Monument Valley RAAM Photo

Dex Tooke

The Race Across America (RAAM) is one of the most challenging and rewarding races in the world. It’s something that many cyclists aspire to achieve and I know it’s on the mind of at least a few of you right now. This photo from last year’s Race Across America is one of my favorite cycling […]

Book Review – Ride: Short Fiction About Bicycles


We got our hands on some digital pre release copies of “Ride” a new collection of short stories (not to be confused with British publication “Ride Journal”). Below are our collective thoughts on the Kindle and iPad versions. Darryl: I have to say that I was pretty stoked when I was asked to review the […]

Santa’s Little Helpers

Cycling Santa's by Jim Wend

Cycling Shorts unleashes Santa’s Little Helpers. Yes the panic is setting in, so much to get organised and so little time, so we’ve got together to give you a list of gift ideas that won’t disappoint the fussiest cyclist in your life. We’ve split our choices into three perfect price parcels. Let us know what […]

The Cycling Life – Riding Across the US


I was very fortunate (and Thankful) to spend three days with a couple incredible guys who are currently cycling their way across the United States.  I’ve been online buddies with Ryan van Duzer for over a year now and have enjoyed following his amazing adventures.  I watched the Out of the Wild television series last year only because Ryan […]

The Car-Less and Car-Light Lifestyle

Ryan Van Duzer

I love all things about cycling, but one of the things I love to hear about is when people tell me about their Car-Less lifestyle. I’m totally amazed by what these people are doing and have the utmost respect for anyone who has chosen to take this route in life. There is also the term […]

5 Reasons You Need to Go Cycling in Bonaire


  Do you picture bikes or cycling when you think about the Caribbean?  I’m sure sun, sand, and palm trees pop into your head a lot sooner then the idea of riding a bicycle in the Caribbean….especially on the beautiful island of Bonaire.  But I’m here to tell you that bikes and Bonaire go hand […]

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