Darren Collard Profile

I am a long time commuter and fitness/recreational cyclist, I started cycling in the mid eighties, I ride throughout the year, only missing the very darkest of winter evenings and any extremes of the UK weather e.g. snow, hailstones and severe gales!

My interests lie in road cycling and watching racing, including track events, though I have never competed myself.

I own two bikes, my weekend ‘best’ bike is a Bianchi via Nirone that I avoid getting wet or dirty, my commuter/winter bike is a Carrera Virtuoso with full mudguards for everyday errands etc.
My weekend rides are usually done alone and are between 25 to 40 miles, but on special occasions I go further, up to 65 or so (last year I cycled to both the start and finish of the local stage of the Tour of Britain for example).
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