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Name: Colin ‘Flash’ Tonks
Lives: London, Uk
Profession: Inventor, Tinkerer, Director at Electric Pedals
Twitter: @electricpedals


For more than four years inventor and educator Colin Tonks been an integral and innovative part of Electric Pedals; a group of artists, physicists, educationalists & environmentalists using bicyles to educate.

He invents new and wonderful pedal powered things.

Electric Pedals are artists, physicists, educationalists & environmentalists.
Our installations make you physically feel the power it takes to power our world.
We invent new and wonderful pedal power things.
We create interactive pedal-power events and installations. Some of these are to engage people with issues of energy wastage and to teach the science of generating electricity. And some are just for fun. We like to involve people in our experiments and bring communities together.
We specialise in building bespoke bicycle powered installations. In the past we have powered stages, projectors, cinema systems and even houses. We’re up for trying anything new, so set us a challenge.
We hire and sell equipment so people can run their own pedal-powered events and workshops.
We run educational workshops in schools and for anyone else that wants them. We can help to bring science and design technology classes to life. We provide taster sessions so people can try out pedal a range of different electrical appliances and we run workshops to show how to build our kit for yourself.
Our aim is to help people to adapt and use pedal-powered equipment for education, for fun, for fundraising, for everyday life.
We build community spirit while giving a little hug to the planet!
In the future…
We want to teach people more broadly how to reduce waste in all it’s forms. We want to share skills and equip people with the know-how they need to live sustainably.


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