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De Ketele and Van Hoecke win 21st Amsterdam Six-day

Kenny De Ketele and Gijs Van Hoecke won the 21st Amsterdam Six-Day this evening. The former Madison world champions defeated Leif Lampater and Raymond Kreder in a spectacular final chase. Jens Mouris and Wim Stroetinga claimed the third place.

The favourites didn’t give each other time to get into the rhythm at the beginning of the last night. During the first Madison, there were lots of attacks and every move was covered with another one. Eventually, Lampater and Kreder were the only ones to take a lap.

Five couples fought for the overall win in the second Madison after Stöpler-Havik and De Ketele-Van Hoecke went round early. De Ketele and Van Hoecke, however, pulled off a doublette in the closing laps to secure the victory.

“We had gathered enough points during the week, so we didn’t have to focus on the sprints and were able to go full-throttle”, said De KeteIe. “Tactically, we did great.”

The win in Amsterdam is Van Hoecke’s first six-say victory ever. “It’s very nice to take my first win here, as last year’s event was my first ever six-day.”

Track record
Tristan Marguet and Marc Hester put in a record-breaking performance in the two-lap trial. The Swiss-Danish combination won the event for the sixth day in a row and did so in a time of 21.495 seconds – a new track record.

Teun Mulder claimed the victory in the Keirin Masters. A third place would have been sufficient, but the sprinter, bronze medallist at the London Olympics, ended the week in style by winning. In the final of the Sprint Masters, Hugo Haak took on Matthijs Büchli. The winner of the race would not only win heat but also take the overall. Haak beat Büchli on the line and went home with the flowers.

Peter Schep
Peter Schep waved off at the Amsterdam Velodrome during the final day. The seven-time six-day winner decided to retire due to a lingering injury but rode one last derny race. Behind Ron Zijlaard the former European champion, out-gunned some old friends and colleagues.

Final classification Amsterdam Six Day 2013:

Rk Nr Teams Rnd Pts
1 4 De Ketele Kenny – Van Hoeke Gijs 0 282
2 6 Lampater Leif – Kreder Raymond 0 245
3 3 Mouris Jens – Stroetinga Wim 1 255
4 1 Ligthart Pim – Kalz Marcel 1 226
5 5 Stöpler Nick – Havik Yoeri 3 243
6 8 Marguet Tristan – Hester Marc 7 194
7 7 Markus Barry – Bartko Robert 8 44
8 12 Hochmann Jiri – Hacecky Vojtech 11 135
9 9 Boskamp Melvin – Asselman Jesper 12 134
10 10 Kreder Wesley – Hoffmann Nolan 15 114
11 2 Gate Aaron – Roberts, Luke 18 92
12 13 Caspers Didier – Van Zijl Melvin 21 33
13 11 East Guy – Holloway Daniel 27 33


General classification Keirin Masters 2013:

Rk Nr Name Pts
1 1 Mulder Teun 13
2 2 Haak Hugo 18
3 5 Buchli Matthijs 18
4 4 Hoogland Jeffrey 24
5 6 Van ‘t Hoenderdaal Nils 26
6 3 Hommes Bart 27

General classification Sprint Masters 2013:

Rk Nr Name Pts
1 2 Haak Hugo 15
2 5 Buchli Matthijs 16
3 4 Hoogland Jeffrey 19
4 6 Van ‘t Hoenderdaal Nils 20
5 1 Mulder Teun 24
6 3 Hommes Bart 32

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