BMX Bowling

We may not have been introduced yet… My name is Matti Hemmings, I’m a professional BMX flatland rider and organiser of the UK Flatland BMX Championships. For my first post on Cycling Shorts I thought I’d bring you my latest video.

What is BMX flatland It is the ultimate in bike control and by far the hardest discipline to master in BMX. It is similar to breakdancing, with the rider twisting and contorting the bike around their body whilst balancing, spinning or rolling.






Matti Hemmings

Matti Hemmings

Matti Hemmings


Pro Flatland BMXer,Guinness World Record Holder. Stars in the Nickelodeon Get Your Skills On TV Series as Matti Axel. Follow me on instagram @mattihemmings
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Matti Hemmings

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