The Buxton Mountain Time Trial – an early season challenge with a difference

If ever there was an early season challenge, Buxton Cycling Club Mountain Time Trial is arguably one of the hardest time trials you can do in the UK.

The time trial is based around Longnor in Staffordshire (about 10 miles south of Buxton) and incorporates some of the toughest roads available for use in any time trial.

It starts just outside the village school, turning left and pretty much starting with steepest climbing section of the course.  The climb continues up to the main road, where riders won’t be able to view the spectacular scenery if they’re trying hard enough. The course joins the A53 for a rolling few miles before a left turn and the start of an exhilarating, technical decent back into Longnor. The race is 3 laps (33miles) for men and 2 laps (22miles) for women and juniors.

This year has the added incentive that Matt Botrill can equal Geoff Platts record of 7 wins in the MTT. It will be interesting to see if he can break the course record while matching the record of wins.

It is kindly supported by Detail Design Engineers Ltd, Veroli Limited, Cooper Hartley & Williams Solicitors and Sett Valley Cycles.

In addition to the normal prizes on offer in time trials we have a generous ‘athletes prize’, which is for the fastest rider on a road bike (no aero assistance, see the website for the rules).

The event regularly attracts top class athletes, with this year’s event expected to be no different.

Matt Botrill 2012

Want your chance to compete against champions? Or want to prove you’re tough enough!? There is still time to enter either through the Internet entry on the CTT website or via a CTT entry form to Richard Towse, 14 Jodrell Street, New Mills, High Peak, SK22 3HJ. Entry fee is £8.00 with cheques made payable to “Buxton Cycling Club”.  The closing date is the 19th March 2013.

We have set up a website specifically for the MTT at, giving all the information on the course and history of the event.

There is also a twitter, @BuxtonMTT, which gives regular updates on the run up to and during the event (phone signal permitting).

For Facebook users we also have a group, Buxton Mountain Time Trial:!/groups/236375376455888/

Whether in for the win or just going for the best ride you can do, there will be a support group available providing tea, coffee and cakes.

Heather Bamforth

Heather Bamforth

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Heather Bamforth


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