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Interviews and concise cycling posts from the pocket-size cyclist and friends.

Welcome to Cycling Shorts.cc
Cycling Shorts. was created by Anna Magrath, she has invited some of her cycling friends; coaches, photographers, writers and pro cyclists of all disciplines to join her to bring you all things cycling related. We post interviews (often lengthy) and general cycling posts (concise) including race reports, art, design, kit, product reviews, coffee stops and competitions. We hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Cycling Shorts.cc are official sponsors of The Racing Chance Foundation, Team22 WRT and Team Jadan

You can also see interviews and articles by Anna at Velo UK.

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Anna Magrath


Editors & Subs:

Editor of Photography: Chris Maher

Sub-Editor: Heather Bamforth


Staff Writers:

European Correspondent: Nick Dey

Coach: Tom ‘Minty’ Murray

Italian Correspondent: Nancy Arreola

Coach: Holly Seear


Craig Zadoroznyj

Paul Harris

Sim Parrott

Hayley Davies

Darren Collard

Lawrence Bywater

Jon Carver

Fred Bamforth

Tanya Griffiths

Alan Haycox

Jack Holroyde











Amy Gornall

Annie Simpson

Anders Lorenzen

Carley Brierley

Christian Grasmann

Christina Kelkel

Claire Martin

Cristi Ruhlman

Darryl Kotyk

David James

Elena Bremer

Ellie Coster

Emma Trott

Felix English

Hannah Walker

Jean-Michel Lachance

Jetse Bol

Jody Cundy MBE

Josiah Ng

Keelan Phillips

Keira McVitty

Kimberley English

Lee Povey

Leigh Marshall

Lorna Johnston

Mark Colbourne

Martin Winstanley

Matti Hemmings

Mel MacRae

Michael Schmidt

Nick Wachter

Paul Gormley

Paul “Titch” Longley

Paul Sloper

Stephen Wood

Yanto Barker

Previous Contributors:

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke

C4 Paralympics Team

Tao Geoghegan Hart

Paul Van Suetendael

Sam Jackson

Paul Francis Cooper

John Allen

Marty MacDonald

Colin ‘Flash’ Tonks





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