fold.

The Peloton had splintered after the second ascent of the Cliff and this saw Dame Sarah Storey dropping back around twenty seconds to gather her flock, mainly Joanna Rowsell & Gaby Shaw who had dropped from the main group.

Back at the front of the race, a new four girl group had formed including 2014 Series Champion Nicola Juniper (Team Giordana-Triton), last year winner Katie Archibald (Pearl Izumi), Manon Lloyd (Team USN) and Penny Rowson (Matrix Fitness). They soon gained over fifteen seconds.

Taking over the reigns, once again was Pearl Izumi’s Ciara Horne and National Road Race Champion Laura Trott (Matrix Fitness) donning her red and blue stripped jersey, riding her first Road Series Event for 2015.

Joining the party on lap four were Rebecca Rimmington (Ikon – Mazda), Bethany Crumpton (North West MTB Race Team) and Joanna Rowsell. The group had swollen to seven with a thirty-eight second lead. With two away in the break from Pearl Izumi, it was time for another team to take over the chase. Ellie Coster (Team USN), then Anna Christian (Wiggle Honda) took their turns, but didn’t quite reel the leaders back-in for the Intermediate Sprint.

The Delemare Dairy Intermediate Sprint on lap six saw Joanna Rowsell clip off the front on the Cliff and collect the £200 prize. The bridge had almost been made and it wasn’t long before the main group had reformed once again.

It was after the mid way point that Dame Sarah Storey made her winning move. Seeing an opportunity on the by-pass road, used her time trialling skills to ride away and up the Cliff once more, putting eleven seconds into the chasing Peloton.

As the final few laps went by, Storey stayed away in front and gained additional time, as the other riders all looked at each other. Climbing the Cliff for the final ascend, Storey rode to a thirty-four second lead, making it her second victory of the Cheshire Classic, collecting the Vale Royal Trophy and a second successive win for the Team. Archibald won last year.

There was a large bunch sprint for second place, and Laura Trott took that place. Third over the line was Alice Barnes (Betch.NL-Superior-Brentjens MTB Racing Team) , followed by Emily Kay (Team USN) and Katie Curtis.

The Advance Medical Solutions Team Prize went to Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l.

The Your Sports Therapist most Aggressive Rider went to Dame Sarah Storey.

Cheshire Classic 2015 - BC Women's Road Series Rnd 2“Frustrating”, 
said Nicola Juniper, “The group should of stayed away”.

“It was a superb Team effort. We were told to sit in and cover things in the early days. That’s why Katie (Katie Curtis) went up the road. We then mopped up the prime with Joanne. It was just a case of reading the race, and see who was doing what. I realised it, was my turn really” Dame Sarah Storey.

Sarah had told the girls (Gaby & Katie Archibald) if it comes back, counter move, it doesn’t matter whether some of us don’t finish, we just need to get the win. And it was the move that took the race. She knew that most of the moves were going to happen on the climb, and she would rather climb at her own pace. So making her move on the bypass, had been something that she had thought about.

“I can’t believe it, I’ve always of dreamt of winning it solo… And I’ve done it finally”. Dame Sarah Storey


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Cheshire Classic Results, 2015:

1 Dame Sarah Storey Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl Elite 02:36:55

2 Laura Trott Matrix Fitness Elite at 34 seconds

3 Alice Barnes Betch.NL-Superior-Brentjens MTB Racing Team 3rd at 36 seconds

4 Emily Kay Team USN 1st

5 Katie Curtis Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl 1st

6 Louise Mahe IKON – Mazda 1st

7 Charline Joiner Team WNT 1st

8 Laura Greenhalgh Les Filles Racing Team 2nd

9 Henrietta Colborne Bonito Squadra Corse 2nd

10 Emily Nelson Team USN 2nd

11 Nicola Juniper Team Giordana- Triton Elite

12 Eve Dixon Team 22 1st

13 Gabriella Shaw Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl Elite

14 Jennifer George Les Filles Racing Team 1st

15 Natalie Grinczer Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science 2nd

16 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team 2nd

17 Rose Osbourne Team WNT 2nd

18 Anna Christian Wiggle Honda 2nd

19 Susan Freeburn PMR@Toachim House 2nd

20 Ellie Campbell Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science 3rd all at same time

21 Gabriella Leveridge Velosure Starley Primal 2nd

22 Jessie Walker Matrix Fitness 1st

23 Gemma Sargent Racing Chance Foundation 2nd

24 Bethany Taylor Bonito Squadra Corse 2nd

25 Kayleigh Brogan Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire 2nd

26 Elizabeth-Jane Harris Army Cycling Union 2nd

27 Ella Hopkins IKON – Mazda 3rd

28 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team 2nd

29 Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science 2nd

30 Julie Erskine IKON – Mazda 1st

31 Rebecca Nixon Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science 2nd

32 Gabriella Nordin GB 2nd

33 Manon Lloyd Team USN 1st

34 Charlotte Broughton Corley Cycles – Drops RT 2nd

35 Chanel Mason Army Cycling Union 2nd

36 Rebecca Rimmington IKON – Mazda 1st

37 Rebecca Carter Team WNT 2nd

38 Annasley Park Team Giordana- Triton 2nd

39 Bethany Hayward Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl 1st

40 Amy Gornall Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire 2nd

41 Louise Laker PMR@Toachim House 2nd

42 Josephine Gilbert Velosure Starley Primal 2nd

43 Vanessa Whitfield Team 22 2nd

44 Frances White Team Jadan 2nd

45 Bethany Crumpton North West MTB Race Team 3rd

46 Hannah Payton Corley Cycles – Drops RT 2nd

47 Ciara Horne Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl 2nd

48 Lucy Shaw Matrix Fitness Development 2nd

49 Joanna Rowsell Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl Elite

50 Penny Rowson Matrix Fitness 2nd

51 Katie Archibald Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl Elite

52 Rebecca Womersley Corley Cycles – Drops RT 2nd

53 Joanne Blakeley Team 22 2nd

54 Hannah Walker Team WNT Elite

55 Lucy Harper Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire 2nd

56 Helen McKay Les Filles Racing Team 2nd

57 Pia De Quint

58 Nicola Soden Carnac-Planet X 2nd

59 Elinor Thorogood Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire 3rd

60 Ellie Coster Team USN 2nd

61 Melissa Brand IKON – Mazda 2nd

62 Nikola Butler Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl 2nd

63 Victoria Strila PMR@Toachim House 2nd

64 Lauren OBrien Team Giordana- Triton 2nd

65 Alexis Barnes PMR@Toachim House 2nd

66 Emily Attfield Velosure Starley Primal 2nd

67 Chloe Weller PMR@Toachim House 2nd

68 Rebecca Raybould Poole Whls CC 2nd

69 Sandra Mackay Carnac-Planet X 2nd

70 Ruth Taylor Manchester Whlrs Club 2nd

71 Emma Grant IKON – Mazda 2nd

72 Keira McVitty Team Giordana- Triton 1st

73 Sarah Rose Team 22 2nd

74 Sam Burman Team WNT 3rd

DNF Delia Beddis Les Filles Racing Team 2nd

DNF Karla Boddy IKON – Mazda 1st

DNF Laura Cheesman Velosure Starley Primal 2nd

DNF Tracy Corbett Les Filles Racing Team 2nd

DNF Laura Massey IKON – Mazda Elite

DNF Brit Tate Team WNT 1st


BC Women’s Road Series Championship Points Table after Round 2

1 Danielle King Wiggle Honda 58

2 Charline Joiner Team WNT 57

3 Nicola Juniper Team Giordana – Triton 50

4 Anna Christian Wiggle Honda 46

5 Ciara Horne Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l 44

6 Lorna Hall IKON – Mazda 42

7 Gabriella Shaw Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l 31

8 Dame Sarah Storey Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International  30

9 Laura Trott Matrix Fitness 28

10 Bex Rimmington IKON – Mazda 27

11 Alice Barnes MTB Racing Team 26

= Laura Greenhalgh Les Filles Racing Team 26

13 Emily Kay Team USN 24

14 Elinor Barker Matrix Fitness 23

15 Katie Curtis Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International  22

16 Louise Mahe IKON-Mazda 20

17 Ruth Summerford PMR@Toachim House 19

18 Henrietta Colborne Bonito Squadra Corse 16

19 Joanna Rowsell Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l 15

= Gabriella Leveridge Velosure Starley Primal 15


Women’s Road Series Calendar 2015

April 11-12 Alexandra Tour of the Reservoir

April 26 Cheshire Classic

May 31 Hillingdon Women’s Grand Prix

June 21 Curlew Cup

July 01 Otley GP

July 04 Stafford Kermesse

July 11-12 Essex Giro 2 Day

July 19 Ryedale GP

Cheshire Classic 2015 Gallery


Cheshire Classic 2015 – British Cycling Women’s Road Series Round 2.

Cheshire Classic Results, 2015:
1 Dame Sarah Storey Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl 02:36:55
2 Laura Trott Matrix Fitness at 34 seconds
3 Alice Barnes Betch.NL-Superior-Brentjens MTB Racing Team at 36 seconds
4 Emily Kay Team USN
5 Katie Curtis Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl
6 Louise Mahe IKON – Mazda
7 Charline Joiner Team WNT
8 Laura Greenhalgh Les Filles Racing Team
9 Henrietta Colborne Bonito Squadra Corse
10 Emily Nelson Team USN
11 Nicola Juniper Team Giordana- Triton
12 Eve Dixon Team 22
13 Gabriella Shaw Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Intl
14 Jennifer George Les Filles Racing Team
15 Natalie Grinczer Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science
16 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team
17 Rose Osbourne Team WNT
18 Anna Christian Wiggle Honda
19 Susan Freeburn PMR@Toachim House
20 Ellie Campbell Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science all at same time

Revolution 50 Results


Ev1      UCI Keirin – First Round Men

Maximilian Levy wins heat one. Eoin Mullen wins heat two


Ev2      Elimination Race Women

  1. Laura Trott
  2. Emily Kay
  3. Leire Olaberria
  4. Sarah Inglebrecht
  5. Amy Hill
  6. Katie Archibald
  7. Abbie Dentus
  8. Emily Nelson
  9. Katie Curtis
  10. Ellie Coster


Ev4      Derny Race Heats (GB v Rest of the World) Men 10Kms

Glen O’Shea (OGE) for the rest of the world takes heat one.

Jack Bobridge (OGE) for the rest of the world takes heat two.


Ev5      UCI Keirin – Minor Final Men

Hungarian Sandor Szalontay wins the minor final.


Ev6      Australian Pursuit (GB v Rest of the World) Men 2 Kms

  1. Matt Gibson, Team Sky (GB)
  2. Martin Irvine, Madison-Genesis (RoW)
  3. Phil Trodden, Rigmar Racers (GB)
  4. Oliver Wood, JLT Condor (GB)
  5. Andy Brown, Team Scotland (GB)


Ev7      Scratch Race (10km) Women

  1. Laura Trott
  2. Leire OLaberria
  3. Katie Archibald
  4. Emily Kay
  5. Amy Hill
  6. Emily Nelson
  7. Katie Curtis
  8. Sarah Inglebrecht
  9. Ellie Coster
  10. Keira McVitty


Ev8      Flying Lap (GB v Rest of the World) Men 250m

  1. Ed Clancy                               13.412
  2. Oliver Wood                           13.826
  3. Matt Gibson                            13.985
  4. Alex Minting                           14.140
  5. Andy Tennant                         14.238
  6. Phil Trodden                           14.311
  7. Martin Irvine                           14.345 (RoW)
  8. David Muntaner                      14.387 (RoW)
  9. Jon Mould                               14.425
  10. Jasper De Buyst                      14.456 (RoW)


Ev9      UCI Keirin – Final Men

  • Maximilian Levy
  • Eddie Dawkins
  • Jeffery Hoogland
  • Matt Crampton
  • Simon Van Velthooven
  • Eion Mullen


Ev10    Derny Race Final (GB v Rest of the World) Men

  1. Jack Bobridge                         RoW
  2. Glen O’Shea                            RoW
  3. Chris Lathan                           RoW
  4. Jesper Morkov                         RoW


Ev11    Revolution Longest Lap – Sprinters Men

  • Jeffery Hoogland
  • Maximilan Levy
  • Joe Truman
  • Eddie Dawkins
  • Sandor Szalontay
  • Jamie Alexander
  • Matt Crampton
  • Eion Mullen
  • Simon Van Velthooven


Ev12    Madison (GB v Rest of the World) Men

  • Hester/ De Buyst                    RoW
  • Latham/ Grasmann                  RoW
  • Clancy/ Wood
  • Irvine/ Muntaner                     RoW
  • Minting/ Trodden
  • Rasmussen/ Morkov                RoW



Ev1      UCI Sprint – Qualification 200m Flying Lap Time Trial Men

  1. Eddie Dawkins                       10.005
  2. Maximilan Levy                      10.111
  3. Sandor Szalontay                    10.133
  4. Jeffery Hoogland                    10.247
  5. Eion Mullen                            10.396
  6. Simon Van Velthooven          10.500
  7. Matt Crampton                       10.534
  8. Joe Truman                              10.681


Ev2      Elite Championship – Derny Race (Heats) Men 10Kms

Pete Kennaugh & Baeuerlien win heat one.

Glen O’Shea & Zijaard win heat two.


Ev3      UCI Points Race (25km)   Women

  1. Laura Trott
  2. Katie Archibald
  3. Leire Olaberria
  4. Emily Kay
  5. Amy Hill
  6. Emily Nelson
  7. Katie Curtis
  8. Sarah Ingelbrecht
  9. Abbie Dentus


Ev4      UCI Sprint – Quarter Finals Men

Dawkins, Levy, Van Velthooven & Mullen through to semis.


Ev5      Elite Championship – Derny Race Final Men 10Kms

  1. Peter Kenaaugh
  2. Glen O’Shea
  3. Lief Lampater
  4. Ed Clancy
  5. Jesper Morkov
  6. Alex Rasmussen
  7. Marc Hester
  8. Mark Stewart


Ev7      UCI Hour Record – Sarah Storey

Dame Sarah Storey is the first woman since 2003 to tackle the UCI hour record. Set by Dutch cyclist Leontien Zijlaard Van Moorsel, Sarah had trained on the run-up to the attempt in the yet un-opened Derby Velodrome. Her target 46.065kms.

She had requested a ambient temp of around 25ºc, and with the packed Lee Valley VeloPark thought this would give her the best chance of success.

Sarah started her assault on the record, by marginally gaining a second or two over each of the early kilometers. She had been confident of her pace to the halfway point through training. But by the midway point her time had slipped by around thirty seconds on Van Moorsel. With the hardest part of the ride still to come, it looked like Sarah would fall a lot shorter than firstly anticipated. Her time slipped a bit further as the laps went by, but with the help of the audience and her supporters around the track, she managed to stabilise the deficit.

Approaching the final five minutes, it looked liked the shortfall would be un-bridgeable. Indeed, Sarah failed to take the title she had dreamed of getting, but the last three minutes had everyone on the edges of their seats as her pace increased to an almost un-believable sprint. Using every ounce of strength left in her body, Sarah managed 45.502kms, just over 500m short of Van Moorsel’s time.

Sarah broke two records in this attempt. Hat’s off to her grit and determination to fight all the way till the end. Taking some time to recover, trackside. Said it was a horrible experience that she didn’t fancy trying it again!

Sarah has set the best British time recorded over the hour, by a Women, and a new World Record for an C5 Paralympian athlete.


Ev8      Elite Championship Points Race (25km) Men

  1. Glenn O’Shea
  2. Leif Lampater
  3. Martin Irvine
  4. Germain Burton
  5. Mark Stewart
  6. Peter Kennaugh
  7. Jack Bobridge
  8. Alex Rasmussen
  9. Chris Latham
  10. Ed Clancy


Ev9      Elimination Race Women

  1. Laura Trott
  2. Leire Olaberria
  3. Emily Kay
  4. Emily Nelson
  5. Amy Hill
  6. Katie Archibald
  7. Abbie Dentus
  8. Sarah Ingelbrecht
  9. Kiera McVitty
  10. Katie Curtis


Ev10    UCI Sprint – 5th to 8th Final   Men

Minor final went to Jeffery Hoogland.



Ev11    UCI Sprint – Semi Finals Match A Men

Eddie Dawkins & Maximilian Levy progress to the final.


Ev12    HOY Future Stars Points Race (5km) Boys

  1. Rhys Britton
  2. Fred Wright
  3. Lewis Stewart
  4. Matthew Walls
  5. Jack Plumley
  6. Matthew Draper
  7. Frank Longstaff
  8. Joe Nally
  9. Jamie Ridehalgh
  10. Tom Pidcock


Ev13    Derny Race (10km) Women

  1. Laura Trott
  2. Katie Archibald
  3. Emily Kay
  4. Leire Olaberria
  5. Amy Hill
  6. Katie Curtis
  7. Sarah Ingelbrecht
  8. Abbie Dentus


Ev14    HOY Future Stars Scratch Race (5km) Girls

  1. Sophie Capewell
  2. Eleanor Dickinson
  3. Sophie Williams
  4. Rosa Martin
  5. Megan Chard
  6. Jessica Roberts
  7. Henrietta Colbourne
  8. Jayati Hine
  9. Eve Jefferies
  10. Elizabeth Bennett


Ev16    UCI Scratch Race (15km)      Men

  1. Jack Bobridge
  2. Oli Wood
  3. Leif Lampater
  4. Peter Lampater
  5. Mark Stewart
  6. Glenn O’Shea
  7. Chris Latham
  8. Christian Grasmann
  9. Ed Clancy
  10. Matt Gibson


Ev18    HOY Future Stars 6 Lap Dash Boys

  1. Fred Wright
  2. Hamish Turnbull
  3. Rhys Britton
  4. William Roberts
  5. Jamie Ridehalgh
  6. Oliver Peckover
  7. Mitchell Powell
  8. Matthew Draper
  9. Danny Mulholland
  10. Joe Nally


Ev19    Elite Championship 1km Madison Time Trial Men

  • JLT Condor                             00.55.043
  • Maloja Pushbikers
  • Team USN
  • Team Ignitr
  • Rigmar Racers
  • Orica GreenEdge
  • Telegraph Allstars
  • Madison-Genesis
  • Team Scotland
  • NFTO
  • Team Sky


Ev20    HOY Future Stars 6 Lap Dash Girls

  1. Sophie Capewell
  2. Eleanor Dickinson
  3. Rosa Martin
  4. Sophie Williams
  5. Rebecca Raybould
  6. Megan Chard
  7. Eve Jefferies
  8. Jenny Holl
  9. Henrietta Colbourne
  10. Lauren Murphy


Ev21    UCI Sprint – Finals

Eddie Dawkins beats Maximilian Levy…


Ev23    UCI Scratch Race (10km) Women

  1. Laura Trott
  2. Emily Kay
  3. Katie Archibald
  4. Amy Hill
  5. Emily Nelson
  6. Katie Curtis
  7. Sarah Ingelbrecht
  8. Abbie Dentus
  9. Keira McVitty


Ev25    Revolution Longest Lap (24 riders) Men

  • Ed Clancy
  • Chris Latham
  • Joe Holt
  • Mark Stewart
  • Alex Minting
  • Jon Mould
  • Matt Gibson
  • David Muntaner
  • Marc Hester
  • Christian Grasmann


Ev26    HOY Future Stars Scratch Race (5km) Boys

  1. Rhys Britton
  2. Alex Jolliffe
  3. Matthew Draper
  4. Fred Wright
  5. Oliver Postle
  6. Hamish Turnbull
  7. Lewis Stewart
  8. Danny Mulholland
  9. William Roberts
  10. Oliver Peckover


Ev28    HOY Future Stars Points Race (5km) Girls

  1. Eleanor Dickinson
  2. Anna Docherty
  3. Amy Smith
  4. Elizabeth Bennett
  5. Sophie Capewell
  6. Jessica Roberts
  7. Henrietta Colbourne
  8. Rachel Jary
  9. Rebecca Raybould
  10. Rosa Martin


Ev29    Elite Championship Team Elimination Men

  • JLT Condor
  • Orica GreenEdge
  • Team USN
  • Team Ignitr
  • Telegraph Allstars
  • NFTO
  • Rigmar Racers
  • Maloja Pushbikers
  • Madison-Genesis
  • Team Scotland
  • Team Sky



Orica GreenEdge topped the points table the London event.


Hoy Future Star Boy Championship

  1.      Rhys Britton                USN  400  ↔
  2.      Fred Wright                  TAL  354  ↔
  3.      Matthew Draper           TPP  288  ↔
  4.      Jamie Ridehalgh           TPP  271  ↔
  5.      Alex Jolliffe                   OGE  269  ↔
  6.     Hamish Turnbull          MAL  262  ↔
  7.      William Roberts            USN  219  ↑
  8.     Matthew Walls                TIG  203  ↑
  9.     Frank Longstaff               JLT  187  ↑
  10. Mitchell Powell                   OGE  187  ↑


Hoy Future Star Girl Championship

  1.      Eleanor Dickinson            NFT  378  ↔
  2.      Sophie Capewell                MAL  342  ↑
  3.     Jessica Roberts                    USN  312  ↓
  4.      Elizabeth Bennett            USN  286  ↔
  5.     Rosa Martin                          RIG  261  ↑
  6.      Henrietta Colbourne         NFT  259  ↓
  7.     Anna Docherty                     TPP  224  ↑
  8.     Sophie Williams                  OGE  216  ↑
  9.     Monica Dew                           TIG  216  ↓
  10. Rebecca Raybould                   JLT  208  ↑


Championship Leader Board Result

  1.      Maloja Pushbikers RT         243  ↔
  2.     Orica GreenEdge                   225  ↔
  3.      Telegraph All-stars              189  ↔
  4.      JLT Condor                            184  ↑
  5.     Team Ignitr                             169  ↑
  6.      Madison Genesis                   162  ↓
  7.     Team USN                                147  ↑
  8.     Team Sky                                140  ↑
  9.      Team Scotland                      127  ↑
  10. Rigmar Racers                          123  ↔
  11. NFTO                                           122  ↑
  12. Team Polypipe                           113  ↓


The Revolution returns back to Freeview Television this series. The highlights will be shown the Saturday morning after the event on Channel 4. Then on 4OD catch-up on line.

Catch up with the highlights on Saturday 7th March at 7.00am. Presenting the one hour show will be Matt Barbet, Sian Welby, & Rebecca Charlton with Guest Presenter Rob Hayles

The next round of Revolution will be the season finale, race 51… in National Cycling Centre, Manchester on March 14th 2015.


Flickr Photo Gallery Updated Regularly throughout the Winter Season at

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Hour Record Holder 2014 Unified rules.

Starting the renewed interest in the hour record, recently retired German Pro Cycling Jens Voigt set the new benchmark of 51.110 (And the oldest holder) on 18thSept 2014

Matthias Brandle (Swi)   51.852    30 Oct 2014

Next Attempt! Jack Bobridge, 31st Jan 2015. Melbourne fell short!

New WR holder is Rohan Dennis, 08th Feb 2015, WR Suisse   52.491

Rees rides to dream finish at the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100

Prudential RideLondon 2014
Rees rides to dream finish at the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100
A desire to raise money for charity drove Ian Rees to be first across the line at the end of the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 this morning, completing a journey of recovery for the 43-year-old Bristol-based diabetic who was inspired by watching last year’s event.
Twelve months ago the former pro stood leaning on his crutches beside The Mall watching the first ever Prudential RideLondon sportive and promised himself that he would lead the mass riders under the finish gantry in 2014 to raise money and the profile of diabetes research.
After 86 of the hardest rain-drenched miles he’s ever ridden, Rees achieved his dream with the aid of his Bristol Dymag TID clubmates Paul Merryweather and Matthew Franklin, and believes his Herculean efforts will bring in some much-needed funds for the diabetes charity JDRF.
“I couldn’t do it last year because I broke my leg, but I watched it with people from the charity and told them that I would be first across the line this year to raise their profile,” said Rees, his mud-splattered face breaking into a smile of pure relief.
“Here I am a year on, and I did it. I can’t believe it. That was the hardest ride I’ve had since I was a pro in France in the 1990s.”
Rees, who’s never done a sportive before, set up the Dymag club with Merryweather to raise money for diabetes research two years ago after being forced to abandon his pro cycling career when he was diagnosed with the condition.
Prudential RideLondon 2014“This is what we really wanted to do,” said Merryweather, who followed Rees safely across the line at the head of a 60-strong bunch of early-finishing sportive riders.”
“I helped Ian set up the team two years ago so this was all about getting him home first and giving JDRF some profile. So it’s mission accomplished; it’s all quite inspirational.”
The group had a plan to stay near the front of the pack, avoiding as far as possible any problems caused by the adverse weather, and were full of praise for the organisers’ decision to shorten the 100-mile route by 14 miles, cutting out the potentially treacherous climbs up and down Box Hill and Leith Hill.
Prudential RideLondon 2014“We worked so well as a team,” said Rees. “The rain and the speed we were going at the front made it so hard.”
“But it was such a good decision to cut out the hills. I hit a cat’s eye at one point and nearly came off, and there were a few crashes, so I’m really glad they took the hills out because coming down Box Hill or Leith Hill would’ve been deadly.”
“RideLondon have done an absolutely brilliant job. The organisation is as good as a pro race on the continent. I was so impressed, they should do these all over the country. I will do it again next year, definitely.”
Nicola Roberts and Bella Leach were impressed too. The two London friends rode the route together and crossed the line side-by-side, the first women to complete the sportive.
“It was wet but it was great fun,” said Roberts, a member of the Dulwich Paragon club. “It wasn’t too windy so you could still ride. Everyone was just getting on with it really and smiling and chatting.”
“Some of the corners and descents were quite sketchy but people were very considerate, slowing down and talking to each other.”
“I really enjoyed it, it was really good fun to just get out there and stretch the legs,” agreed Leach, a London Phoenix rider. “Nicola and I rode the whole way together so we wanted to cross the line together.”
“I’ve never been up Box Hill or Leith Hill and after today it feels like I’m destined to never ride them!”

Wiggle Honda’s Neil Towns was also among the early finishers, completing his second Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100.

“Riding at the front was really exciting,” he said. “I did the event last year. It was slighty damper than last year but still fantastic, still good riding. It’s a lovely bike ride that isn’t too challenging so you can just get out there and ride for the fun of it.”
“There were fewer supporters than last year but the ones who were out gave it some welly. I’ll definitely be back next year.”
“This event’s like the London Marathon for cyclists – if you can get a place you jump at it. A beautiful bike ride; the spirit of the London Olympics carries on.”
Ben Knapp backed up the other riders’ support for the shortened route, relishing a ride started by three world greats of women’s cycling: world and Olympic road race champion Marianne Vos, double Olympic track champion Laura Trott and multiple Paralympic gold medallist Dame Sarah Storey.
Ian Rees - post race

Ian Rees – post race

“It was a bit disappointing to have the route shortened but coming across the top of Newlands was pretty nasty so everyone understood why the organisers did it. It was the right decision,” said the Dulwich Paragon rider.”

“More than a quarter of Dulwich Paragon’s 600 members were riding today so it’s a really great event for everyone.”
“Having Marianne Vos, Sarah Storey and Laura Trott starting the ride was great. We set off feeling really inspired.”
All three women then rode the sportive themselves – Vos delighted to be back on the roads where she won Olympic gold two years ago.
“I’ve never done a ride as big as this; it was really something special,” said the Dutch rider who finished second in yesterday’s Prudential RideLondon Grand Prix.
“Just to ride with all these people and see everyone coming out riding, not caring about the rain was fantastic. It was great fun.”
“It was great to back on the roads of London 2012 and to see more than 20,000 out there too was fabulous. I saw quite a lot of them, I think, and everyone was taking care of themselves and each other.”

Round Five Women’s Road Race Series – Curlew Cup

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Pre Race

Round Five of the Women’s Road Series returned to Northumberland for the third edition of the Curlew Cup. Won initially by Dame Sarah Storey in 2012, then Hannah Barnes in 2013, it follows the course of the Men’s Beaumont Trophy, but usually only on the smaller of the two circuits of Thirteen miles.

This year the Women’s event incorporates one of the larger twenty-two mile circuits that take’s in the double stepped Ryals climb on the last of the four circuits. If the race reaches here in a group, then it’s surely going to be the key point in the race. After the climb, it’s then a flat final run of around four miles to the finish line in Stamfordham.



A sunny 9.15am start for the girls in Stamfordham. Only forty or so riders took to the start line (out of seventy-six registered).

Series Leader Nicola Juniper (Team Echelon) and her closest rival Katie Archibald (Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International) were the focus for the day. No Wiggle Honda ladies present in this round, but still plenty of quality riders from Matrix Fitness Vulpine, Epic Cycles Scott WRT and Velosport Pasta Montegrappa to name but a few.

Team Jadan continue their development with Sam Thoy and Annabel Sill riding the course and the National Series for the first time.

A neutralised first climb out of Stamfordham, saw the girls safely away. Sat on the back where Pearl Izumi’s Katie Archibald & Dame Sarah Storey.

Forty minutes later the group returned and were still all intact. Archibald and (Charline) Joiner headed the group, and series leader Nicola Juniper close at hand.

It was clear that Juniper’s objective was to mark any moves by Archibald, whose Pearl Izumi team mates including Joiner (returning to road racing for the first time since her training accident in Spain), were going to make it hard and use their numbers to control the race. Joiner took the first prime of the race.

On the third climb out of Stamfordham, Epic Cycles started to make a move but nothing really came of it. Joiner once again took the prime.

On the final small lap out of Stamfordham, it was Velosport Pasta Monegrappa’s turn to escape from the group and try and form a working group. But once again they were brought back together. Joiner took the final prime in the race.

Around the backside of the course as the pace increased, the field then began to split, and coming back into Stamfordham for the final large Ryals lap, the group had split in half with smaller pockets of riders trailing behind. This was where the race began to form.

With the main contenders all in the leading group, now down to about twenty, Pearl Izumi began to take control.

As the Ryals approached, the field were reduced further, to around eight riders.

It was Dame Helen Storey that cranked the pace to full gas, for the last run into Stamfordham. This left team-mate and GC contender Archibald a clear path to sprint for the finish line.

Series leader Juniper wasn’t going to let her get away easily and followed her in to a close second. Third on the day went to Matrix Fitness Vulpine’s Jessie Walker, just ahead of both Gemma Neill and Gabby Shaw.



Things nearly went horribly wrong for Series Leader Nicola Juniper who’s car broke-down on route, and left her One-Hundred and Fifty miles short of where she wanted to be!

I spoke to Nicola after the race and asked her about her thoughts on the season so far.

She had won the first Series race, the Alexandra Tour of the Reservoir in a two girl sprint, up to the finish line, against Alexi Shaw (Epic Cycles Scott WRT), she had come fourth, in round two; the Cheshire Classic with another climb to the finish.

She spoke about being pleased that she still had the lead. She had done her homework and knew that there was a two point difference between first and second positions, so her objective was to mark her closest rival (Archibald) today. It’s no secret that the Pearl Izumi girls and the Wiggle Honda girls want to use their team tactics to take the overall series, Nicola said they would have to work for it, if that’s what they wanted to do. She was going to chip away at the remaining rounds, but wouldn’t be disappointed if one on the younger girls took away the lead.

She has great admiration for both Katie and Laura, her closest rivals. They’re both “World Class” athletes she pointed out, “They both ride the track, and the road”. “I’m getting older,” she laughed. “As long as I’m riding my bike, I’m quite happy”. And when talking to the other girls about racing, they all show the same passion.

Nicola told me her objectives this year were to do a ten, and a twenty (Time Trial, that is), and the Nocturne that she won a week or so ago! So has good reason to be ‘quite happy’ with things at the moment.

Nicola is down to ride the Otley GP on Wednesday 2nd July for round six. It looks like she will be up against Laura Trott who’s lying third so far, no Katie Archibald on the entry list yet.

There are another five rounds to go in the series, a couple of two-days and a couple of circuit races. The next race in the North here, is the Ryedale GP out of Ampleforth, North Yorkshire, on Sunday 20th July. It includes the National Junior Women’s Road Race Championships.

Nicola Juniper retains her lead in the Women’s Road Race Series after round five, but Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International’s Katie Archibald is closing-in, in second place. Wiggle Honda’s Laura Trott remains in third place.


Race Result

1 Katie Archibald  2:24.35 – Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International

2 Nicola Juniper  0.01 – Team Echelon

3 Jessie Walker  0.01 – Matrix Fitness Vulpine

4 Gemma Neill  0.01 – Un-attached

5 Gabby Shaw  0.01 – Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International

6 Alexi Shaw  0.01 – Epic Cylcles Scott WRT

7 Rebecca Rimmington  0.03 – Merlin Cycles

8 Julie Erskine  0.03 – Velosport

9 Anna Ewing  0.03 – VW Breda

10 Jane Barr  0.03 – Velocity

11 Anna Christian  0.04 – WyndyMilla Reynolds

12 Chloe Frazer  0.04 – Deeside Thistle

13 Emma Grant  0.05 – Tibco

14 Lucy Coldwell  0.05 – Velosport

15 Dame Sarah Storey  0.12 – Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International

16 Hannah Walker 0.52 – Epic Cycles Scott WRT

17 Lauren Creamer  0.52 – Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International

18 Elizabeth Holden  0.53 – RST Racing Team

19 Charline Joiner  0.53 – Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International

20 Eve Dixon 0.53 – Team 22

35 Sam Thoy 15.21 – Team Jadan

36 Annabel Sill  15.21 – Team Jadan


Prime Charline JoinerPearl Izumi Sports Tours International

Ave Speed 32.476 Kph


Women’s Road Race Standings after Round Five

1 Nicola Juniper – 139 – Team Echelon

2 Katie Archibald – 135 – Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International

3 Laura Trott – 101 – Wiggle Honda

4 Gabriella Shaw – 80 – Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International

5 Danielle King – 64 – Wiggle Honda

6 Grace Garner – 58 – RST Racing Team

7 Elinor Barker – 55 – Wiggle Honda

8 Lydia Boylan – 50 – Velosport – Pasta Montegrappa

9 Alexie Shaw – 49 – Epic Cycles – Scott WRT

10 Abigail Dentus – 42 – Team de Ver

11 Molly Weaver – 40 – Epic Cycles – Scott WRT

11 Lowri Devey – 40 – Abergavenny RC

13 Megan Barker – 37 – M&D Cycles/Scimitar Sports/Fusion Sports RT

14 Jessie Walker – 36 – Matrix Fitness – Vulpine

15 Jo Tindley – 33 – Matrix Fitness – Vulpine

16 Amy Roberts – 31 – Wiggle Honda

16 Chloe Frazer – 31 – Deeside Thistle

18 Hannah Walker – 29 – Epic Cycles – Scott WRT

19 Hayley Jones – 28 – Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International

19 Harriet Owen – 28 – Matrix Fitness – Vulpine

19 Rebecca Womersley – 28 – WyndyMilla – Reynolds

19 Anna Christian – 28 – Epic Cycles – Scott WRT


Results by British Cycling

Women’s Road Race Standings TBC

The next round of the Women’s Road Race Series is the Otley GP on Wednesday 2nd July.


Cheshire Classic Film


Watch the excellent film from this years Cheshire Classic with our very own Heather Bamforth providing commentary and interviews. Awesome job Heather!

A great race and film.

Heather Bamforth Reporting from the Cheshire Classic - Image © Colin Batchelor

Heather Bamforth Reporting from the Cheshire Classic – Image © Colin Batchelor


With thanks to Andy Wood and all at the Cheshire Classic. Alan Sheldon for all his excellent editing and sound… and to the Cycling Shorts Team for their hard work; Heather Bamforth, Fred ‘Lightning Twitter Fingers’ Bamforth and Chris Maher.

Don’t forget to check out Chris’s Image gallery from the race here.

More info on the Cheshire Classic at:

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