It’s Cyclocross Season – Are you ready to get down and dirty?

It's always good to get out on a bright Autumn day.

I love this time of year as the Summer turns to Autumn, the leaves begin to turn some of the most amazing colours and winter gradually gets its claws into the land as the frosty mornings start cold and bright. However if I’m really honest I hate the cold dark dank days that also come […]

Just where is the best place to buy a new bike?

Buying a new bike is always an adventure and a joy.

No matter whether you are spending £200 or £4000 on a new bike and you are a cycling enthusiast, you will probably invest as much time researching, comparing and selecting the best bike you can get for the money you are spending. You will aim to squeeze the absolute best value possible and get the […]

Rhino’s on a charge!

Rhino Goo - Bike Cleaner & Polish

Rhino Goo and Rhino Shine are relatively new products to the UK market for bike cleaning and protection, and I was lucky enough to be sent some to test by my Editor. Let me start by saying I am always highly skeptical of new products and it has taken me years of trial and error […]

BEET IT Sport Shots Review

Beet It! Sport Shots

Beet It! Every time I think of this product I just want to burst into song! I am pretty sure that Michael Jackson, if he had still been alive, would not have appreciated my rendition! But seriously Beet It is perhaps the most impressive sports nutrition product I have tested EVER. For those of you […]

Review – Racing Hard: 20 Tumultuous Years in Cycling


  Racing Hard 20 Tumultuous Years in Cycling by William Fotheringham with a forward by David Millar Reviewed by Nick Dey & Sim Parrott Nick Says: Riding hard comes from the pen, via newspaper and magazine, of one of professional cycling’s most respected and talented journalists and writers. “A great writer and journalist who has […]

Hardtail MTB or CX?

Hardtail MTB or CX?

Can you ever have too many bikes? Well I suppose it depends who you ask the question of! In our household I would naturally answer No of course you can never have too many, however my wife might just answer rather differently posing a question of her own. How many bikes can you ride at […]

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