logo_girona_gran_fondoGirona has long been known for the quality of its riding, its labyrinth of twisty medieval streets with hidden restaurants and bars and now comes the chance to enjoy a Gran Fondo in the greatest cycling city in the world.
Organised by Club Ciclista Bike Breaks supported by The Girona Cycle Centre the event promises a week long cycling extravaganza.

With a Nocturne lap ride through the medieval old city, a timed hill climb of nearby mountain Els angels and culminating with a 125km loop into the volcanic region to the north of the city, and plenty of après bike and partying in between this is THE Gran Fondo of 2014.

The event starts on June 16th, the organisers have a bike shop and they’re running the week long cycling festival with daily “shop rides” on the most exciting roads of Girona, they also offer a once in a life time opportunity to do a “nocturne ride”. There will be social events including a “catalán evening” in Sant Daniel with the amazing gastronomy that this city has to offer, a pre-race party and then things get a little more serious with an uphill time trial to “Els Angels” it’s a 10.4km long climb with pretty views the whole week will culminate with the gran fondo itself on 21st June which will be 125km long.

The Girona Gran Fondo will be an unforgettable week in Girona and a long overdue showcase for this theme park for cycling.




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