Review – The Pain and the Glory

  The Pain and the Glory The official team sky diary of the Giro campaign and Tour victory Introduction by… Sir Dave Brailsford & Chris Froome Words by Sarah Edworthy, Photography by Scott Mitchell Cast your mind back to Team Sky’s annus mirabilis. Its 2012 and the halcyon day’s of Wiggo’s dominance in the stage races cumulating in […]

Cycling Santa’s Little Shopping Guide 2013

Cycling Santa's Little Shopping Guide 2013

Cycling Shorts unleashes Santa’s Little Helpers. Yes the panic is setting in, so much to get organised and so little time, the Cycling Shorts team have put our collective heads together to give you a list of gift ideas that won’t disappoint even the fussiest cyclist in your life. We’ve split our choices into four […]

Review: Classic Cycling Race Routes: The Toughest 52 European Challenges

Book Review - Classic Cycling Race Routes by Chris Sidwells

  Classic Cycling Race Routes The Toughest 52 European Challenges by Chris Sidwells Reviewed by Nick Dey Published: 15th October 2013 £25 hardback AA Publishing in association with Garmin An inspiring book to read and then to ride… if you dare! This inspiring hardback book presents a selection of the most challenging and rewarding routes […]

Eurobike 2013 Demo Day – Tern Folding Bikes Test Ride

Eurobike 2013 Demo Day - Tern Folding Bikes Test Ride

Eurobike 2013 – Press & Industry Demo Day Tuesday 27th August 2013 – 10.30 AM The risks and sacrifices one makes for you, good readers of CyclingShorts. With aching joints, running nose and hacking cough – after a night of synchronised-snoring in a double bed with my esteemed PezCyclingNews colleague (our hosts, nice folk all, […]

EuroBike – Italian Beauty

EuroBike - Italian Beauty

EuroBike 2013 Dispatches from Day 1… entry #1 Wednesday 28th August 2013, 9.15 AM The intrepid Cycling Shorts correspondent.., ‘Our man in Germany’ sallied forth with sharp mind, keen focus and targeted questions designed to cut the cycling industry to the quick. Several minutes into the Euro Bike Show this highly trained, most hard-bitten of […]

Review – Racing Hard: 20 Tumultuous Years in Cycling


  Racing Hard 20 Tumultuous Years in Cycling by William Fotheringham with a forward by David Millar Reviewed by Nick Dey & Sim Parrott Nick Says: Riding hard comes from the pen, via newspaper and magazine, of one of professional cycling’s most respected and talented journalists and writers. “A great writer and journalist who has […]


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