BMX is Fun



Hope you like this.. not my usual kinda thing, I filmed this in a skatepark, just having a bit of fun, nothing too serious (best bit is 1:37 when my bars hit Nathans head).





Accelerating Passion

A short film capturing great cycling moments from the RPRT‘s ongoing season.
Our friend James from London has put together another little film which also features Herne Hill and London Nocturne… so many of the UK races.




Tour de France 2013: Anarchy at Le Tour

The Tour de France has experienced more than its fair share of sabotage, stupidity, and strangeness in its hundred editions.

Any event that uses an entire country as the backdrop for a sporting contest is likely to suffer moments beyond the control of its organisers.

Spectacular crashes, animals in the road, random acts of sabotage, and occasional assaults have all be part of the rich tapestry of Tour life.

In our latest infographic from our partners at RoadCyclingUK, we explore the anarchic side of life at La Grande Boucle.

Anarchy at the Tour de France

Tour de France 2013: l’Alpe d’Huez

L’Alpe d’Huez is the most iconic climb of the Tour de France and today, for the first time in 100 editions of the race, the riders will climb it twice in one day.

What awaits them? Just 13.8km of climbing at an average gradient of 8.1 per cent, and, of course, the legendary 21 hairpin bends.

Fausto Coppi, Il Campionissimo, one of the greatest riders in the history of the sport, won on the climb’s first appearance in the Tour in 1952.

This year’s elite – Froome, Contador, Quintana et al – would love to claim victory on the first ‘double d’Huez’ of La Grande Boucle.

Here’s the latest infographic from our partners at

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