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BikeTreks Racing Team – New Signings and Sponsors for 2013 Season


Established 2 years ago, Biketreks Racing Team has grown steadily towards its goal to be one of the UK’s leading cycling development teams. Our second season in operation has been a successful one. We have reached our goals to progress riders through the racing categories and for them to gain entry and exposure to Premier calendar racing, the pinnacle of domestic Road Racing. For 2013, the team will be focusing further on its rider development goals and will therefore be looking to provide the best of breed structure to three squads of 5 riders for a full Premier Calendar Series and National Junior Series, National Women Series, the new CDNW Women’s league and the National track champs.

The Lineup:

Under-23 Squad

James Dunlop, Jonny Cregeen, Sandy Lockett, Tom Bracegirdle

Junior Squad

Jake Cowen, Matt Flynn, Fabio Close, Rob Richardson, Jack Sadler

Women’s Squad

Heather Bamforth (rider/manager & Cycling Shorts writer), Nicola Fox, Nicky Shaw, Lizzie Waterhouse, Ruth Taylor

The two squads will be supported by Nic Bertrand (Team owner/principal), Simon Deeley (Team Manager), Jon Taylor (Coach and Sports Massage, Bike&Body), Graham Theobald of the Body Rehab (Sports therapy and Physiological Testing as well as state of the art altitude training facilities at his Staveley clinic) as well as a Phil Leigh as directeur sportif who has with years of experience running teams at international level.

We also welcome the following additional sponsors for 2013, who will be supplying quality race wheels from Czech Republic’s Remerx, Glanford Ltd, UK Distributors of UdderlySmooth chamois Cream, Ed Rollason Photography (Ed is also joining Cycling Shorts this week), Bike and Body and TorQ Energy.

We believe we have created a fantastic resource for young cyclists based in the North West of England to become the best cyclists they can be and have their best shot at being talent spotted by larger UCI Teams.

Successful sponsorship in sport is one of the main reasons for successful performance. This is especially the case in cycling. No team can survive without sponsors and even the world’s best athletes depend on companies to be able to compete and achieve those goals they are striving for.

Applications from companies that will complement our loyal set of sponsors to become a co-title sponsor are welcome to contact the Team Owner, Nicolas Bertrand, [email protected].

We are adamant that co-sponsor’s resources combined with dedication and performance on our behalf will result in victory for all parties.

We would like to thank our sponsors for 2013:

– Biketreks Ambleside

– Specialized UK

– / Remerx Wheels

– UdderlySmooth

– Soigneur Embrocation

– Bike and Body

– The Body Rehab

– Ed Rollason Photography

– The Sufferfest Training Videos

– CDC Solutions

– Cycling Holiday Spain

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