Review – Purple Harry Bike Wash & Polish Mitt

Review – Purple Harry Bike Wash & Polish Mitt

Following my high scoring reviews of the Bike Floss (90%) and the Bike Polish & Frame Protector (100%) from UK Company Purple Harry, I now turn to their Wash & Polish Mitt. It is made from good quality microfibre material and shaped into a three fingered ‘lobster claw’ glove, which according to their website “has […]

Review – Purple Harry Bike Polish & Frame Protector

Review - Purple Harry Bike Polish & Frame Protector

With the constant rain that has become the norm here in the UK lately, it has become more important than ever to regularly clean your bike. This will not only reduce corrosion, but also limit the wear from those little bits of grit and muck that stick to the frame and components when cycling on […]

Review – Purple Harry Bike Floss


 Review: Purple Harry Bike Floss Keeping your bike clean is important for making sure that it keeps running smoothly, reducing wear and for finding any problems before they become big and expensive. Also, if you are like me, there is a sense of satisfaction in making sure your precious steed remains looking new and shiny. […]

Book Review: Merckx – Half Man, Half Bike

  Merckx Half Man, Half Bike by William Fotheringham   I imagine that almost everyone who has had the slightest interest in cycling would know the name of Eddy ‘The Cannibal’ Merck, and if you are like me, also know very little about him beyond that he is often quoted as the greatest racing cyclist […]

Book Review – Mark Cavendish “Boy Racer”


Mark Cavendish – Boy Racer   This book charts the rise of the fastest sprinter in the world, from his earliest foray into bike racing (BMX) up to his record breaking 2009 Tour de France stage victories. You get to see the cycling world through his eyes, and his frank and brutal portrayal matches his […]

MET Crossover, a helmet for everyone?


As the name suggests, this is described by the Italian manufacturer as a unisex helmet suitable for both road bike and mountain bike use, and has some features that would appeal to commuters too, but is it a case of ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’ ?   I have owned this helmet for […]

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