How does it feel winning the Tour of the Wolds, the first race in the National Women’s Series 2017?

It feels great! I’m so pleased for the Team (Sunsport Velo). It was really good getting a result so early in the season.

How did you find the circuit?

It was really great circuit. We came down and reccy’d it yesterday. It was rolling, it was a bit harder than we thought it would be – looking at the profile. We started at the top corner in Caistor and came south to Louth, so we had a sighting almost the whole circuit. So we knew it was going to be a bit tough. The key areas were going to be positioning coming back through Tealby. So yes! That’s what I did and managed to get into the break.


Lizzy Banks Sun Velo Winner Tour Of The Wolds 2017 by Cycling Shorts

Chris Maher of catches up with Tour of the Wolds 2017 winner Lizzy Banks of SunSport Velo after her win. Lizzy leads the Tour Series after Round 1. Read and watch more cycling: All content © | Chris Maher.

About 30-40 girls got away initially on the run up-to Tealby heading out-bound and you managed to get into that group

I was quite surprised we lost a few people. Again, that was going through Tealby, through the technical section, two tracks either side with grass down the middle. So I think we dropped a lot of people there – and actually it slowed up a lot. So I was trying to hide out of the way, there were eight from Drops (Drops Cycling Team) and seven from Ecoboost (Team Ford Ecoboost) and six or seven from WNT (Team WNT) and I was on my own. So yeh, I was trying to keep safe and follow any dangerous moves that had all three teams in.

Was that your first season win?

Sunsport Velo has had a few wins already. It’s the first national win which is really, really great for the team, but the girls have had wins on the track, in circuit races, I won in Capernwray last week, so yes the teams doing really well.

Lizzy is currently sitting at the top of the 2017 Women’s over 23 BC National Rankings with 110 points. 

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