Report & Gallery – Final Revolution UK Championship 2016


Revolution UK Championship 2016 Round 3 | 22 Oct – Manchester – Revolution 60

JTL Condor p/b Mavic secure the Revolution UK Championship 2016 and move on to Revolution Champions League which kicks off in Paris in four weeks time. Joining them are Team Pedalsure, Team WIGGINS and Maloja Pushbikers RT.

Bolstering up Maloja Pushbikers in this final round, Matt Rotherham partnered with Christian Grassman to help secure their place in the Championship League. Rotterham, a sprinter, had been riding the Sprint Omnium Series previously along with his brother Tom and proved a difficult rider to get past.

Matt started the afternoon session off with win in the Elimination Race fending of the likes of Ed Clancy [JLT Condor p/b Mavic] and Nico Hesslich [Revolution Allstars] showing he has the stamina for the longer endurance events too. Backing up his first event he also took the Flying Lap ahead of Clancy whom normally excels in this event posting a clear half second over two-hundred-and-fifty meters.

Matt then struggled in the Points Race finishing last, but teamie Grassman managed a lap that had him finishing fifth overall. Yoeri Havik [Team Pedalsure] stole the show lapping the field twice to secure their first win of the day.

An off day for JLT Condor in the Revolution Madison Time Trial saw the pair take their first Madison TT this season with a 55.118 ahead of Team Pedalsure and Team USN.

The Team Elimination Race went to Team WIGGINS Ethan Haytor and Matt Walls with Maloja finishing second ahead of JLT Condor.

The final event in the UK Championship the Scratch Race went to Joe Halt [Team USN] ahead of Yoeri  Havik [Team Pedalsure] and Andy Brown [Scotland Burness Paul].

The HOY Bikes Future Stars were crowned tonight in Manchester and both Jim Brown [Maloja Pushbikers RT] and Ellie Russell [Revolution Allstars] lead from Round One.

The final race in the series the Girls Six-Lap-Dash saw Russell light up the torch on the final lap as a lone break from Lucy Naylor [Nab Racing] had a half lap lead as the bell rung. The bunch had rode mostly together but looked like they would contest second place. The pace exploded and Russell’s rockets went into warp-drive to finish the Championship light years a head.

Russell started the evening off with a win in the Scratch Race whilst Ella Barnwell [Team USN] won the Points  Race securing her third position overall behind Anna Docherty [Team Pedalsure].

The Boys first event, the Points Race saw Alex Ridehalgh [Team WIGGINS] finishing second over the line behind James Codd [Team Raleigh GAC]. With half-a-dozen of the boys tied on five points, Ridehalgh’s three points in the first sprint left him one-points advantage at six.

Caleb Hill secured the Six-Lap-Dash for Maloja Pushbikers RT with Jim Brown third behind Ethan Vernon [Team Pedalsure].

The final race for the boys the Scratch Race saw Oscar Mingay [Team USN] out-sprint Matthew Shaw [JLT Condor p/c Mavic] and Alex Ridehalgh. Jim Browns fifth place tonight left him top of the leader board and the Championship winner 2016.

As the Elite UK Championship concluded along with the HOY Bikes Future Stars in Manchester tonight, the Women’s Elite Championship continues across the final three Championship League rounds finishing in London on the 03rd December.

Vox Women lead the way in the Women’s Championship after round two, but a one woman team of Neah Evans put Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa back on top having won round one.

Evans was no match in the afternoon session wining all three races, the Elimination Race, the Flying Lap and the Points Race.

The first race of the afternoon saw Neah fending off Italy’s Elena Cecchini for Vox Women. Team Jadan Weldtite’s Jenny Holl finished third, their best result to-date for the young team from Hull.

Neah’s strong event from her sprint days the Flying Lap set a 14.800 ahead of Team GB’s Ellie Dickinson and Amber Joseph [Vox Women].

Evan’s came up against Dickinson again in the Points Race but wining four sprints over the twenty-kilometer event and gaining a lap with five others kept her in the lead through-out. Team Footon Velosport’s Christine Robinson led them across the final sprint and double points.


Dickinson got the better of Evans in the first race of the evening, the Scratch Race. Team Footon Velosports Laura Basso finished third with Holl fourth.

The final Women’s event the Elimination Race saw Evans back on top. Italian’s Cecchini and Basso were second and third with Dickinson finishing in forth.

Tom Rotherham won the Sprint Omnium event gaining the least amount of points throughout the day. Finishing consistently in the Keirin, Six-Lap-Dash and the Handicap Race Rotherhams only win was the Elimination Event.

  • 1      JLT CONDOR      337
  • 2      TEAM PEDALSURE      310
  • 3      TEAM WIGGINS      295
  • 4      MALOJA PUSHBIKERS      292
  • 5      REVOLUTION ALL STARS      225
  • 6      TEAM USN      225
  • 7      SCOTLAND BURNESS PAULS      167
  • 8      RALEIGH-GAC      135
  • 9      TEAM NAB RACING      86
  • 10    TEAM IRELAND      60
Podium Ambition pb Club La Santa   325
2 Voxwomen 296
3 Great Britain 259
4 Team Breeze 224
5 Team Footon Velosport 190
6 Team Jaden Weldtite 156
7 Planet X BOGO 78
8 Matrix Fitness RT 60
  • 1      JIM BROWN      214
  • 2      ETHAN VERNON      205
  • 3      ALEX RIDEHALGH      201
  • 4      ALISTAIR FIELDING      171
  • 5      MATTHEW BURKE      163
  • 6      MATTHEW LEWIS      147
  • 7      CALEB HILL      146
  • 8      JAMES CODD      136
  • 9      CHARLEY CALVERT      131
  • 10    DANIEL COOPER      124
  • 11    JACK BARTON      121
  • 12    CHARLIE KELLY      117
  • 1      ELLIE RUSSELL      253
  • 2      ANNA DOCHERTY      203
  • 3      ELLA BARNWELL      196
  • 4      GABRIELLA HOMER      188
  • 5      ELYNOR BACKSTEDT      176
  • 6      ALESHIA MELLOR      168
  • 7      APRIL TACEY      157
  • 8      ESME NIBLETT      156
  • 8      LORNA BOWLER      156
  • 10    GEORGIA ASHWORTH      146
  • 11    CHLOE JONES      124
  • 12    FELICITY GLEDHILL      122

Images & Words by Chris Maher
Interviews by Amy Gornall
Edited by Anna Magrath

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Race Report & Gallery – Revolution Championship 2016 Round 2


Revolution UK Championship 2016 Round 2 | 08 Oct – Glasgow – Revolution 59

Building on their success in Round one, JLT Condor p/d Mavic’s Ed Clancy and Jon Mould extend their lead in the Revolution UK Championship going into Round three in Manchester in two weeks time.

They now lead by nineteen points with the final UK event on the 22nd October and should progress into the Revolution Championship League in Paris on 18/19 November.

Team Pedalsure and Team WIGGINS are joint second with Maloja Pushbikers a bit further back in fourth, but should still gain enough points in round three to progress into the Championships League to.

The racing in Glasgow got underway with the Elite Elimination/ Scratch race and Oli Wood for Team WIGGINS crossed the line first, Clancy, then Adam Blyth for Revolution Allstars.

Clancy took the Flying Lap for JTL with Wood second and Marcel Kalz third.

Andrew Tennant fought a tough and exciting Points race over one-hundred-and-twenty-laps for Team Pedalsure gaining a lap along with six others.

Dynamic Duo Clancy and Mould dominated the Revolution Madison Time Trial and this event in Glasgow’s Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome was no different. The pair posted a sub 56s with Maloja Pushbikers second and Team Pedalsure third.

Team Pedalsure’s Andrew Tennant clinched the Team Elimination event ahead of Maloja Pushbikers and Revolution Allstars as the field reduced in size every second lap.

The final event in Glasgow saw an impressive win for Team USN’s Matt Bostock. What looked like a lone break for Scotland’s Andrew Brown came back together with one lap remaining. Revolution Allstars Adam Blythe hauled back the escapees but the speed of Bostock, Clancy and Wood over the top of the peloton drove them onto the front for the final bunch sprint.

Round 3 of the Revolution UK Championship will be in the National Cycling Centre in Manchester on October 22nd.

In the Elite Women’s Championship, Katie Archibald (Podium Ambition p/b Club la Santa) set about the Championship lead with a victory in the first event, the Elimination Race. VOX Women’s Laurie Berthon put up a strong challenge to stay in contention but admitted defeat when it came down to the final two. Neah Evans (Podium Ambition) elevated their Championship challenge taking third place before going on to win the Flying Lap with a 14.666 just ahead of Berthon.

Evans went on to win the Scratch Race lapping the field along with six others.

The final event for the Elite Women was the Elimination Scratch Race with Abbie Dentus taking the victory for Team GB. Emily Nelson (Team Breeze) came second with Ellie Dickinson (Team GB) taking third. Nelson also road strong in the Points Race, lapping the field along with six others. Archibald kept the pace high throughout leaving Berthon and Amalie Winter-Olsen chasing hard to close the gap. Evans looked like she punctured with fewer than ten laps remaining, but under scrutineering deemed a loose wheel, so all her hard work featuring in most of the sprints came to no avail as her points were disqualified.

Podium Ambition move ahead of VOX Women in the Championship contest.

The Hoy Future Star races saw a commanding ride from Ellie Russell (Revolution) winning all three events of the evening. The theme for the day seemed to be a solo attack through all the events and the Hoy Future Star Girls Six-lap Dash was no different. Georgia Ashworth (Revolution Allstars) went from the gun before been overhauled by Alexandra Novacki (Cycling Ireland). Felicity Gledhill (NAB Racing) then took up the lead and with under half a lap remaining Russell swept her up.

The Hoy Future Star Boys racing provided three different winners. Charlie Kelly (Team Raleigh) won the Points Race. Jack Cruden (Team Scotland) won the Six-lap Dash and Ethan Vernon (Team Pedalsure) won the Scratch Race. Hoy Future Boy leader Jim Brown (Maloja Pushbikers) featured in most on the races and still leads the standings after round two.

The Omnium Style Sprinters competition was dominated by the Rotherham Brothers, Matt and Tom. Winning various heats in the Keirin, they went on to win the Elimination Race too, Matt beating Tom. The final race of the evening was a Handicap standing start two lap dash and Scotland’s Callum Skinner fended off the rest of the pack to cross the line first.

The final round in the Revolution UK Championship is in Manchester on 22nd October, before moving on the Champions League in Paris.

1 JLT Condor p/b Mavic 238
2 Team Pedalsure 209
3 Team Wiggins 209
4 Maloja Pushbikers RT 173
5 Team USN 148
6 Revolution All Stars 141
7   Scotland Burness Paull   110
8 Team Raleigh GAC          91
9 NAB Racing 62
10 Cycling Ireland 37
Podium Ambition pb Club La Santa   191
2 Voxwomen 179
3 Great Britain 155
4 Team Breeze 145
5 Team Footon Velosport 98
6 Team Jaden Weldtite 86
7 Planet X BOGO 70
8 Matrix Fitness RT 60
BROWN, Jim MAL  151
2 VERNON, Ethan PED 142
4 LEWIS, Matthew WIG 112
5 BURKE, Matthew USN 109
6 FIELDING, Alistair   REV 108
7 KELLY, Charlie RAL   97
8     COOPER, Daniel JLT 91
8 CODD, James          RAL   91
10   HILL, Caleb MAL 90
11 CRUDEN, Jack SBP 79
12 BARTON, Jack CIR 68
13 LEIVERS, Alistair CIR 67
13 CALVERT, Charley REV 67
15 BRIDGES, Zach JLT 52
16 DRAPER, Wiliam NAB 50
17 DOBBINS, Matti JLT 45
17 WESTLEY, Dylan PED 45
19 GEORGE, Alfie SBP 42
20 PENNY, Jamie NAB 41
20 ROBERST, Owain USN 41
1     RUSSELL, Ellie REV 172
2 DOCHERTY, Anna           PED    132
3 BARNWELL, Ella USN 129
4 BACKSTEDT, Elynor USN 121
5 HOMER, Gabriella MAL 118
6 MELLOR, Aleshia RAL 117
7     NIBLETT, Esme              PED    105
8 BOWLER, Lorna WIG 103
8 TACEY, April MAL 103
10 ASHWORTH, Georgia REV 96
11 JONES, Chloe CIR 86
12 STEELE, Lusia SBP 80
13 ELLIS, Isabel JLT 78
14 MATRAVERS, Alice WIG 75
15 GLEDHILL, Felicity NAB 68
16 SHAW, Elena JLT 65
17 NAYLOR, Lucy NAB 59
18 PARK, Ellie SBP 46
19 NOVACKI, Alexandra CIR 41
20 MARTIN, Eve SBP 40

Images & Words by Chris Maher
Interviews by Amy Gornall
Edited by Anna Magrath

All images copyright |

Revolution Round 1 Gallery & Report

The Revolution has had a facelift for 2016, the new look Revolution will see the season split into two Series of 3 rounds a UK Championship and a Championship League.

10 teams will race in the UK Championship hoping to win the competition but also grab one of the five qualification places for the new Championships League. Once there, they will race against seven World Tour teams with the goal of being crowned cycling champions.

As well as the UK Championship and Champions League there are three more competitions.

HOY Future Stars

The Hoy Future Stars returns. The leading 15 and 16 year old male and female riders will battle for individual glory and the chase to win the Hoy Future Stars Jersey following in the footsteps of riders like Steven Burke and Owain Doull.They ride for individual points across three races at each event:Scratch Race, Points Race and 6 Lap Dash. The male and female rider with the most points at the end of the season will become the HOY Future Stars Champion.

Elite Championship Women

New to the Revolution is the Elite Women’s Championship to accompany the mens competition. Teams will race for points with the aim of topping the league table at the end of the season – the only difference will be that the women’s championship will take place across all six events in the UK Championship and Champions League – there will be no qualification system and it will be the same nine pro teams fighting for the title across the season.


Elite Sprint Omnium

Some of the best British and international sprint stars will go head to head in a Sprint Omnium at each round of the UK Championship. The sprinters will score points across a series of races including Keirin, Elimination and 6 Lap Dash – the rider with the most points at the end of each event takes the victory.

Lead by Rio 2016 Olympic Gold medallist, Ed Clancy, the team look to be in a dominant position over nearest rivals Team Wiggins.

Clancy missed the whole season due to the worrying back injury that left his Olympic hopes in doubt last year.


It’s my first Revolution in ages, I didn’t race in a single one last year. I enter a lot of track racing, excluding from the Olympics, but really it’s good to be back to be honest, I really miss this place and I miss the series,

This is a lot different to the Rio Olympics; the team-pursuit is such a clinical organised event and then here at the Revolution Series you have the Madison elimination race, which is just absolute chaos. Proper bike racing, there isn’t that stress or pressure that fills you before the team pursuit, you just get on your bike and ride, it’s good.

But, now obviously we don’t want to just do half a series, it’s important we’re in the top five, the restructure of the Revolution Series has forced us to be consistent in every event.

Ed Clancy

The win meant that old rivalries between the two teams were reignited after Team Wiggins’ outstanding overall series win last season.

Owain Doull, his Olympic team-pursuit teammate won the elimination scratch race and the Points race in the afternoon session.

Also on hand was Olympic Golden couple Laura Trott and Jason Kenny, they signed autographs and gave an exclusive interview to the crowd alongside other Olympic champions, Katie Archibald, Elinor Barker, Clancy and Doull.

Amalie Dideriksen was outstanding across the new Women’s Elite Championship for team Voxwomen. Winning two events and finishing twice in second position. She managed to amount a significant amount of points to place them at the top of the general classification.

Dani Khan also earned her self a notable mention, getting two wins for Great Britain Cycling team.

The sprint Omnium proved to be a family affair, it was won by local lad Matt Rotherham, his brother Tom finished third behind Great Britain’s Joe Truman.

Jim Brown won three out of three races riding for Maloja Pushbikers to lead the boys HOY Future Stars competition after Round 1; the girl’s winner was Ellie Russell riding for Revolution All Stars.

Images by Chris Maher
Interviews by Amy Gornall


1 TENNANT, Andy GBR GBR19870309 150 CARLIN, Jack GBR GBR19970423
2 HAVIK, Yoeri NED NED19910219 151 TRUMAN, Joe GBR GBR19970214
11 LEA, Bobby USA USA19831017 152 JOLIFFE, Alex GBR GBR19980702
12 KALZ, Marcel GER GER19870309 153 STEWART, Lewis GBR GBR19990318
21 CLANCY, Ed GBR GBR19850312 154 TURNBULL, Hamish GBR GBR19990713
22 MOULD, Jon GBR GBR19910404 155 OWENS, Ryan GBR GBR19950925
31 DOULL, Owain GBR GBR19930502 156 HUTCHINSON, Ryan GBR GBR19980817
32 HARRISON, Sam GBR GBR19920624 157 MITCHELL, Jonathan GBR GBR19941109
41 HOLT, Joe GBR GBR19971013 158 ALEXANDER, Jamie GBR GBR19921120
42 ROBERTS, Will GBR GBR19980604 159 VAN DEN BERG, Roy NED NED19880908
51 ESCRITT, Jack GBR GBR19971204 160 ROTHERHAM, Matthew GBR GBR19941207
52 MARTIN, Fraser GBR GBR19960909 161 ROTHERHAM, Tom GBR GBR19970402
61 CLAXTON, Angus GBR GBR19970413
62 BROWN, Andy GBR GBR19970428
71 ANDERSON, Peter GBR GBR19920101
72 TRODDEN, Phil GBR GBR19860802
81 ZAIDAN, Darragh IRL IRL19910924
82 SMITH, Luke IRL IRL19990119
91 BLYTHE, Adam GBR GBR19891001
92 BOSTOCK, Matt GBR GBR19970716
100 BARKER, Elinor GBR GBR19940907
105 ARCHIBALD, Katie GBR GBR19940312
106 DEW, Monica GBR GBR19980114
107 EVANS, Neah GBR GBR19900801
110 MCDERMOTT, Ellen GBR GBR19881203
111 HOLL, Jenny GBR GBR1990411
112 CALLANDER, Rhona GBR GBR19990919
115 BARKER, Megan GBR GBR19970815
116 LOWTHER, Melissa GBR GBR19960515
117 NELSON, Emily GBR GBR19961110
120 EBERHARDT, Verena AUT AUT19941206
122 NIBLETT, Hetty GBR GBR19981217
125 BLOEM, Judith NED NED19900729
126 LIPIEJKO, Karolina POL POL19980626
127 BIELAWSKA, Klaudia POL POL19990928
130 JOSEPH, Amber BAR BAR19991215
131 DIDERIKSEN, Amalie DEN DEN19960524
132 BARBIERI, Rachele ITA ITA19970221
135 KAY, Emily GBR GBR19950907
136 KAHN, Dani GBR GBR19950901
137 DENTUS, Abbie GBR GBR19970503
 1 RUSSELL, Ellie REV 82
4 BACKSTEDT, Elynor USN 63
5 ASHWORTH, Georgia REV 57
6 HOMER, Gabriella MAL 55
7 NIBLETT, Esme PED 53
8 MELLOR, Aleshia RAL 52
8 STEELE, Lusia SBP 52
10 BOWLER, Lorna WIG 51
11 TACEY, April MAL 49
12 JONES, Chloe CIR 44
13 MARTIN, Eve SBP 40
14 ELLIS, Isabel JLT 39
14 SHAW, Elena JLT 39
16 MATRAVERS, Alice WIG 36
17 GLEDHILL, Felicity NAB 27
17 HALL, Leanne RAL 27
19 NAYLOR, Lucy NAB 22
20 NOVACKI, Alexandra CIR 21
 1 BROWN, Jim MAL 90
2 VERNON, Ethan PED 70
3 CALVERT, Charley REV 67
5 BARTON, Jack CIR 53
6 BRIDGES, Zach JLT 52
7 BURKE, Matthew USN 51
8 DRAPER, Wiliam NAB 50
8 LEWIS, Matthew WIG 50
10 COOPER, Daniel JLT 49
11 FIELDING, Alistair REV 47
12 HILL, Caleb MAL 46
13 CODD, James RAL 45
14 GEORGE, Alfie SBP 42
15 CRUDEN, Jack SBP 38
16 KELLY, Charlie RAL 30
17 LEIVERS, Alistair CIR 29
18 MODELL, Theo PED 28
19 BOSTOCK, Thomas NAB 26
20 MINGAY, Oscar USN 23
 1 803 JLT 122 JLT Condor p/b Mavic
2 804 WIG 115 Team Wiggins
3 801 PED 108 Team Pedalsure
4 802 MAL 86 Maloja Pushbikers RT
5 805 USN 71 Team USN
6 810 REV 56 Revolution All Stars
7 806 RAL 50 Team Raleigh GAC
8 807 SBP 42 Scotland Burness Paull
9 808 NAB 42 NAB Racing
10 809 CIR 12 Cycling Ireland
1 803 JLT 122 JLT Condor p/b Mavic
2 804 WIG 115 Team Wiggins
3 801 PED 108 Team Pedalsure
4 802 MAL 86 Maloja Pushbikers RT
5 805 USN 71 Team USN
6 810 REV 56 Revolution All Stars
7 806 RAL 50 Team Raleigh GAC
8 807 SBP 42 Scotland Burness Paull
9 808 NAB 42 NAB Racing
10 809 CIR 12 Cycling Ireland
1 907 VOX 102 Voxwomen
2 902 POD 96 Podium Ambition pb Club La Santa
3 908 GBR 96 Great Britain
4 904 TBR 72 Team Breeze
5 901 MTX 60 Matrix Fitness RT
6 905 TFV 54 Team Footon Velosport
7 903 TJW 42 Team Jaden Weldtite
8 906 PLX 38 Planet X BOGO
1 907 VOX 102 Voxwomen
2 902 POD 96 Podium Ambition pb Club La Santa
3 908 GBR 96 Great Britain
4 904 TBR 72 Team Breeze
5 901 MTX 60 Matrix Fitness RT
6 905 TFV 54 Team Footon Velosport
7 903 TJW 42 Team Jaden Weldtite
8 906 PLX 38 Planet X BOGO
 1 160 ROTHERHAM, Matthew MAL 10
2 151 TRUMAN, Joe GBR 12
3 161 ROTHERHAM, Tom SCV 15
4 159 VAN DEN BERG, Roy NED 17
5 150 CARLIN, Jack GBR 21
6 152 JOLIFFE, Alex GBR 28
7 154 TURNBULL, Hamish GBR 37
8 156 HUTCHINSON, Ryan GBR 37
9 153 STEWART, Lewis GBR 38
10 157 MITCHELL, Jonathan SCO 40

Round 1 Interviews

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Our Writer Amy Gornall chats to Lewis Stewart of Team GB. All content ©

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Interview – Alex Ridehalgh – Round 1 Revolution 2016 by Cycling Shorts

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Interview – Neah Evans – Round 1 Revolution 2016 by Cycling Shorts

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Interview – Monica Dew – Round 1 Revolution 2016 by Cycling Shorts

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