As we struggle with the shorter, colder days, it’s that much easier to give in to our ‘inner laziness’, wrap up warm on the sofa with a hot cocoa and a blanket for endless hours of trashy movies. We all long to spend hours on the bike, just as we did on those “warm, dry” summer days. But just because it’s dark and cold outside, doesn’t mean to say we shouldn’t enjoy being on the bike any less. After all, bikes are made for riding And that’s which what @keepcycling wants you to do.

#keepcycling’s goal is to help motivate those of you already considering packing the bike away for the winter. And there are plenty of ways you can still enjoy your prized possession. So, here’s some ideas from Cycling Shorts to keep you going this winter. And, if you do get out on the bike, don’t forget to share the winter riding love by posting your photos on twitter with the tag #keepcycling and put yourself on the map.

1) Get back to basics- for many, training in the summer is highly focused – all about ‘getting in the miles’, increasing stamina and endurance. Throughout the winter we have the opportunity to put our training goals on the back burner, or at least have a more relaxed approach. So why not go back to basics? Just enjoy getting out on the bike, be it on your own or with friends and family. Take a different route, try something new, go off road, stop to admire the views and hell, stop for that cake (or 2!), you’ll certainly need the coffee to get you warm again.

2) Stay warm – There are no excuses these days to say ‘it’s too cold’. With some fantastic solutions from some of the best brands out there, there’s got to be a something to help keep you warm. And if not, go with the classic stuffing your jersey with bubble wrap, putting your kit on the radiator the night before, lining yours shoes with tin-foil and plastic bags, and maybe add a little tipple to your water bottle (shhh, no one need know!)

3) Rule #12 – n+1 – We’re always looking for excuses to buy *that* new bike; so why not use the winter as one of them? Try something different – get off road on a cross or mountainbike. By doing something different in the winter, you’ll not only be more motivated to get back to your usual training schedule come spring, but it’ll help keep your fitness at a decent level and use different muscle sets too. Who’s up for some muddy trails?!

4) Feel the burn! – For some, getting out in the cold just isn’t going to happen, more so if you’re not keen on riding in the dark (although there are some fantastic lights out there these days). A turbo trainer or set of rollers are a fantastic solution to getting the time on the bike with a focused effort. If you’re not sure you can handle staring at the wall for 90 minutes at a time, there are some great DVDs on the market designed to motivate and help you gain fitness levels you’d think not possible from riding indoors. If you’d rather work out with others, try a spin class at a local gym. Or, there’s always Google Hangouts!


Hayley Davies

Hayley Davies


Riding since Feb 2011 Hayley is a 30 year old female who loves adventures. If she’s not on one of her many bikes or in the water on a bodyboard/surfboard, then Hayley is probably out looking for something new to keep the adrenaline pumping!
Website: www.hjdonline.co.uk

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