Hot to Trot!

Forget spoke dokies… this beats them hands down! This totally bonkers idea is brought to you by small design company Trotify.
There is a bit of a marketing fail in that you don’t actually hear it working in this film, but the video below remedies that. A bit of fun for the cyclist in your life who’s in need of some extra horsepower… Quite a good Laura Trott lookalike too.

They are literally hot to trot (I can come out with these terrible puns all day long). You can preorder yours [through a Kickstarter style system] for the reasonable price of £19.99 + p&p here:

Anna Magrath
Anna Magrath


Editor of @CyclingShortsUK Designer & Art Director
Those are some smart pins! Rocking the @1ookmumnohands style @silentnightbeds Hippo. Visit soon I miss you. - 16 hours ago
Anna Magrath
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