Revolution Series 10 | Revolution 38 – Lizzie, Jo & Marianne are greet by the crowd – ©

The girls took over the track on Saturday with a combination of World, Olympic and Junior champions in the mix.
We decided to unleash our female writers from the Cycling Shorts office.

I attended along with Heather and new recruit Annie. The dynamic duo concentrated on grabbing riders for interviews including the amazing Marianne Vos (coming soon). Paul Francis Cooper caught up with Lucy Martin (more following next week) while Tom Murray took to the boards fresh from his honeymoon. I asked Tom how he was feeling about the evening as he waited to sign in, “I’m not sure how my form will be tonight after my break, we’ll play it by ear”, he grinned.

This was the second meeting of the 2012 season and it wasn’t short of cycling stars. Lizzie Armistead (AA Drink –, Jo Rowsell (Matrix Fitness-Prendas), Marianne Vos (riding for Rabobank) and Elinor Barker (Team USN) fresh from her World Cup win representing the best of the elite women’s world track and road cycling talent along with Junior World Champions Lucy Garner and Amy Roberts, and for the boys; Ed Clancy, Alex Dowsett, Steven Burke and Luke Rowe who was sporting a rather splendid moustache.

The evening got underway early with a special race of which we are not allowed to speak according to the announcement Hugh Porter made over the PA just after the race took place, it was almost too late as I was preparing a tweet, but I’m sure word got out somewhere, but we shall behave ourselves and reveal all nearer Christmas.

Elite Flying Lap:
There was a strong field in the men’s events but no one could match Ed Clancy (Rapha Condor Sharp), he took a time of 13.292, he was a fraction slower than the time he set at Revolution 37, Steven Burke riding for IG SigmaSport managed to clinch 2nd with a time of 13.901, a major improvement on his 14.149 in round one of the Revolution Series… Jon Dibben of Rouleur put in a time of 14.063 to take 3rd.

Revolution Series 10 | Revolution 38 – Marianne Vos battles Lizzie Armistead – ©

Women’s Omnium – Elimination (Devil Scratch) Race:
Blink and you miss the action, in this format the riders were coming off every lap so keeping up was a nightmare, more so if you’re one of the riders. It was fast paced from the start and the 20 strong field weren’t intimidated by reputations. Jo Rowsell was the 7th rider to be eliminated, but she’s been unwell lately and wasn’t sure if she would be fully recovered in time to participate, it’s not the sort of event she regularly rides so I think she was saving herself for the head to head match later in the evening. The top 10 was full of promising young talent, proving we have depth in British women’s cycling at the moment. Lucy Garner (3rd), Amy Roberts (4th) and Emily Kay (7th) were all in the mix. Eventually it came down to a battle between Armistead and Vos, the fight we’d all been waiting for and Marianne showed her class beating Lizzie in the dying moments.

Click here to read Heather’s interview with Emily Kay from Revolution 38.

Heather & Annie’s interview with Marianne Vos.

DHL Future Stars Girls:
6 Lap Dash – The girls were out to impress with the focus of the night on the ladies, first up was the 6 Lap Dash where Emily Nelson (IG SigmaSport) decided to stamp her mark. Emily is in the hunt for the overall championship win so she really needed to gather some points over her rivals, and improved on her second place result of the first round result. Jessica Roberts [leader after round one] didn’t manage to stay with her only managing a 7th placing, Megan Barker and Sophie Capewell came in second and third respectively.

Points Race – In the Points race Emily Nelson struggled to get near the points in sprint one. The points went to Lucy Shaw (Rudy Project RT), Charlotte Broughton (Team Sky) and her team mate Grace Garner, Megan Barker mopped up the final points. Emily fought back in sprint two followed by Jess Roberts (Raleigh GAC) who seemed to be a little off form on the night, Holden (Maxgear) and Sophie Capewell (WD40). This meant that Shaw needed to win on the line in order to take it from Nelson. Unfortunately Lucy didn’t quite manage it, coming over the line second to Grace Garner (Team Sky), this meant Grace leapfrogged Lucy into 2nd place and Emily took the win. Thrilling race.

Scratch Race – Emily Nelson took control yet again and of the girls competition and won, with the Team Sky duo of Grace Garner and Charlotte Broughton in second and third respectively. This means that Emily Nelson is now leading the girls competition taking the jersey from Jessica Roberts.

Over the evening I noticed that this meet seems to have not only been about the girls but also about siblings, Lucy and Grace Garner both put in great performances in their elite and junior races, and younger siblings of previous DHL Future Stars are now starting to make their mark like Tom Rotherham who’s older brother Matt previously dominated DHL Future Stars races.

Coming soon – Heather’s interview with Emily Nelson & Paige Milward.

DHL Future Stars Boys:
Scratch Race – Stuart Balfour made a valiant attempt to lose the peloton and with a few laps to go it looked like he was going to succeed in staying away, but with two laps remaining he was caught. Tom Rotherham and Tristan Robbins stormed to the line, Tom took the victory by a wheel.

Points Race – In the boys points race Tom Rotherham crossed the finish line first but only took enough points to come 3rd (4 points). Second place went to Levi moody (6pts) and the winner with 8 points was Joe Evans.

6 Lap Dash – In the 6 Lap Dash Levi’s consistent results meant he pulled on the yellow future stars jersey at the end of the evening, taking it from Tristan Robbins who now lies in second place on the same number of points as Levi (138), it’s looking like a real battle for the boys this year with about five riders in the mix for the championship.

Revolution Series 10 | Revolution 38 – 1km Madison TT – Robert Bengsch & Marcel Kalz (Rudy Project RT) wind it up – ©

Elite 1km Madison Time Trial:
The Madison is always a crowd pleaser and the guys from Rudy Project love this race so you know they will always put in a great performance, and they did just that. Six teams came in under one minute and at the halfway point IG SigmaSport duo of Tom Murray and Steven Burke looked like they were going to be the ones to beat with a time of 59.239, Team Sky’s pairing of Alex Dowsett and Luke Rowe had only managed a time of 59.956 but with a couple of big names to come including Rudy Project and Rapha anything was possible. In the end the last three teams to take the board took the top spots. Rouleur (Jon Dibben & Sam Lowe) 3rd with 58.464, second place went to Rudy Project (Marcel Kalz & Robert Bengsch) in a time of 56.660, but the winners by over one second were the Rapha Condor Sharp pairing of Ed Clancy and Andy Tennant.

Elite Women’s Omnium – Scratch Race:
In the scratch race the competition was on from the start, no one was prepared to let the race lull. Emily Kay was on fire and prepared to take on the top riders, in the end she came away with 3rd, which when you look at the names in the peloton you have to admit she’s holding her own. Emily can provide a little turbo boost when she sprints for the line, but she was just beaten by Vos who took second. The race belonged to Katie Colclough (Specialzed-Lululemon) though who made a solo effort early on to take the win with Marianne and Emily gaining ground in the last few laps. Throughout the race Vos had sat on Emily’s wheel, which was amusing as Emily’s plan for the night was to sit on Marianne’s wheel. So I’m sure by the end of the evening they’d become very well acquainted with each other.

Elite Men’s Points Race:
The men returned to the track in the points race, Simon Yates (Maxgear Racing) took the first sprint, followed by Joe Kelly (FACE Partnership), Team Sky’s Alex Dowsett and Russell Downing (NetApp Endura). In sprint two Robert Bengsch (Rudy Project RT) took the top points, his team mate Marcel Kalz was caught in a British sandwich between Ed Clancy (Rapha Condor Sharp) and Luke Rowe (Team Sky) for the remainder. In sprint three Clancy won and that took him to the head of the points leader board, but unfortunately for him Luke Rowe also added to his tally which meant in the race for the line Rowe took the win with 9 points, Clancy pipped to the post with 8 and Simon Yates took 3rd place for Maxgear. Seems like Luke’s Movember Moustaches might be aerodynamic after all.

Women’s Team Pursuit – GB v Netherlands
This event was always going to be a close one and everyone was on the edge of their seats, the GB team consisted of Lizzie Armistead, Jo Rowsell and, Elinor Barker, they were up against the powerful combination of the Netherlands team; Marianne Vos, Amy Pieters and Ellen van Dijk. Opinion was divided in the media area who would be victorious as form was unknown for some riders. The British team seemed to get a better start than the Dutch team, but in the second lap the tenacious Marianne Vos took control of the race again as she got into her stride. It was all to play for in the final lap and GB battled wit their drop handlebar bikes to cross the line in a time of 2:28.216, just beating the Netherlands who came in with a time of 2:28.383.

Elite Elimination (Devil Scratch) Race:
The final two left standing after a thrilling race battled it out. The crowd gasped for a moment when Russ Downing swerved up to use the banking to jump Luke Rowe coming into the final lap, in his usual cheeky style, the move nearly worked culminating in a photo finish, but Luke took it by less than a quarter of a wheel.

Elite Scratch Race:
The scratch race got going and Alex Dowsett and Robert Bengsch lapped the peloton. First to the finishing line was Robert’s team mate Marcel Kalz securing him 3rd place but as the peloton came to the line it was Alex Dowsett who took glory and Bengsch had to settle for 2nd.

The Elite Men’s Team competition is still led by Ed Clancy and Andy Tennant for Rapha Condor Sharp.

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Don’t forget you can catch the highlights show on ITV4 at 20:00hrs on Wednesday 05/12/2012 and afterwards on ITV Player in the UK, for those outside the UK you can watch an edited highlights show on the Revolution Series website and YouTube channel.

You can download the full event results in PDF format by clicking here.

Revolution Series 10, Round 3 is on 5th January at Manchester.
To find out more about the series and to grab one of the few remaining tickets left for the Finale of the season in February at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow.


Revolution Series 10 | Revolution 38 – Elite Men – Team Rapha Podium – Ed Clancy & Andy Tennant – ©

Elite Championship Standings after Round 2

1 Rapha Condor Sharp 125
2 Rudy Project RT 100
3 Rouleur 95
4 Sky Procycling 75
5 howies 68
6 Maxgear 68
7 WD40 56
8 IG-Sigma Sport 51
9 FACE 50
10 Sportscover 44
11 NetApp-Endura 40
12 Raleigh-GAC 8

Revolution Series 10 | Revolution 38 – DHL Future Stars Podium – Levi Moody & Emily Nelson – ©

Overall Standings for Men
1 Ed CLANCY Rapha Condor Sharp 61
2 John DIBBEN Rouleur 50
3 Simon YATES Maxgear Racing 44
4 Andy TENNANT Rapha Condor Sharp 40
5 Owain DOULL Howies 35
6 Christian GRASMANN Rudy Project RT 34

Future Stars Girls After Round 2
1 Emily NELSON IG Sigmasport 149
2 Jessica ROBERTS Raleigh GAC 133
3 Emily HAYCOX Howies 116
4 Ellie COSTER Howies 113
5 Beth HAYWARD Rapha Condor Sharp 108
6 Hannah BLOUNT Rudy Project RT 102

Future Stars Boys After Round 2
1 Levi MOODY Sportscover 138
2 Tristan ROBBINS Howies 138
3 Joe EVANS Rudy Project RT 112
4 Leon GLEDHILL Sportscover 108
5 James SHAW Sky Procycling 101
6 Jack HOYLE Rapha Condor Sharp 95


Race Results Revolution 38

Elite Mens Flying Lap
1 CLANCY Ed Rapha Condor Sharp 13.292
2 BURKE Steven IG Sigmasport 13.901
3 DIBBEN Jon Rouleur 14.063
4 KALZ Marcel Rudy Project RT 14.075
5 LATHAM Chris WD40 14.162
6 WOOD Oliver Sportscover 14.602

Elite Mens 1km Madison Time Trial
1 RAPHA-CONDOR-SHARP Rapha Condor Sharp 55.249
2 Rudy Project RT Rudy Project RT 56.660
3 ROULEUR Rouleur 58.464
4 IG Sigmasport IG Sigmasport 59.239
5 WD40 WD40 59.524
6 TEAM SKY Sky Procycling 59.956

Elite Mens Points Race
1 ROWE Luke Sky Procycling
2 CLANCY Ed Rapha Condor Sharp
3 YATES Simon Maxgear Racing
4 BENGSCH Robert Rudy Project RT
5 TENNANT Andy Rapha Condor Sharp
6 DOULL Owain Howies

Elite Mens Devil Elimination Race
1 ROWE Luke Sky Procycling
2 DOWNING Russell NetApp Endura
3 YATES Simon Maxgear Racing
4 DIBBEN Jon Rouleur
5 TENNANT Andy Rapha Condor Sharp
6 ATKINS George WD40

Elite Mens Scratch Race
1 DOWSETT Alex Sky Procycling
2 BENGSCH Robert Rudy Project R
3 KALZ Marcel Rudy Project RT
4 MOULD Jon Howies
5 TENNANT Andy Rapha Condor Sharp
6 LATHAM Chris WD40


DHL Future Stars Girls

Points Race
1 NELSON Emily IG Sigmasport 6:34.377
2 GARNER Grace Sky Procycling
3 SHAW Lucy Rudy Project RT
4 BLOUNT Hannah Rudy Project RT
5 BROUGHTON Charlotte Sky Procycling
6 DENTUS Abbie FACE Partnership

6 Lap Dash
1 NELSON Emily IG Sigmasport
2 BARKER Megan Raleigh GAC
3 CAPEWELL Sophie WD40
4 DENTUS Abbie FACE Partnership
5 COSTER Ellie Howies
6 HAYWARD Beth Rapha Condor Sharp

Scratch Race
1 NELSON Emily IG Sigmasport
2 GARNER Grace Sky Procycling
3 BROUGHTON Charlotte Sky Procycling
4 HAYWARD Beth Rapha Condor Sharp
5 BARKER Megan Raleigh GAC
6 BLOUNT Hannah Rudy Project RT


DHL Future Stars Boys

Scratch Race
1 ROTHERHAM Tom Maxgear Racing
2 ROBBINS Tristan Howies
3 MOODY Levi Sportscover
4 TANFIELD Charlie Rouleur
5 ESCRITT Jack FACE Partnership
6 WALKER Joey NetApp Endura

6 Lap Dash
1 ROTHERHAM Tom Maxgear Racing
2 HOYLE Jack Rapha Condor Sharp
3 ROBBINS Tristan Howies
4 MOODY Levi Sportscover
5 TANFIELD Charlie Rouleur
6 KELLY Jake Rudy Project RT

Points Race
Boys DHL Future Stars Points Race
1 EVANS Joe Rudy Project RT
2 MOODY Levi Sportscover
3 CULLAIGH Gabriel NetApp Endura
4 ROTHERHAM Tom Maxgear Racing
5 GLEDHILL Leon Sportscover
6 ROBBINS Tristan Howies


Revolution Women’s Omnium

Women’s International Elimination Race
1 VOS Marianne Rabobank
2 ARMITSTEAD Lizzie AA Drink –
3 GARNER Lucy Node 4 Giordana
5 COLCLOUGH Katie Team Specialized – Lululemon
6 PIETERS Amy Skil – Argos

Revolution Series 10 | Revolution 38 – Katie Colclough – ©

Women’s International Scratch Race
1 COLCLOUGH Katie Team Specialized – Lululemon
2 VOS Marianne Rabobank
3 KAY Emily Scott Contessa – Epic
5 ARMITSTEAD Lizzie AA Drink –
6 HALL Corinne Node 4 Giordana

Women’s Team Pursuit
1 Great Britain (ARMITSTEAD Elizabeth, ROWSELL Joanna, BARKER Elinor) 2:28.216
2 Netherlands (VOS Marianne, PIETERS Amy, van DIJK Ellen) 2:28.383

Revolution Series 10 | Revolution 38 – Team GB – LtoR: Elinor Barker, Lizzie Armistead & Jo Rowsell – ©

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