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Full Name: Josiah Ng Onn Lam
Chinese Name: 伍安臨
Simplified Chinese Name: 伍安临
Date of Birth: 02 February 1980
Citizenship: Malaysian
Race: Chinese
Place of Birth: Manila, Phillippines
Height: 174cm / 5′9”
Weight: 79kgs / 176lbs
Coach: John Beasley (Melbourne, Australia)
Representing: Malaysian Team
Twitter: @josiahcyclist & @5bling
Website: &


2004 – Malaysian Olympian & Sportsman of the Year
2010 – 1st Malaysian Commonwealth Gold Medalist in Track Cycling

UCI Track World Cup Ranking:
Keirin Year 2002 to 2003 – Ranked No.1
Keirin Year 2004 to 2005 – Ranked No.3
Keirin Year 2005 to 2006 – Ranked No.1

8 times World Cup Medallist

One of Malaysia’s current top national track cyclists, Josiah became the 2004 Malaysian Olympian and Sportsman of the Year after participating in the Athens Olympics 2004, 8-times world medallist bagging the first place in the UCI Track World Cup in the keirin event three times and is still competing internationally.
Josiah, pronounced as “Jo-Sai-Yah” seems to find himself more commonly recognised as “Jo-See-Yah” in Malaysia. His biblical name was given to him by his parents which means King of Judah. But, Josiah Ng is certainly our King of Cycling.

At fourteen years old, this gung-ho kid bought his first used-racing bicycle for USD$250. Six years later, he represented Malaysia for the first time at the Asian Championships in Shanghai. He grew up joining numerous cycling races and mixing with people who would offer advice and share their experiences in the professional arena. Today, he has established himself as one of the top track cyclist in the world. He is constantly ranked in the top ten.

Josiah starts his typical day by going to the gym at 8am for a good two hours. After a good workout, the health conscious sportsman tucks in to his own cooked lunch! Afternoons are filled with road or track cycling. The latter is accompanied by motor-pacing. This involves having a motorcycle in the draft of Josiah’s bicycle, driven by an experienced driver. This allows him to go faster than he would on his own and gauge his speed while being paced. The long day ends with a quiet dinner before finally hitting the sack for a good night’s rest.

As any successful cyclist would be quick to admit, the road to success is never a smooth one. His worst “bump” was during the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Mallorca, Spain in April 2007. Josiah broke his collarbone when a cyclist’s back wheel caught Josiah’s front wheel causing the crash. A month before the recent crash, Josiah was hit by the motorcycle during a motor-pacing training session this was due to the condition of the velodrome track causing him to seriously bruise his hip. Another serious injury occurred a few years before that was when he broke his wrist during a crash. However, in spite of all the unforeseen circumstances and battle wounds, Josiah picked himself up – quickly worked at healing his wounds (eg. obeying his doctor) and continued his training to achieve his goals.

How confident is Josiah in achieving his next goals? “I am confident that I will put my whole heart and soul into what I do. I know that I am capable and on the day of truth, I will put everything on the line to achieve them.”

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Josiah’s sponsors:
National Sports Council of Malaysia, Yayasan Sime Darby Malaysia,, Nike, GIRO, Bont, Euro-Asia Imports, Oakley


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