Cycling Santa’s Christmas Shopping Guide 2015

Cycling Santa's by Jim Wend

Cycling Shorts unleashes Santa’s Little Helpers. Yes the panic is setting in, so much to get organised and so little time, so we’ve all got together to give you a list of gift ideas that won’t disappoint the fussiest cyclist or cycling fan in your life. We’ve split our choices into four perfect price packages, click […]

A Guide to Track Sprint Training

A Guide to Track Sprint Training

I’ve been listening to a lot of chatter on the internet lately about the do’s and don’t’s of Track Sprinting training and racing, so here is my advice as a coach. 1. Just because someone faster than you is doing something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you (or even them!). Some riders are […]

Core Workout for Cyclists

Core Workout for Cyclists

I thought I’d bring you a little training video, here are some core exercises for cyclists. Beth does a great demo of the Performance Cycle Coaching core workout while I crack the whip – this circuit is repeated after 2-5mins rest. More soon. Lee Povey. Cycling Coach    

Lee’s Q&A

Lee Povey

  Today we have questions from juniors between 12 and 14, don’t forget to send in your questions, any age (adult, Junior or Senior) and any level. Just go to the “Contact Us” page to send me your questions.     Juniors Q&A’s   Hi Lee, Is there anything I could do in my normal […]

Time To Banish Your Cycling Demons


  It’s time to introduce our resident pro cycling coach Lee Povey, he’s here to to help you with all your coaching, training and bike set up queries, any discipline, any level from leisure to racing and general fitness. Please just drop him a line via our contacts page and he will help you avoid […]

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