Demi Vollering (SD Worx) clinched overall victory in the AJ Bell Women’s Tour, Britain’s biggest professional women’s race, as World Road Race Champion Elisa Balsamo (Valcar – Travel & Service) clinched the final stage – her first in the rainbow jersey.

Balsamo headed home Lorena Wiebes (Team DSM) and Chloe Hosking (Trek-Segafredo) in front of packed crowds along Felixstowe’s seafront basking in the October sunshine, for the win in her final race of 2021.

Vollering finished safely within the main field to celebrate the overall victory by one minute two seconds over Juliette Labous (Team DSM), with Clara Copponi (FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope) a further three seconds in arrears.

The win is Vollering’s first UCI Women’s WorldTour stage race victory and comes in a season where she has also won the prestigious single day races Liege-Bastogne-Liege and La Course.

“To win in this jersey is amazing – it was the perfect day,” [referring to her World Championship jersey] “My team did a really great lead-out for me.”

“We knew we were strong in the sprints but today was perfect. It’s wonderful. This was my first time at this race but I will definitely come here again!”

Elisa Balsamo

Stage 6 Winner, Valcar – Travel & Service

“It feels great.  It’s really nice to win a stage race for the first time,” said Vollering.  “I made a big gap in the time trial and then the last three days were flat so we tried to sprint for Amy [Pieters]and then we only needed to control it.  It was a good week and really nice with a lot of people next to the road.  It is always nice to see so many people into women’s cycling.”

Demi Vollering

Winner of the 2021 AJ Bell Women's Tour, Team SD Worx

The day was marked by a five-rider escape started by Eugenia Bujak (Alé BTC Ljubljana), containing Ana Santesteban (Team BikeExchange), Dani Christmas (Drops Le Col s/b TEMPUR), Sofia Bertizzolo (Liv Racing), and Veronica Ewers (Team TIBCO Silicon Valley Bank).  The quintet built a lead of just over three minutes, making Santesteban the virtual leader on the road, but a combination of Vollering’s SD Worx’s squad and the other teams working towards the sprint pulled things back to set up the fast finish in Felixstowe.

Once again the Valcar – Travel & Service team performed an excellent lead-out after having gone close in previous days, but this time the World Champion was able to cap the team performance and round out the AJ Bell Women’s Tour with a win.

Behind Wiebes took second to secure the Sigma Sports Points jersey thanks to her brace of stage wins, with Hosking taking another top three position.

Elise Chabbey (Canyon SRAM Racing) won the ŠKODA Queen of the Mountains jersey for the best climber in the race while having taken the Eisberg Sprints jersey on day one in Oxfordshire, Nina Kessler (Team TIBCO Silicon Valley Bank) held on to the red jersey.

Alice Barnes (Canyon SRAM Racing) was the top British rider in seventh overall and one of three Brits in the top 10 with Pfieffer Georgi (Team DSM) in eighth, and Joss Lowden (Drops Le Col s/b Tempur) in tenth.  There was further success for British riders with Hayley Simmonds (CAMS Basso) taking the Combativity Award after her tenacious stage five ride, while SD Worx clinched the team classification.

Highlights of Stage Six are on ITV4 at 20:00 on Saturday 9 October and available on demand via the ITV Hub.



1   Elisa BALSAMO [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   03:53:51
2   Lorena WIEBES [NED]   Team DSM   03:53:51
3   Chloe HOSKING [AUS]   Trek – Segafredo   03:53:51
4   Sheyla GUTIERREZ RUIZ [ESP]   Movistar Team   03:53:51
5   Amber VAN DER HULST [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   03:53:51
6   Clara COPPONI [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   03:53:51
7   Maria Apolonia VAN ‘T GELOOF [NED]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   03:53:51
8   Sarah ROY [AUS]   Team BikeExchange   03:53:51
9   Marta BASTIANELLI [ITA]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   03:53:51
10   Alice BARNES [GBR]   Canyon SRAM Racing   03:53:51
11   Josie NELSON [GBR]   Team Coop – Hitec Products   03:53:51
12   Amy PIETERS [NED]   Team SD Worx   03:53:51
13   Elise CHABBEY [SUI]   Canyon SRAM Racing   03:53:54
14   Juliette LABOUS [FRA]   Team DSM   03:53:54
15   Pfeiffer GEORGI [GBR]   Team DSM   03:53:54
16   Leah KIRCHMANN [CAN]   Team DSM   03:53:54
17   Chiara CONSONNI [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   03:53:54
18   Aude BIANNIC [FRA]   Movistar Team   03:53:54
19   Maaike BOOGAARD [NED]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   03:53:54
20   Christine MAJERUS [LUX]   Team SD Worx   03:53:54
21   Lourdes OYARBIDE JIMENEZ [ESP]   Movistar Team   03:53:54
22   Sofia BERTIZZOLO [ITA]   Liv Racing   03:54:01
23   Demi VOLLERING [NED]   Team SD Worx   03:54:01
24   Joscelin LOWDEN [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   03:54:01
25   Margaux VIGIE [FRA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   03:54:02
26   Anna SHACKLEY [GBR]   Team SD Worx   03:54:02
27   Nina KESSLER [NED]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   03:54:02
28   Abi SMITH [GBR]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   03:54:02
29   Pien LIMPENS [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   03:54:02
30   Natalie GRINCZER [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   03:54:02
31   April TACEY [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   03:54:02
32   Elena CECCHINI [ITA]   Team SD Worx   03:54:02
33   Soraya PALADIN [ITA]   Liv Racing   03:54:02
34   Chantal BLAAK [NED]   Team SD Worx   03:54:02
35   Mischa BREDEWOLD [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   03:54:02
36   Eugenia BUJAK [SLO]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   03:54:02
37   Sophie WRIGHT [GBR]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   03:54:02
38   Hayley SIMMONDS [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   03:54:02
39   Jelena ERIC [SRB]   Movistar Team   03:54:02
40   Lauren STEPHENS [USA]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   03:54:02
41   Ilaria SANGUINETI [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   03:54:02
42   Nicole FRAIN [AUS]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   03:54:02
43   Alice TOWERS [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   03:54:15
44   Emma EDWARDS [USA]   CAMS – Basso   03:54:15
45   Victorie GUILMAN [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   03:54:15
46   Jade WIEL [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   03:54:15
47   Alice LETHBRIDGE [GBR]   AWOL O’Shea   03:54:21
48   Janneke ENSING [NED]   Team BikeExchange   03:54:21
49   Femke GERRITSE [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   03:54:21
50   Ane SANTESTEBAN GONZALEZ [ESP]   Team BikeExchange   03:54:21
51   Anna CHRISTIAN [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   03:54:21
52   Danielle CHRISTMAS [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR  03:54:21
53   Veronica EWERS [USA]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   03:54:27
54   Liane LIPPERT [GER]   Team DSM   03:54:32
55   Mari Hole MOHR [NOR]   Team Coop – Hitec Products   03:55:00
56   Elizabeth DEIGNAN [GBR]   Trek – Segafredo   03:55:01
57   Audrey CORDON RAGOT [FRA]   Trek – Segafredo   03:56:33
58   Connie HAYES [GBR]   AWOL O’Shea   03:56:39
59   Becky STORRIE [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   03:56:39
60   Hannah BARNES [GBR]   Canyon SRAM Racing   03:56:46
61   Ella HARRIS [NZL]   Canyon SRAM Racing   03:56:35
62   Trixi WORRACK [GER]   Trek – Segafredo   03:56:58
63   Jessica ALLEN [AUS]   Team BikeExchange   03:57:02
64   Elena PIRRONE [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   03:57:02
65   Pernille Larsen FELDMANN [NOR]   Team Coop – Hitec Products   03:58:07
66   Maelle GROSSETETE [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   03:58:07
67   Alicia GONZALEZ BLANCO [ESP]   Movistar Team   03:58:11
68   Teniel CAMPBELL [TTO]   Team BikeExchange   03:58:32
69   Katie SCOTT [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   03:59:29
70   Jessica FINNEY [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   03:59:29
71   Kirstie VAN HAAFTEN [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   03:59:49
72   Gloria RODRIGUEZ SANCHEZ [ESP]   Movistar Team   03:59:49
73   Phoebe MARTIN [GBR]   AWOL O’Shea   04:01:04
905   Francesca MORGANS-SLADER [GBR]   AWOL O’Shea

905   Eugénie DUVAL [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope

905   Evita MUZIC [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope

   Demi VOLLERING [NED]   Team SD Worx   15:54:38
1   Demi VOLLERING [NED]   Team SD Worx   15:54:38
2   Juliette LABOUS [FRA]   Team DSM   15:55:40
3   Clara COPPONI [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   15:55:43
4   Amy PIETERS [NED]   Team SD Worx   15:55:45
5   Aude BIANNIC [FRA]   Movistar Team   15:56:04
6   Leah KIRCHMANN [CAN]  Team DSM   15:56:17
7   Alice BARNES [GBR]   Canyon SRAM Racing   15:56:19
8   Pfeiffer GEORGI [GBR]   Team DSM   15:56:24
9   Elise CHABBEY [SUI]  Canyon SRAM Racing  15:56:25
10   Joscelin LOWDEN [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR  15:56:25
11   Chantal BLAAK [NED]   Team SD Worx   15:56:31
12   Sheyla GUTIERREZ RUIZ [ESP]   Movistar Team   15:56:33
13   Anna SHACKLEY [GBR]   Team SD Worx   15:56:47
14   Christine MAJERUS [LUX]   Team SD Worx   15:56:48
15   Sarah ROY [AUS]   Team BikeExchange   15:56:54
16   Abi SMITH [GBR]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   15:57:10
17   Elisa BALSAMO [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   15:57:16
18   Marta BASTIANELLI [ITA]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   15:57:21
19   Maaike BOOGAARD [NED]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   15:57:24
20   Lauren STEPHENS [USA]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   15:57:27
21   Hayley SIMMONDS [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   15:57:28
22   Lourdes OYARBIDE JIMENEZ [ESP]   Movistar Team   15:57:32
23   Elena CECCHINI [ITA]   Team SD Worx   15:57:37
24   Mischa BREDEWOLD [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   15:57:39
25   Eugenia BUJAK [SLO]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   15:57:45
26   Chiara CONSONNI [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   15:57:58
27   Chloe HOSKING [AUS]   Trek – Segafredo   15:58:00
28   Sofia BERTIZZOLO [ITA]   Liv Racing   15:58:04
29   Ane SANTESTEBAN GONZALEZ [ESP]   Team BikeExchange   15:58:06
30   Soraya PALADIN [ITA]   Liv Racing   15:58:09
31   Natalie GRINCZER [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   15:58:12
32   Pien LIMPENS [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   15:58:24
33   Josie NELSON [GBR]   Team Coop – Hitec Products   15:58:26
34   Veronica EWERS [USA]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   15:58:40
35   Nina KESSLER [NED]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   15:58:40
36   Jade WIEL [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   15:58:42
37   Jelena ERIC [SRB]   Movistar Team   15:58:59
38   Amber VAN DER HULST [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   15:59:20
39   Ella HARRIS [NZL]   Canyon SRAM Racing   15:59:41
40   Liane LIPPERT [GER]   Team DSM   15:59:48
41   Victorie GUILMAN [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   15:59:49
42   Ilaria SANGUINETI [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   15:59:50
43   Janneke ENSING [NED]   Team BikeExchange   16:00:03
44   Hannah BARNES [GBR]   Canyon SRAM Racing   16:00:18
45   Sophie WRIGHT [GBR]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   16:00:35
46   Nicole FRAIN [AUS]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   16:00:40
47   April TACEY [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   16:01:40
48   Elizabeth DEIGNAN [GBR]   Trek – Segafredo   16:02:09
49   Lorena WIEBES [NED]   Team DSM   16:02:23
50   Anna CHRISTIAN [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   16:02:35
51   Femke GERRITSE [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   16:03:11
52   Alice LETHBRIDGE [GBR]   AWOL O’Shea   16:03:21
53   Margaux VIGIE [FRA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   16:03:30
54   Becky STORRIE [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   16:04:39
55   Maria Apolonia VAN ‘T GELOOF [NED]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   16:05:03
56   Elena PIRRONE [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   16:05:27
57   Connie HAYES [GBR]   AWOL O’Shea   16:05:58
58   Audrey CORDON RAGOT [FRA]   Trek – Segafredo   16:06:14
59   Alicia GONZALEZ BLANCO [ESP]   Movistar Team   16:06:16
60   Mari Hole MOHR [NOR]   Team Coop – Hitec Products   16:06:33
61   Danielle CHRISTMAS [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   16:08:02
62   Teniel CAMPBELL [TTO]   Team BikeExchange   16:08:35
63   Gloria RODRIGUEZ SANCHEZ [ESP]   Movistar Team   16:10:06
64   Trixi WORRACK [GER]   Trek – Segafredo   16:10:11
65   Alice TOWERS [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   16:14:19
66   Emma EDWARDS [USA]   CAMS – Basso   16:14:45
67   Maelle GROSSETETE [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   16:15:23
68   Pernille Larsen FELDMANN [NOR]   Team Coop – Hitec Products   16:16:36
69   Kirstie VAN HAAFTEN [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   16:21:19
70   Katie SCOTT [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   16:26:45
71   Jessica FINNEY [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   16:32:04
72   Jessica ALLEN [AUS]   Team BikeExchange   16:36:18
73   Phoebe MARTIN [GBR]   AWOL O’Shea   16:38:17
   Lorena WIEBES [NED]   Team DSM   42pts
1   Lorena WIEBES [NED]   Team DSM   42pts
2   Chloe HOSKING [AUS]   Trek – Segafredo   37pts
3   Sheyla GUTIERREZ RUIZ [ESP]   Movistar Team   33pts
4   Clara COPPONI [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   32pts
5   Elisa BALSAMO [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   27pts
6   Marta BASTIANELLI [ITA]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   23pts
7   Amy PIETERS [NED]   Team SD Worx   20pts
8   Maria Apolonia VAN ‘T GELOOF [NED]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   19pts
9   Demi VOLLERING [NED]   Team SD Worx   16pts
10   Sofia BERTIZZOLO [ITA]   Liv Racing   14pts
11   Joscelin LOWDEN [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   12pts
12   Chiara CONSONNI [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   12pts
13   Alice BARNES [GBR]   Canyon SRAM Racing   11pts
14   Leah KIRCHMANN [CAN]   Team DSM   10pts
15   Juliette LABOUS [FRA]   Team DSM   8pts
16   Sarah ROY [AUS]   Team BikeExchange   7pts
17   Amber VAN DER HULST [NED]   Parkhotel Valkenburg   7pts
18   Audrey CORDON RAGOT [FRA]   Trek – Segafredo   7pts
19   Pfeiffer GEORGI [GBR]   Team DSM   6pts
20   Elena CECCHINI [ITA]   Team SD Worx   6pts
21   Hannah BARNES [GBR]   Canyon SRAM Racing   6pts
22   Elise CHABBEY [SUI]   Canyon SRAM Racing   5pts
23   Chantal BLAAK [NED]   Team SD Worx   5pts
24   Abi SMITH [GBR]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   4pts
25   Maaike BOOGAARD [NED]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   4pts
26   Aude BIANNIC [FRA]   Movistar Team   3pts
27   Josie NELSON [GBR]   Team Coop – Hitec Products   3pts
28   Veronica EWERS [USA]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   3pts
29   Anna SHACKLEY [GBR]   Team SD Worx   2pts
  Elise CHABBEY [SUI]   Canyon SRAM Racing   20pts
1   Elise CHABBEY [SUI]   Canyon SRAM Racing   20pts
2   Ane SANTESTEBAN GONZALEZ [ESP]   Team BikeExchange   14pts
3   Demi VOLLERING [NED]   Team SD Worx   11pts
4   Janneke ENSING [NED]   Team BikeExchange   6pts
5   Hayley SIMMONDS [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   6pts
6   Liane LIPPERT [GER]   Team DSM   6pts
7   Chiara CONSONNI [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   3pts
8   Ella HARRIS [NZL]   Canyon SRAM Racing   3pts
9   Alice TOWERS [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   3pts
10   Elisa BALSAMO [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   3pts
11   Joscelin LOWDEN [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   2pts
12   Sheyla GUTIERREZ RUIZ [ESP]   Movistar Team   2pts
13   Sarah ROY [AUS]   Team BikeExchange   2pts
14   Eugenia BUJAK [SLO]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   2pts
15   Elena PIRRONE [ITA]   Valcar – Travel & Service   2pts
16   Clara COPPONI [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   1pt
17   Amy PIETERS [NED]   Team SD Worx   1pt
18   Leah KIRCHMANN [CAN]   Team DSM   1pt
19   Sofia BERTIZZOLO [ITA]   Liv Racing   1pt
20   Soraya PALADIN [ITA]   Liv Racing   1pt
21   Sophie WRIGHT [GBR]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   1pt
22   Elizabeth DEIGNAN [GBR]   Trek – Segafredo   1pt
23   Danielle CHRISTMAS [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   1pt
  Nina KESSLER [NED]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   15pts
1   Nina KESSLER [NED]   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank   15pts
2   Lorena WIEBES [NED]   Team DSM   7pts
3   Hayley SIMMONDS [GBR]   CAMS – Basso   6pts
4   Sofia BERTIZZOLO [ITA]   Liv Racing   6pts
5   Sarah ROY [AUS]   Team BikeExchange   6pts
6   Amy PIETERS [NED]   Team SD Worx   5pts
7   Clara COPPONI [FRA]   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope   4pts
8   Eugenia BUJAK [SLO]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   3pts
9   Janneke ENSING [NED]   Team BikeExchange   3pts
10   Leah KIRCHMANN [CAN]   Team DSM   2pts
11   Marta BASTIANELLI [ITA]   Ale BTC Ljubljana   2pts
12   Connie HAYES [GBR]   AWOL O’Shea   2pts
13   Demi VOLLERING [NED]   Team SD Worx   1pt
14   Danielle CHRISTMAS [GBR]   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR   1pt
15   Teniel CAMPBELL [TTO]   Team BikeExchange   1pt
1   Team SD Worx [NED]   47:46:56
2   Team DSM [GER]   47:48:20
3   Movistar Team [ESP]   47:50:13
4   Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank [USA]   47:50:52
5   Canyon SRAM Racing [GER]   47:51:59
6   Ale BTC Ljubljana [ITA]   47:52:10
7   FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope [FRA]   47:53:11
8   Team BikeExchange [AUS]   47:53:58
9   Valcar – Travel & Service [ITA]   47:54:03
10   Parkhotel Valkenburg [NED]   47:55:23
11   Drops – Le Col S/B TEMPUR [GBR]   47:56:23
12   CAMS – Basso [GBR]   47:57:50
13   Trek – Segafredo [USA]   48:05:39
14   Team Coop – Hitec Products [NOR]   48:09:24
15   AWOL O’Shea [GBR]   48:42:50

2022 Women's Tour Preview

The next edition of the AJ Bell Women’s Tour takes place between Monday 6 and Saturday 11 June 2022. Final race details will be confirmed by the UCI, cycling’s governing body, in Autumn 2021.

In addition to hosting the start of stage five in the 2021 Women’s Tour, Colchester will also welcome the world’s best riders on day one of next year’s race.
Race organisers SweetSpot are working alongside Colchester Borough Council in partnership with Colchester Amphora Trading Ltd, its wholly-owned commercial company, to deliver the event.

Oxfordshire will feature in the Women’s Tour for a third-consecutive year in 2022 as part of a three-year partnership with SweetSpot.
Details of the 2022 stage will be announced next year.

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