Last July, just crossed the line, head a blur. It’s unusually hot in Belgium, even for summer, touching thirty-eight degrees. Pull those legs down there, I think they are still attached and working, covered in dust – stuck to sweat, over the saddle. Lean the bike against the wall, disregard shown for the machine that […]

Camp and Revolution


  The week just gone saw my first camp as a rider of the Olympic Development Programme, followed by this years first round of the Revolution Series. The hills around Huddersfield and Denshaw set the scene for my first ODP camp, it was a tough four days, with Mountain Bikers and Track and Road riders […]

End Of The Season…


Not a bad result…

Follow Your Nose


      This is no new phenomenon, however in a time filled with GPS, smart phones and devices to make life that bit easier, its one of the most underrated bits of kit. The beauty of it is it doesnt matter, you ride, then find your way home, on or off road, it makes […]

Work & Rest

Tao - Le Stagiaire

  I have been resting (off the bike) for a week now, and to put it blunty, I am absolutely dying to get back on! It’s a different type of rest to that of the pro riders, I am in school seven hours a day studying for my A levels, however hopefully it still makes […]

A Good Read

condor book

  Get down to Condor, if you cant, get on the phone, this book is really worth having. Anyone at all interested in the history of the shop, checkout Past Present Future. I think it looks brilliant!                

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