The folks at Momondo have provided Cycling Shorts with a series of five useful infographics on European city bike schemes. The staff at Momndo put it together in their spare time. So a big thank you goes out the them.

When going on a city break, the best way to explore a city is by bike. You’re plans can be more flexible, it allows to truly experience the city, you can go at your own pace and discover places and streets that one would not see when taking the boring old tours buses. Government sponsored bike schemes make it really easy to do.

With the Tour de France in full flow you may be planning to hop over for the final stage in Paris so why not do some sightseeing by bike.

The second city in the series is:


Paris is a culturally rich city with great architecture, fashion, parks and the famous ‘choix de vivre’. The iconic final stage of le Tour passes in front of the Arc de Triomphe. It seems as if the Parisians have more time to relax and enjoy their life, the lovely street cafes are always filled with tres chic locals. Take a ride by the Seine, stop at the Louvre and continue your ride to the cartier du Montmartre and discover little hidden streets and passages.




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