My best friend illustrator Steve Try often sends me cycling design oddities he stumbles across while browsing the internet. Today I received a link to this rather bizarre design for the off beat eco cyclist who wants to take the herbs from the kitchen windowsill with them when they leave for the office. The little pots attach to your bike frame or handlebars with elastic cord. They were the imaginings of Colleen Jordan an Atlanta, GA based designer who came up with these tongue in cheek planters taking influence from the equally strange flower vase on the dashboard of the new generation VW Beetle. Collen describes, “Putting a plant in a car like that seemed to be contradictory. A lot of cyclists seem to be plant lovers as well, so the combination just seemed right in my mind.”

Personally (as a designer and cyclist) I would say that just because I like something doesn’t necessarily mean I want to attach it to my bike,… but it’s eye catching, cute and certainly less odd than the car vase. Treat your succulents to some fresh air and a bike ride! It’ll be a talking point when you roll up at work. The range also contains wearable planter jewellery.

Colleen 3D prints the planters from a porous polyamide which means excess water drains away from the plant which makes them ideal for cuttings from succulents or an air plants. I’m not sure they will catch on in the pro peloton or be seen at your next sportive but at least in a tiny way you’re doing your bit to offset your fellow commuters carbon footprint as they sit at the lights revving in their luxury saloon or spluttering white van.

If you fancy a bit of herbage fixie fun this summer you can purchase the Bike Planter in a range of colours to pimp your ride at Colleen Jordan’s Etsy store for $45.

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