Feels weird to say, but thats it for the season. Well I wish it was that simple, I am riding some of the Revolution Series in Manchester, most likely the first and last but maybe some of the others too. However the season is finished. Revs seems to fall as some strange afterthought to 2011, prolouge to 2012, however it always has a great atmosphere and so are a joy to ride.

This weekend I rode the Madison Youth and Junior (Saturday and Sunday) British Madison Championships with a great friend of mine Luc Hall, it involved some really good racing in front of a huge Manchester crowd, but on the whole more of a learning curve than anything for us as a pairing. Our first madison sling came in the first race itself, this wouldnt be a problem for a really experienced Madison rider, however the catch came in that I had only ridden one before, with a field no way near to match and Luc hadn’t ridden one at all. I think we put in a good effort, and improved a lot on the Sunday, taking in what we had learnt. On the whole I am pleased with the weekend, was obviously not great result wise, and thats obviously what is seen on paper, but we have both taken a great deal from the weekend, hopefully stuff we can put into action next year in the Junior ranks full time. I would like to do a proper round up of the year soon, but not tonight, school work is calling.

Hi there…

Hi Everyone,

Firstly thanks for making your way to my section on Cycling Shorts, I am new to the site, and hope to add my own personal touch in the coming months. I have, up untill now, blogged at, my own personal blog, and will continue to do so in the future. However I will also be sharing my blogs here on Cycling Shorts.

A little bit of background: I race for Cycling Club Hackney, a small club based in East London, whilst also representing my personal sponsors Condor Cycles and Rapha. This year I rode for Great Britain at the European Youth Olympics, finishing fourth in the Time Trial. I also took four medals at the British National Road and Track Championships. This year I have been selected for the British Olympic Development Programme and aim to continue to race nationally and internationally, hopefully with a few wins along the way.

Hopefully I can portray some of my adventure in writing, with a few stories of my travels, of the inevitable peaks and troughs, the wins and loses, and most definitely some brutal weather.

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