Nancy Arreola Profile

Name: Nancy Arreola
Birthday: 28th November
Height: 1.53cm
Weight: 45kg
Born: Mexico, Monterrey, N.L.
Current City: London, UK
Relationship Status: in a relationship with Jetse Bol (cyclist)
Team: Horizon Fitness RT
Twitter: @Nancy_Arreola

Nancy was born in the north of Mexico in the city of Monterrey, a very beautiful mountainous region. Nancy’s parents encouraged her to get involved in various sports from age 5 because she was in her words, “a very hyper kid”. Since then she’s been doing all kinds of sports and activities, starting with “ballet, gymnastics and tennis; all those boring girlie sports” [she giggles]. “The real fun began when I was swimming, I was invited to a triathlon race, then I did an ironkid (that was the first time I’d ever ridden a road bike and it felt great!), I also did pentathlon and I became National Champion in Shooting.”

“My dad is a former cyclist, but he thought that cycling was a dangerous sport for little girls, I used to watch the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España with him and I was just very passionate about cycling, when I went to a shooting competition in Cuba I was staying next to the Velodrome and I saw some cool races, when I came back to Monterrey the first thing I did was look for a proper cycling coach.”

After training for only one month Nancy went to the Jr. Nationals, “It was the first experience I had cycling on a track, I crashed two times! but I came third in the points race, my dad saw how determind I was to succeed at the sport and he has been very supportive since then. At first I wanted to do both (shooting and cycling) but I was only 14 and I didn’t have enough time, even though I was better at shooting I choosed cycling. With more hours on my bike and hard training I got better results.”

“I won a few national titels on the track, the thing is that in Mexico we don’t really have road races for girls, so even though I love road racing I had to focus on track cycling, weird huh?”

After her last year as a Jr. Nancy retired from the sport, “I was very disappointed with my federation and I was also hit by a car, it was a hard time because I was also studying my first semester in college and I wasnt motivated, but still I was going for short rides almost every day. My sister Sofi was doing very well at that time so my parents booked me a trip to Ecuador and I saw her racing the Jr. PanAms, then I also went to Moscow to the Jr. Worlds with her and watching her doing so well was amazing, but it also gave me a kind of bad feeling but I wanted to be there!”

“So I started to concentrate on training, it was very hard, my little sister was droping me all the time!! I’ve always been very competitive and as she is two years younger I used to beat her all the time, I had to work twice as hard as everyone in order to get back in shape, I won the Nationals that year (2009) and I was back to being part of the National team in 2010.”

Nancy is now in her first European season, based between London and Belgium. “I’m looking forward to having fun on my bike, training hard, traveling across the world and meeting great people!”

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