Darryl Kotyk Profile


Name: Darryl Kotyk
From: Canada
Lives: Austin, Texas USA
Twitter: @lovingthebike
Favourite place to ride: St. Kitts, West Indies
Darryl Kotyk is a self-proclaimed cycling gypsy. As a native of Canada, Darryl realised that his country’s climate would not provide the year-round temperatures that he desired to be out on his bike… so his Family has been chasing the sun for the past 10 years. His cycling passion began while living in St. Kitts, West Indies and he still considers this one of his favorite cycling destinations. He is currently living in Austin, Texas and loves the cycling culture found in the city… and also gets a kick out of cycling past Lance Armstrong while he’s out on a ride. But his gypsy soul has got him looking to a new cycling destination as we speak.

In addition to running his cycling lifestyle blog: www.lovingthebike.com, Darryl hosts a weekly bike chat on Twitter called #bikeschool and is also a co-host of the weekly cycling podcast called Cycling360. His goal is to be completely immersed in cycling and he says he feels like he’s almost there. Loving the Bike is quickly becoming a favorite digital media hug for bike lovers around the world, and his other cycling ventures are adding to the excitement. When not working on his cycling projects, this devoted husband, father of three, and avid cyclist can be found riding the back roads of the Texas Hill Country or conversing with friends and fans on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.


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