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A guide to the world of cycling, which covers everything from mountain biking and BMX to the Tour de France and track cycling. It shows you what different types of competitive cyclists wear, how they train, and explains the extensive rules they must follow in competition, along with the history of iconic races. It also features information about road cycling, including hints, tips and vital safety precautions.


Description editor Anna Magrath provided her cycling knowledge for this book, working with author Hazel Maskell to bring it to life.

Written for the beginner, but with detail most cycling fans don’t have, be it the cycling spouse trying to get to grips with the intricacies if the sport their partner is obsessed with, or the aspiring young cyclist. A scan through this book and you will be able to hold court with the most knowledgeable cycling fan. The information is given in bite size snippets and illustrated throughout.


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