Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen and Wiv SunGod were crowned Tour Series champions in Manchester city centre on Tuesday night after three weeks of competition.

For Wiv SunGod it was a third series title, having claimed the honours in 2018 and 2019, while for the Pro-Noctis team of British circuit race champion Jo Tindley it was a first crown, having been narrowly denied in the final event in 2021.

Second place on the night behind Team Boompods ensured the inaugural title for Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen, a comfortable victory having finished in the top two positions at all seven rounds and held the lead from round one in Guisborough.

“Morale has been really high throughout.  We worked really well together and have analysed and talked about each round afterwards and how we can improve as a team. I think that’s what’s made us stronger each round, and we finished on a high today.

 “I’m not sure having the jerseys all series added to the pressure. I think it added to the enjoyment and the excitement of the whole thing.”

Bexy Drew

Rider on Series Winning Team, Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen

 Wiv SunGod, who also have led the series since the opening event, sealed their title in style with Matt Bostock winning his second round of 2022 by 11.5 seconds at the head of a team 1-2-3.

Stockport-based Bostock broke away mid-race, countering after team-mate Ollie Wood’s solo move had been captured, helping seal the Sprints competition.


“It was the perfect way to finish, it doesn’t get much better than winning solo as well”

“I think as a team we just ripped it up, couldn’t have been any better.

 “The atmosphere was amazing, I wish I’d taken it in a bit more, but I was seeing double and my legs were screaming. It was a bit of a blur but the noise and the crowd was just mega.”

“The individual results don’t matter as much,”

“Because the team prize is the main thing. But it’s really good to get your hands in the air and I think we’ve won maybe four rounds out of the seven, so it couldn’t be much better.

 “It speaks volumes that we’ve had three different winners, and we’ve basically shared them out so that says a lot about how strong of a team we’ve got.  It’s almost a shame we couldn’t give everyone a win, because I think everyone’s deserved one. I don’t think we’ve had one bad night.”

Matt Bostock

Winner of Final Stage, Wiv SunGod

At the finish, behind Bostock, Wood and then Matt Gibson led in a 10-rider group, with Harry and Charlie Tanfield in fourth and fifth for Ribble Weldtite, who finished as runners up, four points back from Wiv SunGod, with Wales Racing Academy in third overall.


In the women’s race there was a second win of the series for 17-year-old Emma Jeffers (Jadan – Vive Le Velo), who sprinted home on Deansgate ahead of Sammie Stuart (Team LDN – Brother UK) and Lucy Harris (Team Boompods).

Stuart led through the final corner but on the 150-metre run to the line Jeffers came past to cross the line arms aloft and also take the fastest lap.

Having taken the overall Tour Series title with her Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen team, Tindley also added the Sprints competition, defending a jersey that she also took in 2021.

“This is the one I was aiming for, and I managed to pull it off,”

“Pro-Noctis had three girls in the front, and then a Boompods girl attacked.  Then Sammie [Stuart] counter attacked coming into the second to last corner. I just held onto Sammie’s wheel and managed to get around her on that last straight and hold it.”

Emma Jeffers

Winner of final Stage, Jadan – Vive Le Velo

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Highlights of the Grand Final of the Tour Series from Manchester will be broadcast on ITV4 at 7pm on Wednesday 25 May and available on demand via the ITV Hub for 30 days.

Final Results

Grand Final Manchester – Women’s team result

1) Team Boompods, 10pts
2) Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen, 9pts
3) Alba Development Road Team, 8pts
4) Torelli – Cayman Islands – Scimitar, 7pts
5) Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus, 6pts


Women’s individual result

1) Emma Jeffers, GBR, Jadan – Vive le Velo, 1:08:01.289
2) Sammie Stuart, GBR, Team Brother UK – LDN, +0.134
3) Lucy Harris, GBR, Team Boompods, +0.691
4) Jo Tindley, GBR, Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen, +0.891
5) Kate Richardson, GBR, Alba Development Road Team, +1.531


Brother UK Fastest Lap

Emma Jeffers, GBR, Jadan – Vive le Velo, 1:20,941 sprints competition

Jo Tindley, GBR, Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen, 90pts


Women’s team standings after round one

1) Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes p/b Heidi Kjeldsen, 66pts
2) Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus, 49pts
3) Team Boompods, 49pts
4) Alba Development Road Team, 38pts
5) Jadan – Vive Le Velo, 36pts

Click here for full results.

Grand Final Manchester – Men’s team result

1) Wiv SunGod, 10pts
2) Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling, 9pts
3) Saint Piran, 8pts
4) Wales Racing Academy, 7pts
5) Embark – Bikestrong, 6pts


Men’s individual result

1) Matt Bostock, GBR, Wiv SunGod, 1:07:27.756
2) Ollie Wood, GBR, Wiv SunGod, +11.499
3) Matthew Gibson, GBR, Wiv SunGod, +11.774
4) Harry Tanfield, GBR, Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling, +11.856
5) Charlie Tanfield, GBR, Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling, +12.233


Brother UK Fastest Lap

Ollie Wood, GBR, Wiv SunGod, 1:15.879 sprints competition

Matt Bostock, GBR, Wiv SunGod, 101pts


Men’s team standings after round one

1) Wiv SunGod, 66pts
2) Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling, 62pts
3) Wales Racing Academy, 50pts
4) Saint Piran, 48pts
5) Team Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus, 35pts

Click here for full results.

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