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Name: Lorna Johnston
Age: 31
Lives: Ayrshire, Scotland
Occupation: Dentist
Club: Glasgow Green Cycle Club
Club Sponsor: Dales Cycles
Twitter: @lorna_johnston


Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that I’ve only been riding bikes for 2 years. In fact, I’ve only been taking regular exercise as an adult for 2 years! Prior to that I danced and swam as a kid, drank beer as a student and generally did some more of the same when I graduated. All of a sudden my 30th year was upon me and I was challenged by a good friend to participate in the London to Paris ride for the Meningitis Trust. With a goal in mind I am pretty diligent and I duly signed up for the event. Never in a million years did I think a love affair with cycling would be nurtured on the rolling roads of Northern France but that it was. I joined Glasgow Green Cycle Club in September 2011 when they were in their infancy and I owe all my knowledge, skills, miles and achievements to them – I can only describe the vast numbers of people in that club as being like an extended family and I would never have achieved half of what I have to date if it were not for their help, encouragement and banter! I am now a regular sportive rider, I write for the British Cycling website, I have started to race at the new velodrome in Glasgow and I am on the cusp of my first road race. I still very much consider myself as new to the sport – I’m not the fastest rider on the planet but I can no longer imagine a life without 2 wheels!

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